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  • Dear Skybunny


    You are a lovingly- loyal, ravishingly-regal, fascinatingly-fulsome ,LEO with your SUN, in its rightful home, the 5th house, of creativity, child-like enthusiasm and drama - the house of Divas, in fact (in the nicest possible sense) and following the finest traditions of showbiz, if you're not on the stage - or attached to Thespians in some way , then you have missed your true vocation.

    The theatrical side of your nature - even if only the amateur dramatics involved in getting by in daily life, is accentuated by the fact that your LEO SUN shares a celestial double-bed with, VENUS, Goddess of Love, who like the good fairy in “The Sleeping Beauty,” blessed you at your birth with a double-dose of good luck and charm, with which to smooth out the rough edges along the Milky Way of life (until the bad fairy maliciously interfered and spoilt the whole thing, of course.)

    You, of course, may not feel that you were dealt any special favours at your birth and indeed the flamboyant, fiery creativity of your LEO SUN, is cooled somewhat, by the earthy pragmatism of your CAPRICORN MOON (how you respond emotionally , to both people and situations), which suggests that the parenting you received was rather cold and distant and short on emotional support, but long on responsibilities and “thou shalt nots!”

    Your CAPRICORN MOON then, makes you cautious, ambitious and somewhat cool and calculating, primarily because it is ruled by the task-master and time-keeper of the zodiac, SATURN in the 11th house, which keeps your nose to the grindstone and makes you wonder where it all went wrong , as achieving career goals and objectives seems to involve making such disproportionately gargantuan efforts, that you wonder whether they are even worth aiming for. At the end of the day, funnily enough, your 4th house NORTH NODE in home and family-loving CANCER, suggests that it is in that arena that you will receive the greatest rewards, rather than in the world of work.

    Paradoxically, you are very happy in the world of work and commerce and have no less than 3 planets in colour-coordinated, neatly-filed, sandwich-making, journalistic, VIRGO in the 6th house of career. The most important of these VIRGOAN planets is, MERCURY, which defines how ideas and thoughts are conceptualised and communicated through written, or spoken language.

    However, while MERCURY’s energy is positive, there is an element , or undercurrent, of potentially disruptive energy at work in your 6th house, because MERCURY shares a celestial double-bed with URANUS, planet of sudden, electrifying change and ruler of quirkily independent, New-Age loving, AQUARIUS, which should make you adept at Information Technology and associated office skills.

    Very importantly and turning up the heat again in your chart, is the fireball energy of your passionate and enterprising, ARIES ASCENDANT , which defines how you present yourself to the outside world. Yet the positive energy of your ASCENDANT in ARIES can easily become the aggressive and disruptive energy of , MARS , god of WAR, and scupper all efforts to successfully sweet-talk your way to success, because MARS sitting astride your LIBRAN DESCENDANT (like a teenage yob called, Kevin), will open his mouth, “gob off” and sabotage all your efforts. Having said that, knowing that the little gremlin of self-sabotage lurks in the shadows, you should be able to keep him quiet, when he threatens to put his foot in it.


    Are you moving house, or thinking of moving house? Your PROGRESSED MOON passing over your DESCENDANT and into your 7th house of partnerships, suggests that you have a serious case of restlessness and are desperate for a new kind of lifestyle - or partner

    You may sit tight for a while, but by the Spring of 2012, when URANUS hints your ARIES ASCENDANT, changes will occur and you will be powerless to resist it

    JUPITER, planet of good times and Rock 'n' Roll should bring either a golden opportunity, or a new love into your life, by the spring of 2011, but watch out for it now.

    to be continued.....................

  • Dear Skybunny

    Forgot to say that Saturn hovering over your descendant in Sep-Oct..will increase that urge to escape a t rapped feeling, by moving.

    Part 2 to follow..................your SO and your synastry.

    Peace and love

  • hello...I have transiting pluto in the 10th opposing venus in the 4th...i want to make the most positive use of this's overwhelming right i'm in the thick of it (n. venus at 3 degrees cancer). Born 5/14/ 56..3:15 a.m...washington, dc.

