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  • Dear Score

    Thanks for the accolade, but just to know she is ok fills me with gratiitude; there is nothinng worse than feeling powerless. I think you deserve the accoadde for all the anxiety you have suffered. Love and hugs my friend.

    Dear Imiwood

    You're on the list...hopefully it won't be too long.

    Peace and love

  • Dear Stclaire

    Your partner's ASTRO-PROFILE

    You are the king of the beasts, the lion; a SUN-LEO, lord of all you survey; fixed, loyal, kind, but heaven help anyone who doesn't pay you due'll pay them back if it takes to the next lifetime, because you have an even more "fixed," ASCENDANT - in smoulderingly powerful SCORPIO. Thus, you are both king above ground and PLUTO, Lord of the Underworld below it.

    You are then powerful, magnetic and charismatic, , yet with a SCORPIO Ascendant you run the danger of missing the moment; killing off the impetus to act through ovr-analysing a situation; you think so much about the act, that you skewer yourself into the ground and sometimes don't act at all -paralysed by, "thinking too precisely upon the event!" (like Shakespeare's Hamlet ).

    However, sometimes "missing the moment" occurs not because of your Scorpionic tendencies, but because you both want and seek the approval of (and attention from) your parter; you are strong-willed, .but still need that reasurance .

    Then again you have a strong spiritual nature; you are also a humanitarian (like your partner); a philanthropist with a SUN-URANUS conjunctionthat, instead of proscratinating like a Scorpio, will jump up and do it, impulsively , like an AQUARIAN - and this time miss the moment by being too rash.. Hence you move at two speeds - somewhere between a snail and a lightning bolt. Predictable you are not; charismatic and engaging you certainly are....and both s.e.x.e.s are drawn to you.

    All lions have soft underbellies however, and your MOON and MARS are in sensitive, self-sacrificig and romantic PISCES, which makes you capable of grand gestures of devotion to your partner. In the right mood, the lion metamorphosises into a cute kitten; the roar into a gentle purr.

    COMING UP IN 2010

    All emphasis this year is on your 5th house of love, creativity and children. Changes in any of these spheres will be triggered by the lightning bolts of the cyber-space planet, , URANUS , ruler of AQARIUS hitting first MARS (how you act) and then your MOON (how you feel.) At the same time , JUPITER , the Las-Vegas- experience planet, will also roll over the same planets, prompting you to extravagent - and perhaps costlt - gestures. All in all your life looks set to both CHANGE and then EXPAND . Enjoy the ride!.

    To be continued...compatability

  • highpriestess My info is on page 14 or to save you time, here it is. Me: July 23,1949 10:54 P.M. Chicago Him: May 29, 1957 4:09 P.M. Chicago. I also would like to ask you if there was central daylight savings time back then, as I was told I was born a few minutes before midnite. Also, this relationship has been going on for over 30 years and I might be at the fork in the road. Is he my soulmate? Thanks in advance and Peace

  • thats un really got him, to a tee........and i see somethings( the scorpio negative traits) the grudge thing....ive seen that and now know why!.well al least i know how to not rock the boat. thank you dear. YOUR ARE AMAZING! LOVE TO YOU!

  • the compatibilty part coming up? already im getting butterflies, just hope its even mildly ok. no ! hope it GREat..............XOXOXOXOX

  • Hello.. I have been in a relationship for 16 years with a great man.What do you see in our future. Are there any trust issues.

    D.O.B Jan 7 1966

    @ 315 pm

    Peterborough Ont. Canada

    I am looking forward to your reply.


  • Hello! Sorry I took so long to get back. Thank you so much! As far as mine goes, I would say yes, I do have the Scorpio look. Porcelain skin, sea blue eyes that I've been told cut like a laser with a muscular hourglass build. Thick long dark curly hair (combination of Scottish & Native American heritage). Growing up I was the ugly duckling, and when the magnetic looks kicked in it was and still is uncomfortable for me because even if I'm just in the overalls with my hair stuffed under a hat, I'm still beating them off with a stick. Yes, I'm quite loyal, but true that if you screw with me once, and I'll probably stick around long enough to sting you to death and then some. I'm not one to reinvent my image a lot, but I can go from the overalls to an evening gown at a moments notice, but I don't really work at my looks and hate primping. I won't gild the lily with people, and yes, I'm pretty upfront with people and will tell it like it is. I've had complete strangers assume I was in the legal, psychology or public relations field, but in actuality I'm artistic and my profession is as a pastry chef...?

    I make friends easily, but have a very few confidants because I won't suffer fools or posers, and yes, I'll cut them out without looking back. I've never been a joiner as far as being a PETA sort, but I'm one of those that can't stand to see an animal in distress. I'll take injured pigeons to the animal rescue and carry insects outside rather than kill them. I'll turn June bugs over off their backs so they won't suffer and die, and still cry about pets that passed many years ago.

    As in all relationships, yes I'm cautious in love and there again won't suffer fools and I have a very suspicious nature. When I love, it is deep, but if it isn't reciprocated resentments build that again, I won't let go. Interesting what you say about my mother. She is a cusp born Scorpio (Nov 20) and we squared off in many battles over the years. She and I are good friends now, but we can't be in close proximity for long periods of time, or the battle for control comes up quickly. She and I are the only family members who live in AZ though (desert dwellers as scorpions should be), and despite our battles we are still drawn to be together rather than be with the rest of the family. We are not the huggy sort though, and mom made it clear that having children for her was more a necessary chore in her day. While she now says she is very glad for us kids, growing up with the chore aspect of childbearing, neither I nor my siblings ever had or wanted children. She never wanted grandchildren and also made that quite clear!

