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  • Dear Aquavic

    Thanks for the're right, I didn't have it. I'll be working on you this week ...thanks for your patience

    Peace and love

  • Hey HP the halls are not echoing anymore, Ms. Sunny is also a reader ,people can also try, not sure if she is doing much though...

    Just a drop in note to say I was thinking of you and all the energy you put in to everyone...Simply amazes me..

    Its my Big 50 tommorow, crash, bang boom, ouch, hot flashes, cold flashes raining, dark clouds here in vancouver Canada.......this leo needs her sunshine crash bang ouch, leo is roaring right now...hahahahahahahahhahahah

    Hugs cyber friend



  • Those were suppose to be ex's (hugs) whats up, it looks like i said F*** om

  • Dear MzRed/Sharon

    Well if he does come into any money, his children -all of them -could make a claim on it; it would be worth getting some free legal advice on this, as (like it or not ) money is important to our children, in giving them a good start in life....and he has a duty to them.

    I'll be with you soon, Sharon.........keep singing those dirty songs,,,,,a bit louder please.....I can't hear them over here, in Blighty!

    Peace and love

  • Dear Shatz/Sheila/cyber- super-buddy

    How lovely to hear from has been to quiet without you roaring down the empty halls and making them echo!. So you are going to be 50 years-old tomorrow. My...still just a girl. Have a wonderful time with your daughter and Sag. and your sons if they are about and get p.i.s. s. e. d.- u. p in the finest tradition of British birthday celebrations

    Much love and birthday hugs, super-special- cyber-buddy xxx

  • Dear Skybunny

    Aquarian no 1 (21st January,) has an Aquarian Ascendant and a 12th house Sun, Moon and Jupiter; this makes him very "Piscean"....that is emotionally dependent and sort of passive-aggressive in a martyrish way.

    He is quite psychic and 'otherworldly' and needs 'watering' with affection in a very big way..Having an Aquarian Ascendant, means that your Sun is on his Descendant; that is ok for you, but not so good for him, as he willl gravitate towards you like a moth to a lightbulb....and burn his wings in the process = he won't be able to fly, or grow properly (he won't mid that f course, because he feels safe with you..

    Also, I'm not sure he can dissacociate you from his mother (who ignored his needs) and you could find yoursef eternally paying the price for the mistakes she made with him and eventually you would suffer.

    Well it's weird how similarish you SOs are. Please let me know how it all works out, but meantime, enjoy life and all it brings you.

    Peace and love.

    Dear Aquavic...............getting there my friend,

  • This little puppy is waiting eagerly.LOL ...I am patient.

  • Happy Birthday shatz!!! I hope you have a wonderful day / week. This is a special birthday and you should celebrate it as long as you can..........


  • Thank you Sharon, you are still in my thoughts...Did HP say you sing Dirty songs hahahah,

    I've sang a few of those myself...

    Dear sweet HP, you are every where lately the calm before the storm, you did say surprises lol

    Your generosity on the other thread has proved once again what a beautiful soul you are to jump in and help.someone in need...

    thanks for the birthday wishes,

    love and hugs


  • Dear Shatz

    You are kind to say so..What caught my eye was that a Chironesque soul needed help and so I was compelled to respond. Plus my own son was born in 1976, like that lady's , so it felt "personal" . How did the big- Birthday-bash go, ?

    Love to you cyber-buddy

  • NO bashing, sunday was my pre party with friends and of course my children all together God I love it when the three of them are together, my little girls face lights up the sky when her big bros are around they are 23 and 24...I am sooo proud of them..all.

    Just going to be a quiet celebration. Going to the doctors today, just a regular check up and pain medication needs refilling...

    Sag, man is working today but he did phone twice, left me an email! I think hes starting to like me...hahahahahaha.

    I so savour the moments when my children are with me all together..

    Love ya cyber buddy, take care of yourself...


  • Dear Shatz

    Ahhhh................nostalgia! .I too love it when my 3 are altogether. However, eldest daughter lives in one county, the youngest in London and my son is in California..............hence being together is a very rare occurrence (sniff, sniff). Never mind, I have cyber-buddies like yourself, Sheila, to keep up my spirits. Let's raise the roof with one of MzRedFlower's dirty songs!. Altogether now......................................................

    Love to you.

  • Dear AQUAVIC


    You are a quirkily-original, coolly-innovative, technology-aware NEW -AGE AQUARIAN, with your SUN in the 2nd, “TAUREAN-influenced house of possessions, property, land and farming, local-traditions and music and singing (would you believe). This placing makes you ,

    ‘unconventional’ individual , to whom financial security and emotional stability matter, despite your unusual, Hippie-garbed outer appearance.

    2nd house SUN placing, is enhanced by your MOON (how you relate emotionally to both people and situations), being actually in TAURUS, but this time in the dynamically- creative, LEO-inspired 5th house of children, the arts and musicals and if you have time for a hobby……………. look no further than the local church choir, or an amateur dramatic society.

    The creative side your nature is pumped-up too, by your having both MARS (the type of energy you possess and the way in which you use it)), as well as VENUS (who you are attracted to and vice versa), in self-sacrificing, artistically- gifted, emotionally-demanding, PISCES, ruled by the King of the Oceans, NEPTUNE, in the 4th house of home and family. Hence, your home may well be a blank canvas, or it may be festooned with driftwood, seaweed and shrouded in an enigmatic sea-mist and peopled by mermaids.