  • Dear Hp, wow thank you, theres a lot to take in. I recognise me in most of it at first glance, its stilla bit early! I will be interested to know what you say about my ex who is still very much part of my life. If that relationship continues it could involve a move eventually. Im also close to another aquarian, jan 29th 1968 I believe, so things could get confusing! I look forward to part 2 and will read this more closely later and give you feedback. Thank you so much again.

    peace and love


  • Hello HP!!!

    Will try that tie-died, beads and free love thing and see how we go. LOL ROFL Good suggestion. You'll probably hear the Sagg from there!!!!! LOL

    Many, many thanks again for everything HP.

    Love, Hugs and all things wonderful to you!

    Keeping you in my heart and hoping you drop by the enchanted pond some time ... Shatz is there too!!!!!

    Ice x x x

  • Dear Icearia

    Thanks for t he I have to dress-up as a frog? Rivet....I'm on my way......!

    Dear Skybunny

    You new Aquarian is definitely in your life...but yuor ex is 'welded' to you by history and fate....keep all your options open and don't make any decisions until you have to................yes, I know you are an impatient fire sign, but your Aquarians are quite cautious and will wait patiently, because to these are the Sun and they both gravitate towards your Summer's heat. as 'life-giving'. Continue to dazzle them my friend.

    Dear Cindah

    I'm clearing my backlog at the moment... you could try The Captain perhaps?

    Let me know

    Peace and love

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  • Dear Notshy2bme

    Thanks....can you suggest a thread for Cindah fo post on perhaps?

    Peace and love

  • Dear H.P. Impatient? Moi? They drive me insane the pair of them! Welded to my ex is so true, I wish I could walk away but I cannot no matter how often I get upset or think I have seen the light. I will be very interested to see the way it all pans out. I find it strange that someone as ruled by emotion as I am should be so involved with guys who are the reverse. I know opposites attract but its so hard to relate emotionally. Have a good day, I am supposed to be seeing ex if he textx me before I completely start sulking!


  • Hi, I would like to know a general career/love forcast for the next year, I know you cant be precise but maybe just knowing what sign he is or what my favorite hobby is will help guide me in the right direction.. thank you 🙂

    Birthdate: 07/21/1990

    Birthplace: Everett, Wa (U.S.)

    Birthtime: between 9:20pm & 10:50pm (sorry cant find my birth certificate)

  • Dear Barbara

    I'm very sorry, but I can't take on anyone new at the moment, as i'm clearing my backlog.


    Well you and ex are complete opoosites and his Ascendant (5*LIBRA) is on your

    Descendant (7* LIBRA) and vice verca and your MARS (4* LIBRA) is smack on his ASCENDANT (5*LIBRA), meaning you motivate, energise and speak for him.....Rather too much responsibility perhaps/

    Peace and love

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  • Dear SKY BUNNY


    Your SO is a casually-contrary, unusual-looking, boredom-hating, New-Age heralding, AQUARIAN with the SUN, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter in the 4th,(Cancerian-influenced) house of home and family.

    The MOON of your SO is also in AQUARIUS (how he reacts emotionally to people and situations), but not close enough to the SUN to form a conjunction, but it does imply that he was very much left alone to parent himself as a child and received little emotional support, while his parents did their own thing.

    Significantly, however, his AQUARIAN SUN shares a double bed with JUPITER, the planet of good times, Rock 'n' Roll, philosophy and religion, giving him a keen interest in the customs of other Cultures.

    The temperamentally emotional side of your SO is increased, because both MARS (the type of energy he uses and how he utilises it), as well as VENUS (who he is attracted to), share a double-bed in watery ,PISCES, coincidentally making him something of a martyr, with a rather chaotic approach to daily living.

    The 2 of you together -SYNASTRY:

    Your cool, 11th house CAPRICORN MOON is conjunct

    his NATAL JUPITER ……………………………..

    MEANING: you started out together as friends; then you wanted to protect him; now you find that the passion you feel for each other, is as limitless as the ocean.


    Once again this AQUARIAN has both SUN and MOON in AQUARIUS, suggesting that he had little emotional nurturing, even though he was well-provided for in other ways.

    His emotional detachment is increased by having VENUS in even cooler, CAPRICORN, although MARS in PISCES, makes him somewhat needy and emotionally demanding .

