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    HP3, have a lovely evening/Day.

    Love to you all.

    Bee Xx

  • Dear MzRedFlower

    How wonderful.....a choice of 2 hunks? >>>>>>>>>>Now that's something to get excited about!

    I can hear you singing down in the valley.. HHHHHHHHHHHaaaaaaaallleelllujjah! Luvya x

  • Dear Angel

    What a gorgeous picture. Thanks so much. I'll be with you next how long have you waited? Quite a while that'sfor sure. Luvya, Angel.x

  • nothing is better than the choice of two hunks. I'm proud of you Msred.!!!!

  • mz.redddddddddddddddddddd,you cook to,hehehe,

    now when you least expect it you have two men oh my the third one is probably waiting for you around the corner haha

    happy thanksgiving

    don't have to tell you to sing,i heard you all the way to Vancouver Canada,,,yippee, or should i say mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  • Yes HP3 i have waited awhile but it is worth the wait and waiting with you my friend

    has been fun, And amazing at the same time. 🙂

    Love and Blessings Bee Xx

  • Dear Angel

    AAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Can you see me blushing? Luvya for your kind soul.x

  • I would love to know what's in store for me in my love life.

    June 19, 1988

    2:50 a.m.

    La Mesa,CA

  • Hi geminichk88,

    this thread of hp's has been closed for quite some time, HP is just working on the last couple of requests..But i'm sure if you start a new thread someone can help you with the answers you are seeking..

    love and light


  • Heeheh HP3. I love ya too. 🙂 Blushings and smilings all the way.

    makes for a better and happier day.

    Love ya Bee Xx

  • Dear Geminichk88

    I'm very sorry, but as MyJourney says, I can't take on anyone new , as I am just finishing up my backlog. Start a new thread though and someone else will respond to your query. Why not ask THE CAPTAIN: her advice is spot on. Peace and love to you.

  • Dear Gladyouwroteme


    You are a sincere-and-reliable, psychologically-perceptive, good-but-sometimes-paranoid-best-friend, smoulderingly-seductive, sometimes-overly-analytical, SCORPIO, with your SUN in the 9th, ‘SAGITTARIAN influenced’ house of law, philosophy, religion, sport and travel –all activities which involve a mind (and a body) where freedom of movement and freedom of thought to travel - literally or figuratively – are of the utmost importance. The 9th house is also the house associated with universities, teachers, lecturers and free-thinkers and if you are not already working in one of these fields, you should maybe reconsider your career options.

    On the topic of ‘freedom’, to think and act, in the manner of a SAGITTARIAN, it is a fact that although you have a SCORPIO SUN, your MERCURY (the personal planet which defines how you conceptualise thoughts and ideas and concretise them into speech and writing) is in SAGITTARIUS itself, in the 10th ‘CAPRICORN’ influenced house of worldly ambition and success. Sitting next to MERCURY in SAGITTARIUS in your 10th house of career and shrouding the perspicacious clear-thinking of such a placement, is a distant planet , emitting a disorientating sea-mist of delusion and confusion, that is , King of the Ocean, NEPTUNE, ruler of PISCES, who although blanketing you in the curse of foggy-thinking, simultaneously blesses you with the vision and ability to be an artist, poet, or musician - or all 3 of these combined together, in a package of talent.. Thus the twinning of MERCURY and NEPTUNE is both a blessing and a curse and the influence of this ruler of SUN-PISCEANS is increased, for good or ill, because your MOON (how you respond emotionally to both people and situations) is in PISCES itself , in the 1st house of identity. Thus, you are extremely emotionally sensitive, with (on a bad day) a propensity to self-immolation and martyring-masochism which is unexpected in you soft underbelly, could easily attack. .