    However, there are times when this domestic idyll evaporates, destroyed by the angry moods you suffer, when you are at war with your usual good- natured self; this is merely because JUPITER (planet of limitless expansion) is close to your TAUREAN MOON and at times of heightened emotion, kicks-in to cause a scene similar to that of the “punch-up in the saloon”, which once was the trademark of every badly-made old Western; and the mermaids? Well, they ran (as best they could) for cover. This aspect should not worry you unduly, its effects being - as they are – a result of the temper-tantrums of a closely-related adult you witnessed as a child.

    Returning to creativity, but somewhat dampening yours this time, is MERCURY (how you conceptualise thoughts and ideas), which is placed in coolly-practical, no-nonsense, matter-of- fact, CAPRICORN, again in the 2nd, TAUREAN-influenced house of possessions, landed-property, family-traditions and music and singing (would you believe). The goat in possession of your brain, is more pasture-goat than ambitious, climbing, mountain –goat, yet make no mistake, you do not suffer falls gladly and have a very sound work-ethic. This placing also endows you with a filing-cabinet of a brain, in which in its routine orderliness, would give credit to a University library; but although academically able and agile of mind, your 3rd house , NORTH NODE in NEW AGE AQUARIUS, suggests that you are insecure, regarding your intellectual capabilities. It is your quest in this lifetime therefore, to fill in the gaps of your knowledge, if you have not already done so, in order to gain the confidence in your academic abilities that you may feel are lacking.

    Finally, you have a brutally and fierily-frank, intellectually-inquiring, travel-and outdoor’s-loving, SAGITTARIAN ASCENDANT (how you express yourself to the outside world), which, ruled by JUPITER, is guardian of higher knowledge, philosophy, religion and the cosmic-realm; always restless to acquire new knowledge and to break through these bonds which tie you to the earth-plane.


    As your PROGRESSED MOON transits your 7th house of partnerships you may find that talkative , fun-to-be- with, GEMINIS play a more than usually prominent role in your life and you should definitely feel more sociable..

    In the Summer of 2011, party-going Rock ‘n Roller, JUPITER will either bring a new addition into the family, a pet, or a new job opportunity/ career-change. Whatever comes your way, it will bring you joy, but by Christmas 2011, serious-minded, SATURN will press you to assess whether or not your career and home life are balanced, and what steps you should take to correct it to get the most enjoyment out of life.

    (to be continued)

    Peace and love

  • sweet, enlightening and insightful readings! The words dance and have style!

  • Dear Enjoyinglife

    Thanks for the compliment. I have to finish Aquavic, MzRedflower and then I'll be with you. I have 26th March 1957 @ 0.54am (place ?), Canada. and your SO, 17th August 1962, (time?) Monistiqe, Michigan. Could you fill in the gaps please? Peace and love.

  • Thanks HP. I see a lot of truth in what you say. He does feel safe with me, whilst I dnt with him, and I think he expects indulgence and nuturing from me, which I have given in the past but realise he does not give it back. Its a relationship where he gets fed, emotioally, but not so much me, and I think it stunts my growth.

    He is definitely passive aggressive.

    No;2 I am gravitating more towards at he moment, he at least has maturity and is much more giving - that is where they differ - although still with the whole aquarian detatched thing going on . His chinese sign is much more compatible with my own, but I dont know where you stand on that. I will see what happens and let you know, but I am at least able to look at it more anylytically now as regards what is going on. Thi is all a bit heavy for so early!! thank you so much for you time and input.

    Peace and love Skybunny

  • Dear Skybunny

    My instincts when I looked at your options were that your ex is your ex for good reason and that he was bound to hurt you again and that no.2 was much nicer ....but of course don't show no.2 that you are too keen as Aquas (I'm one too) do like a challenge. Do let me know how things work out and i'll come down the A1 and say "Hello!"

    Peace and love

  • Hi Highpriestess3,

    I read the start of this thread and I hope you have some time to send me on some information regarding my love life at the mo and where it will go.I'm seeing someone for 2.5yrs but I'm having doubts,I'd like to know if they are groundless or not.

    I'll include his details too as I'm not sure if you will need them or not.



    Time :11.15pm

    Place:Cork City,Ireland


    Time-not sure

    Place Cork city,Co cork.

    Thank you for any information,have a lovely day.x

  • Dear HP,

    Oh thank you so much for the reading.I am still digesting all of the information and it is SPOT ON! Throughout my life my hobbies have been,Community theater since the age of 11 in all aspects,on the stage,costuming,lighting,playing guitar in a folk (bluegrass) band, most types of needlework since I was 6 and now I have settled into art quilts and beading and developing my quest for spiritual knowledge and expressing that in my art works.I sometimes sing for my quilting friends and I am joyous doing that. My home is filled with "natural items" like rocks and sea shells and here and there a pine cone or two and I know exactly where I got them.

    I have had only 3 "tantrums" that I can think of and I remember them but that is not my true nature.It was more like an exclamation point and well timed to prove a point..

    I do get angry at myself because if I am "so smart" why do I make stupid mistakes?

    Filing cabinet mind ...I love this. It is too true....Oh thank you again.....Victoria

  • Dear Aquavic

    Thanks so much for the feedback....I could tell you did really interesting things. however, I think you have misread one of my points

    which I didn't make very clear ----that is that the temper-tantrums (as if you would) are not yours, but an adult's (probably a parent (father?))..You might get upset sometimes, but never violent, like the violent outbursts you witnessed as a small child (violence in adult-sized, " temper-tantrums" )and were apalled by ..

    Those scenes sit, deep in your memory; you could repeat them and be unevolved, but you would never do that.

    Peace and love...part 2 coming soon

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