    The 2 of you together – SYNASTRY:

    His NATAL SATURN is conjunct your 7degrees ARIES ASCENDANT:

    …………………………….MEANING: It looks as if there is a past-life bond here, with some karmic debt being repaid. The road may become rocky, but you will still be compelled to tread it.

    His ARIES NORTH NODE is conjunct your 1st house JUPITER……………

    MEANING: You can help him fulfil his life’s purpose through teaching him, by example, to be less ‘guarded’ and more open-minded to new experiences.

    Dear Skybunny.

    There is probably more of a planetary tie up with number, 2 (29th ), than number 1 (21st), but I would need their times of birth (to work out their Ascendants) before I made any more judgements on this score. Do let me know what happens in the future, won’t you and good luck to you.

    Peace and love

  • Dear Aquavic

    Well at last....we have indeed grown old together! Thanks for hanging on for so long. Do you have a Significant Other to look at as well? - I can't find his data, although you have probably given it to me.

    Dear MzRedFlower

    I'm almost with you.

    Peace and love

  • HP, my friend, I'm hanging in there..........sometimes not so quietly, lol. Life seems to be up and down, but that awful feeling from last week seems to have disappeared for the most part.

    Everyday life seems to be oddly coming along. An 82 yr old Scorpio that I have formed such a nice friendship with in the past year and who constantly tells me I'm gorgeous and keeps saying he would like to help me get into a home of my own, a 68 yr old that I want to slap around for real but I am really trying not to hurt his feelings but he keeps wanting to do things for me and I feel like he tries to sort of suck up my life / time, and not a single word from my Cappy ex. It's quiet, but it's not quiet. Make any sense?

    Oh yes.........and lastnight my sister whom I just visited in Oregon, my Aunt and two of my cousins called and sang me a dirty song and to tell me they missed me and wished I was there to sing with them, lol. It did make me feel loved.

    I do hope we're not working you too hard.......


  • Dear HP my biggest nightmare will be if I have to choose between them. No 1 was born around 830 am I believe , in bedford. You are spot on about the lack of nurturing in their childhoods although no; 1 mum's birthday is on aug 1st and both mine and his brothers wife are on the 3rd. Thats quite spooky. You said I am welded to no; 1 by history and fate and yet there is a past-life bond with no;2 as well. Confusing. The bit about it being a rocky road I feel compelled to keep treading is true of things with no;1. i cannot imagine him not being in my life although equally I am scared he will hurt me again. Will things become clearer as time goes on? and do you think they both look to me to give them the nurturing they didnt have?

    Thank you for all your help. This is keepin me awake at night.

    Peace and love SkyBunny

  • Dear Skybunny

    Please don't let this dilemma keep you awake....I think you actually pinpoint the cause of your dilemma...number 1 has "hurt" you; number 2 has not. Is the age-gap a problem with no.1?

    You won't ever trust no.1,although you can certainly forgive him. I'll check out no. 1 again and see what else I can come up with him and yourself. Talk to you later...don't worry; enjoy the attention and don't choose..................let time clarify which path to walk down.....the gate will open for you , as if powered by electricity.

    Dear MzRed

    The 82 year-old sounds a good bet to me....your ex has a cold heart and waiting for money to come his way (as you said). He is dealing with his own's time that you had some fun. Don't forget the law of reverse effort: the less you want it, the more likely it is to come your way. Try it.

    Dear Aquavic

    Are you out there/

    Talk to you later my friends

  • yes his Birthday is July 15,1946 in Pueblo Colorado at 12:15 P.M

  • Sorry for not replying sooner,was not online this weekend.I don't think I ever posted his profile previously, so unless you are also a magician,you would not find it.I do appreciate the time you are sharing with us.I will keep an eye open for your reading.yes we have grown older BUT we are wiser too.

  • "your ex has a cold heart and waiting for money to come his way (as you said). He is dealing with his own demons....."

    HP, now I'm wondering what the hell he's going to do with it if he gets it...........I mean besides sleep with it under his pillow, lol. My guess is 'she' will leave hers to her family (the one I was told she didn't have) if she goes first, but either way, I thank the Lord that my / our children are independent.............not wealthy, but they've learned to be independent.


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