    I do have the healing shamanism aspect, but keep that suppressed. Frankly, I've found that to be off putting to others as most don't want to be "read". Usually within a few minutes of meeting most, I've pretty much got your number.

    Now, as far as his goes...I don't know. Maybe there were some breaks in his upbringing. He is not actually a loyal person. He doesn't discuss his upbringing much but I do get the feeling there was perhaps a warring situation with his parents. He was the youngest of 7 siblings and his parents were actually a little long in the tooth by the time he came along. The next youngest before him drowned at an early age, and I wonder if that created some family problems, but as i say, he doesn't open up about his upbringing. True that he doesn't like aggression from others, but he is verbally abusive and critical of everyone he knows which always made me wonder what he was saying about me behind my back. He is not affectionate and while he insisted he was as honest as the day is long, I have caught him in many shall we say "misnomers" that cut his credibility to nothing. His rages and mantrums combined with the dishonesty that is always blamed on everyone or everything else let me know early on he was not romantic relationship material. He was unfaithful to his first (Scorpio) wife and she ripped him a new one, but he blames her because...well...she took revenge! lol! His second wife (also Scorpio) said he was just too mean, and I understand where she's coming from on that. I also discovered evidence of infidelity, and even just a whiff of intent is all i need. The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior in my book. His feelings seem very shallow, and he thrives on the adulation and adoration, but can't really follow through to commitment. He also goes through depressive episodes and is a loner to a fault. His latest depression which I became the scapegoat for was for me the last straw. He wants to be friends, but while since i have tried to remain friends, he still displays too little respect, and is actually quite misogynistic, so I have been pulling away more and more. He has had many joint and bone problems though.

    Well, anyway this is getting too long and this is still a surface view of many facets of things. For the most part, your revelations about me are pretty right on. I think in his case there are some personality disorders that need addressing and at this stage of the game I don't think someone like myself could deal with the Tsunami that is on the horizon. I think when a woman reaches my age relationships have to be viewed less romantically and more pragmatically.

    Thanx SO much...this was super fun!

  • Much thanks, and I will watch for reply!

    Be well.

  • Dear Scorpistuff

    So glad you found your readings helpful.

    Dear Irbex

    Hopefully your reading won't be too long

    Peace and love

  • Thank you so much , I will await patiently .

  • Dear Stclaire


    Your MARS is in 3rd house LEO, giving you a healthy self-confidence and people- management skills. MARS is conjunct his 10th house PLUTO, suggestng that althouh you will do your best to help him with his career, there will be a problem with the power-balance of your relationship; as your energy drives forward, his will ' push back' , seeing it as an attempt to manipulate and dominate him, despite your best intentions. Hence your relationship is based on passion and possession, with frequent break-ups and makeups; it will be impossible not to upset this man, as even tip-toeing around him may povoke resentment of some kind on his prt.

    Your GEMINI Ascendant is comjumct his 8 th house VENUS and you think him the s.e..x.i.e.s.t man alive, but there is obsession where there is passion and he has a problem with "being owned", although you and the rest of humanity would call that emotion, "beng in love." Your friends I suspect don't llke him in your home, although you find his presence electrifying and strangely healing. At the end of the day, having a hungry lion prowling about is exciting, but make sure there is plenty of raw meat in the refridgerator

    Love and hugs to you..

  • Dear Stclare

    Your compatability post is posted, but seems to ave got lost in cyberspace...Wil have to redo it tomorrow. Mercury retrograde...............grrrr!

  • Hi sweetie - looks like I have a ways to go. I haven't come up with the other info yet.

    My BD 3-14-1958 4:19 AM Lubbock TExas.

    My friend 11/16/1965 - All I can get so far is born in S.CAL near Las Angelos ,I think. If I come up with more before my turn I will let you know. You must be totally exhausted. Hope you have a great weekend!

  • its just landed.. phew.........................

  • Dear Turtledust

    You' re printed and ready to be read... .i'll post you up tomorrow.

    Peace and love

  • Dear Heavens

    Posting you and Turtledust this weekend.



    Are you still out there?

  • tthank you dear one, its right spot oni did get it you can see it here, we have had many break ups, all of his d ups all initiated by him,it does make sense as i was confused as to why, well the out of control ego can be a destructive thing! tip toe i will have to do no more! thank you love take care and blessings for all you do here, i am very grateful lots of love to you. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND DEAR

  • Dear stclaire

    You're very welcome


  • PLz dont forget about me 🙂 ty hp!

  • Hello.

    I had originally posted this back on Jan.6th, (pg.14 I believe) but I thought I would just re-post it in case it got lost in the shuffle somehow. I know it takes a lot of time and energy to do these things. Thank you for your kindness. Also, to make it easier, I have included his info as well, which I had forgotten to do with the original post.

    I would like to enquire about the progress of my relationship with Giover.

    My information is as follows:

    June 27, 1958

    2:10 AM Standard time (3:10 EDT)


    040N40 Lat.

    078W14 Lon.

    His is :

    Dec. 12, 1956

    Time??? ( He has no way to find out, as all his relitives that would know are gone and his original birth certificate got lost. The new one doesn't have that info on it.He usually just uses midnight, but we can't be sure.)

    Location: Bronx, NY

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