    Yet, you do have defences of a kind and are protected from the worst ravages of an emotional savaging, by a ‘firewall’ with the capability of intercepting a heat-seeking missile , that is your coolly-objective, detachedly- intellectual, humanitarian-‘AQUARIAN ASCENDANT (how you express your inner-self to the outside world, through your appearance, speech and characteristics. (Don’t forget to read AQUARIUS before SCORPIO in the horoscope pages of daily newspapers, as that will give you a much more accurate forecast). You are, in fact , an honorary AQUARIAN and hate the boring and conventional, in dress and appearance; , your URANIAN energy prompting you to erase anyone who looks too conventional from your” Friends”’ Facebook listings ; your s. e. x. y. otherness and appealing quirkiness (on a bad day) descending into outright , ‘contrariness’ , which consequently will cause damage to budding relationships. This is even more likely to happen – and your love-life suffer – because you are the proud possessor of a rather rare VENUS (which defines who you are attracted to and who is attracted to you) , URANUS conjunction; the twinning of VENUS with URANUS (ruler of AQUARIUS), endows you simultaneously with an electrifying, lightning-bolt attractiveness to the opposite s. e. x. and also (because this pairing is in the sign of SCORPIO) , the s. e. x¬.u.a. l. power and magnetism of a femme-fatale!

    There again, because VENUS and URANUS are unlikely and uncomfortable bed-fellows, lodged as they are, in your freedom-and-philosophy-loving 9th house, you are prone to (a) the sudden disappearance of lovers and (b) dropping your lovers ‘out of the blue’ with little explanation, prompted only by the lightning-bolt energy of the New-Age, AQUARIAN –ruler.. Frankly, you get bored very quickly with romantic encounters once the magical spell of a partner’s appeal has vaporised and being a SCORPIO, you have a surgeons’ skill in the precise amputation of an infected relationship .To you also , same-sex relationships are no shock and you will have friends of every s. e. x. u .a. l. persuasion and orientation. Problems with the opposite s. e. x. may occur however, because the detached objectivity and independent spirit of your airy, URANIAN/AQUARIAN energy (including your ASCENDANT), is directly at odds with the ‘watery’ , emotional dependence and romanticism of your self-effacing PISCES MOON; throw into the mix, your powerfully- possessive, SCORPIO SUN and you have a cocktail of contradictions waiting to explode, but with self-control, you can minimise the fallout from the resulting explosion..

    Paradoxically and despite the strength-sapping emotional demands of your super-sensitive, PISCES MOON, you are no pushover in romantic relationships and certainly know your personal worth, as you have war-like MARS (the planet which dictates what sort of energy you emit, when and how) in the regally-proud, attention- commanding, playing-to-the-gallery-if-necessary, LEO in your 7th house of relationships. However, as this planet is remarkably close to your DESCENDANT, it suggests that you attract argumentative types, who try to control you by carping and criticising you, resulting in arguments and lovers’-tiffs, which is very damaging to relationships; all you can do to neutralise this tendency, is to be aware of it, so that next time you have to verbally defend yourself, consider the consequences and the potential damage to your relationship.

    Your NORTH NODE (the reason for your incarnation in this lifetime) is in LIBRA, in your 8th house, conjunct PLUTO, your SCORPIO SUN’s ruler and Lord of the Underworld, suggesting that the arts and creativity are your forte and that your father played an important guiding – or financial – role in helping you to achieve your ambitions. Also that you should re-evaluate what is important to your emotional and physical well-being and perhaps spend less and let-go of your credit and store-cards, in order to journey through life with less luggage- that is both real and psychological/metaphorical.

    Two final spots, or sensitive areas in your Astro- profile, are your VERTEX - a point at which FATED EVENTS occur and fated events manifest themselves – and which is at 4° VIRGO in your 7th house. VIRGOS therefore, may be, or have been, important figures in your life and with SATURN, the ruler of CAPRICORN in close proximity to it, it may be that a partner will bring with him, extra responsibilities – perhaps even , stepchildren. Another sensitive point is your PART/PATH of FORTUNE in your 3rd house of the intellect/communication , at 14° TAUURUS, so that although ‘BULLS’ may not be a Sun-sign you usually favour, a TAUREAN could open the gateway to a successful future; the road to it, paved with gold. Ooooer!. Why not look out for a beast with Golden Horns?


