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  • Echo, the halls are empty......

    Not an echo in my house Sag man is upset that my 10yr. old Pisces is upset, talk about fire and water wowwwwwwwwwwwwww...

    OH MY, hehe can you just hear it hahahaha....

    Hugs my friend,


  • Dear Shatz and waer make.......................a nice cup of tea? Also lots of compromises I's not easy, is t? Good luck super-cyber-buddy! Love and hugsx

  • Heard the echo ... went all the way to Australia ... great echo!

    I'm supposed to be doing paperwork butttttttt .... sssshhhhhh .... popped by here first and Vua La ... oh HP ... thanks ever so for all of this. I consider it a wonderful birthday gift and blessing, too.

    Wow ... you said some pretty amazing things here; think I'll need to read it again and again and again. My hubby the hippie ... I haven't gotten off the floor yet so hard and long am I laughing!!!!!!! That's such a beautiful expression for someone who is so VERY NOT hippie in any way. Can't wait to show him that!!!!!! I am the 'hippie' out of the two of us so that's fabulous! He usually calls me 'witchy-poo' which I consider an esteemed compliment of the highest order. Now I can call him Hippie ... and that's funny! He is far too serious to be a hippie.

    You were spot on about the lack of encouragement and support for his musical side. He has never played another instrument since early teens either. Very sad I think. Controlling father? Probably a good way of putting it too. No stammer though - just sad memories.

    How does one combat a backwards moving Mars? That piece of information hit me in the face because it explains the situation we are currently in. Gosh ... that just seems to make so much sense. However, that doesn't exactly set him up for anything nice in life, does it? It's almost a 'why bother if it's going to be that hard' isn't it? Is there any way around that? I would hate for his life to be so hard all the time.

    The Pisces Vertex and Ascendant information makes sense also. Lots, actually. Oh what an interesting web we weave.

    A match made in Heaven? It would seem that it's lots of hard work. That explains not doing simple. Not sure how I feel about that yet.

    I am so very honoured by your time, effort and gifts, HP. Thank you very much ... BIG {{{{{{HUGGGGS}}}}}} to YOU! Hope your visitors and you had a great time together too. I am so happy you did this for me; hoping I can do something for you, too. Just let me know.

    You are wonderful and my soul thanks you!

    Angel Love,

    Ice x

  • Oh Boy.Getting closer.WOOHOO!!!

  • Dear Aquavic

    Ahhhh, bless.....I can see you're as happy and excited as a puppy, who's just piddled and pooped on an outspread newspaper; I hope I'll be able to find that some good fortune for you .

    Peace and love

  • Dear Icearia

    Oh mean your SO is not wearing a c/kaftan and beads? Suggest that you rush off to the shops and buy him some (or make these items). "Combatting a backward-moving Mars? Such souls are slightly fearful and cautious in action......but actually succeed in getting what they want through employing 'passive aggression'...So he WILL get what he wants, as people will come to him, almost as an obligation....and hand the goods over. Never fear!

    I had a great weekend thanks.......and I appreciate your detailed feedback. Many thanks

    Peace and love

  • Hello dear Hp3 just popping in to check on you, hope things are Okay 🙂 goodluck with cleaning your backlog.

    Lots of love

    Bee X

  • Dear RebeccaAnn

    Hi...lovely to hear from you. Can I assume you''re on holiday from college? I can see that you're much happier and more confident than you were - which is great. Can i assume you're still writing?

    Love and hugs x

  • Hehehe Hp3 you can assume all those things yes, were right LOL hahahaha.

    im sorry i didnt reply sooner i need to take a nap hehehe.

    I am still writing 2 stories at the moment LOL one on my thread here, and one on word document called The Unexpected visitors. heheh maybe i can email it too you and you can have a read :O)

    and im on my holiday from college, got two weddings to go to, My godmothers in scotland inverness this weekend, and my granddads in colechester in Uk up north i was asked to be his bridesmaid Woop LOL.

    I am much happier than i was before, but i still have a few issues to sort out, I know you have a backlog of stuff at the moment but when eventually you are free, are you still okay to do that astrology thing for me, that you are doing for the others? :O) if not i completely understand lol.

    and i can be paitent 🙂

    Lots of Love and light to you.

    Bee X




  • Dear Rebeccca

    Glad to hear things are going well..give me your dob time and place and I'll sort something out.


  • Dear Rebeccca

    Glad to hear things are going well..give me your dob time and place and I'll sort something out.


  • Dear Shatz

    Catch you later.....bless

  • Dear Shatz

    Catch you later.....bless

  • Dear Shatz

    Catch you later.....bless

  • ooooops........

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi highpriestess3,

    In need of some direction career wise. My dob is March 12, 1980, born in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines at 12:10am.

    Thank You and Warm Regards,


  • Hi highpriestess3 I would like a love reading. DOB is November 7. 1948 Born in Massena, NY USA. thanks

  • Dear Rebecca

    I've sent you a message. Thanks for your data

    Peace and love

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