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  • Greetings Highpriestess,

    If you are able with your time, I am on page 20.I saw some of your readings with compatability and the nodes. My dob is may 24 1962 in Mount Clemebs MICH and the man I feel this great connection is jan 06,1950. born in Red Lake MInn( Indian Reservation). It is also where we both live now. We work together and I was totally shocked to feel this from him after knowing him for 9 yrs, like out of the blue. Thanks Much for you precious time.Rezmedic

  • Good evening Highpriestess, you truly are very busy! You requested a reminder from people, so here is mine. My original request is on pg 22 or 23. I have not seen my name on either list you posted, so it might be that I have fallen out of your immediate sphere of awareness. I would greatly appreciate it if you could find my place in line and provide me some insight. I very much look forward to it, as your readings (posted here) are wonderful! Below I have provided my information again. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

    Fairfax, Virginia

    December 22, 1971

    11:11 pm

  • Hi High proestess,

    Ok Am going to try this again. I thought I posted this reminder (LOL) and it never showed up? I am on Pg 20. If you can find the time, I know how busy you are and am very grateful. I also read your posting about the nodes and other stuff, am very interested in that. Have been trying to read up on it, but not much around a hick town. My d.o.b is may 24, 1962 and born in Mount Clemens, MICH.The man I love and feel a great surprising connection (nodes)? is born in Red Lake,Minn, (Indian reservation). On Jan 06,1950. Can you do a what might possibly be between us and what might happen? When he hugged me I screamed cause It felt like a shock and sounds wierd, fell in love with him right then and there. Thanks much for your precious time and light , Rezmedic

  • Hi HighPriestess3,

    Blimey, you grew up in Guilford! I have been there. I was born in Woking, but only lived there for 6 weeks. I've moved all of my life, every few years. My Dad was in the Army, I married into the RAF and I'm still moving. I need a bit of stability!! Thank you for your reply that you'll try and find something exciting for me!!

    Many thank HighPriestess3, I look forward to your reply.

    Kind regards


  • Good Morning High Priestess,

    I saw your request and will get back to you with that info ASAP!

  • Ok, here we go..

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0

    Sun Leo 9.44 Ascendant Leo 21.14

    Moon Leo 11.52 II Virgo 12.49

    Mercury Virgo 3.20 III Libra 9.41

    Venus Virgo 23.30 IV Scorpio 12.31

    Mars Leo 9.45 V Sagittarius 18.35

    Jupiter Libra 28.21 VI Capricorn 22.18

    Saturn Taurus 21.40 VII Aquarius 21.14

    Uranus Libra 5.46 VIII Pisces 12.49

    Neptune Scorpio 28.08 R IX Aries 9.41

    Pluto Virgo 25.34 Midheaven Taurus 12.31

    Lilith Leo 26.26 XI Gemini 18.35

    Asc node Pisces 2.53 XII Cancer 22.18

  • Dear Irbex



    Thanks for rompts...your on the priority list

    Peace and love

  • Sending you light and energy High Priestess!

    Love & Hugs

  • Dear Sacogirl

    I read your place of birth as Boston,,,is that right?

    You have Boson...I assumed tht wa typo,

    Wth that Ascendant, your personal planets are still in the 12th house i,. e sun, moon, mars

    . All that woud change with a leo ascendant is that you'd tell someone to make the sanwiches

    Can you verify the location please

    and I'll do your compatabiliy.'re next

    peace and love.

    You're u next.

  • Dear soapmaker lovely to hear from you.It's miserably grey here in Blighty...not long until Spring though!

    Love and hugs xoxox

  • You made me laugh... Yes! I would tell someone to make the

    I was born in Boston at 6:42 AM! I hope that clarifies, and I'm sorry for the confusion!