    SATURN, LORD of KARMA and the great teacher, is directly overhead (NOVEMBER 2010) your NORTH NODE as we speak and you are encouraged - forced perhaps -to take stock of your way of life, your values, your expenditure and what you want in relation to a family-life. You are confronted with a dilemma aptly described by Oscar Wilde - and I’m going to mangle his language - where he states of a character, “He/she knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.! Your soul’s journey in this lifetime, will be directed towards making sure that you know the difference between ‘price’ and ‘value’ for as you yourself know, “All that glistens, is not gold.!” Enjoy!

    MAY 2012 looks very significant indeed as URANUS , planet of changes in residence, or falling in love in a lightning-strike fashion, set to ‘light-up’ your 1st house PISCES MOON - your life will never be the same again….get your new luggage out and start packing! Life is about to lift-off! Crikey……Lucky you.

    (to be continued with yr SO etc

    I hope you like've waited so long and patiently. x

  • Ummmmm, whoa! I'm using my phone right now but I'll write more when I have my computer. There are several things in there that just JUMP out at me... I can't wait to tell you about it!

  • PLease life is falling apart


    Waterloo NY

  • Wow That was quick.

    I am glad your to the end. and i bet you are too.

    Yay. Congrats HP3. i bet you are feeling pleased as punch.


    Blessings Bee Xx

  • sunnyone2u I am sorry but HP3 has been working on a list and it is currently closed.

    please however look for the captain for answers to your questions she is very good.

    and there are others who will help also.Goodluck

    Love and Blessings Bee Xx




  • Dear Angel

    Thanks for explaining to Sunnyone and for the beautiful pictures once again. I'll be doing your profile this week last............ you've stuck it out to the end ! Luvyax

    Dear Pisceslover

    It's so nice to hear from you...I was a little worried about you for a while. I hope you are holding up and feeling better...I'l try and give you a sunshine-filled update after Christmas or so

    if that's ok, as I'm off on holiday the 2nd week of December. Much love to you PL x

  • HP...

    gotta tell you, the personality assessment is SPOT ON! Sensitive, intellectual, but can cut people off like a skilled surgeon...yup. It's funny, portions of that made me whince, like looking at it made me realize in a conscious manner how I act. To illustrate I will tell you that I am aloof and "contrary" to several men that have taken a vested interest in me. I feel like I just want to keep my space and because they came to me I don't want them-no challenge. But this other guy, who I have been spending a minimal amount of time with, yet think about quite often, is the ultimate challenge and so as frustrating as he is I go back... this guy is no long termer but I think I stay with him because hes safe -I can't get to close bc he won't get to close. I guess I'm just not ready for anything that resembles attachment yet. I do tend to pick apart my relationships, over analysing them and peeling them back like an's a fault but it's hard not to do that after this many years of a relationship that left me feeling so invaluable and meaningless. I feel great about who I am but as soon as someone reminds me of my ex. I bolt. Just cut it off. So that, among many other parts of that reading were so true true true!

    I will continue to read over it, it's taken me several times to go through it and every time I do I pull out something new! May 2012 cant come soon enough! wow, that sounds like an amazing time for sure! I can't wait to see what the SO portion says.

    My dad did have a large influence on me...not necessarily in a good way but what he did is part of the reason I study psychology and aim to help victems of sexual abuse. A tough but rewarding profession definitely!

    Finding a Taurus sounds like fun. I'll have to make sure I dont' drill men about their birthdays on first meeting!

    I'm off to read it again! Thank you!!!!!!

  • Dear Gladyowrtem

    Well thank yu for the detailed's so useful for me to know...your father is smack on your North Node and as yu say, his habits made you study pysycholog (turning bad to good....that's so positive of you...truly admirable.).

    Incidentally, how you perceive your mother is affecting your I would turn the spotlight on your relationship with her too...did you feel betrayed by her also ? Does a man who gets 'too close' remind you of your father and.............being vulnerable and open too betrayal of the worst kind? Forgive me if I am treading on your toes and ignore those questions if am.

    I'm about to look at your SO - of your Gemini.-..did you also want some feedback on why your ex . is so cemented into your psyche? I'd be pleased t look at them both if you thiink it might help?..Talk to you son. Much love to you.

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