    Much love and light,


  • Highpriestess,

    I want to say I am waiting excitedly to hear what you have to say. Hoping you haven't passed me by. I realize you are very busy. Just wanted to let you know I am still interested. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Light and Love

  • Dar Heavens

    What an unusual and exciting person you are, with a s.e.x.y., charismatic, smouldering SCORPIO SUN in the 11th house, ruled by Aquarius's, URANUS, Thus you are a humanitarian SCORPION, who will fight for human and animal rights, gets bored easily and who wears outrageous clothes and hates anything, or anyvody run-of-the-mill. You've heard all the negatives about SCORPIO, but I'll have none of it,, even though MERCURY (your thought procesess) and VENUS (who you find s.e.x.y.and vica versa) are also in x-ray visioned, SCORPIO.

    Hence, the worst fault you have is over-analyzing situations and people to the point that you paralyse your abilty to act. Similarly, the worst thing about your love-life is the small matter of possession and control...if you haven't got control of a loved one, you will "mine away" (Pluto is Lord of the Underworld, afte all), until you hold the blance of power... and you love to uncover a partner's deepest secrets; this isn't difficult for you, as with URANUS in the 12th house and NEPTUNE in the 1st, you read minds as easily as the rest of us read books.

    Your most exciting planetary tie-up however, is a beautiful SUN- JUPITER conjunction in your 11th, "Aquarian" house. Put this conjunction together with your JUPITER-ruled SAGITTARIAN ASCENDANT and what you are ,is a sage, a prophet of the New Age, with a keen interest in philosophy and religion, especially "alternative" religions, If you are not a teacher, or preacher, you have missed your voction; even though I suspect that with your 7th house North Node in CANCER and ever-so-sightly-off-balance LIBRAN MOON, you have let life drift along at a comfortable pace. Yet you have it within you , with a 1st house MARS in cool, earthy ambitious, CAPRICORN, to shape the intangible and make anything you like, are still young!

    YOUR 2010-2011 FORECAST

    Both your Progessed Moon and SATURN, :Lord of Karma, the great teacher , will be ttransiting your 10th house of career, ambitions and to a lesser extent, parents, for almost 2 years.. Now is the time to go for promotion; now is also the time to go back to college and take the course you always wanted to, but never got round to. The trouble is, learning is hard-going and with your Libran Moon being sat on by an elephant around your next birthday, it will be nose-to-the-grindstone, rather than party-time.. The rewards will be geat however, if you put this leg-work in and you know what they say, "no-gain-without-pain" and with JUPTER , your Ascendant's ruler passing through your 3rd house of communiication, you'll find your mind as clear as a bell

    and as elastic and capacious as my old granny's extra, extra lrge gardenng-trousers.

    By early 2011 ,you will start to transform your life in a major "spring-cleaning" way, as your Sun's ruler , Pluto prods your 1st house Capricornian MARS into action and by the end of the year, a "new you" will emerge, like a beautiful butterfly...embrace these changes....and look out for fellow Scorpions. on the way......(or those with a Moon conjunct Pluto like your boyfriend, who usually passes as a GEMINI

    To be continued....

  • Dear Sacogirl

    What a difference that hour makes!!!!!!..Willl redo you after I finish


    Dear Mancoon

    Sorry could you give me your data again and I'll put you on my short-list

    Peace and love.

  • hi, I'm recently widowed. What should I focus on this year of 2010?

    4 October 1957

    1:13 pm

    Vicenza Italy

  • wow thats amazing....well techinally the GEMINI and i arent together ...yet...but i feel like it is meant to are so right on so far...thanks a million!!!

  • Dear Heavens

    .....what do you do..for a're rather'l post compatability in a minute.

    Dear luckymermaid

    Youre on my list......soon hopefully.

    Peace and love

  • i am a personal trainer...i help people get in shape, lose weight...i like to teach as well, i feel i do a little teaching through my clients 🙂

  • Ahhhhhhh.I think you'll end up doing a lot more teaching eventually. Really will post your fella's /compatability chart in a moment.

  • Thank you HP! I was thinking something was "off"... sorry you have to re-do it... I can only imagine the amount of time, energy and typing it takes. You're a doll, and I'm very thankful and excited to share this gift with my BF.



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