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  • Dear Aquavic

    Thanks for the update.....I will certainly look into your 2nd Saturn return, but hopefully will also be able to find you something a little 'lighter' to help yourself to.

    Peace and love

  • Hi Highpriestess3

    I was wondering if I am on your next list. Thank You for your time.


  • Dear Icearia

    Thanks for such kind thoughts. Much love.

    Dear Notshy2beme

    So sorry to hear about the lacuna in your affairs of the heart and I shall certainly try to find 100% positive aspects in your chart. For myself ....well since going to reflexology sessions once a week, I feel much more energetic and like my 'former' self. So although I'm still waiting for a cure (like yourself) I feel much more positive about the future and hope I can inject some optimism into your reading also (I'll tag you onto the end of the list incidentall) . Much love.

  • Dear Baby76

    If you give me your data again: date of birth; time and place, I'll make sure youre on it, but I won't be printing it until I have finished list number 1.

    Peace and love

  • Thank you, 12/04/59 6:30am, Teaneck NJ.


  • Dear Baby78

    Is that December 4th or April 12th please....we do the reverse in the UK? THanks

  • July 29, 1984

    11:43 AM

    Chonju, South Korea

    Open to anything you can tell me. Thank you.

  • December 4th,1959.

    Thanks Baby76

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  • Bless you HP!

    You are gorgeous!

    Angel Hugs.

  • Dear Icearia

    I'm blushing deeply, but thanks.

    Love and hugs.x

  • Dear Fanaa25

    I'm very sorry, but this list has been closed since mid-April to new requests, but I will be making a new one shortly - if you don't mind waiting a while.

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  • Dear Sweetpawz

    Sorry, I meant to include you in the above message to Fanaa25, ......but the same appiies. Peace and love

  • I appreciate any and all insights and I appreciate always what are doing for the people in this forum.I have been reading your posts and the responses from the recipients and they seem to be spot on! I'm chuffed.... so close now....Victoria

  • I meant to say what YOU are doing for the people on the sorry.V

  • Oh okies, thank you for telling me.

    Will be waiting anxiously for your new thread ^_^

  • Dear Sweetpawz

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Dear Aquavic

    Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. As you say, we're nearly there.

    Peace and love

  • Dear Icearia

    Apologies for the delay in posting you...'ll be posting your Part 1 tomorrow. , and following on the next day.

    Dear Skybunny & Aquavic

    Almost there....

    Peace and love

  • Dear Icearia


    You are an attention-commanding, ravishingly-regal, intensely-loyal, entertainingly-articulate LEO, with your SUN in the 1st, “ Arian” house of self-hood and personality, making you (excuse the cliché), a born leader; plus endowing you with a strong sense of self-belief , self-motivation and self-worth -all necessary attributes for those who are the movers and shakers of the world, rather than its passive followers.

    Also occupying your 1st house, but in VIRGO, rather than LEO and blessing –or cursing –you with a penchant for scientific inquiry (and the orderly collating of detailed, empirical observations), is the planet , MERCURY, which defines the way in which you process and conceptualise thought. A 1st house VIRGOAN MERCURY sets you at enjoy your worries; your domestic rituals; your sandwich-making; your writing deadlines; your pre-occupation with the working through the filing and small details of everyday-life, but it also endows you with a scientific “AQUARIAN” adroitness for scientific methodology, as in your Astro-profile, MERCURY shares his celestial sofa, in a tight squeeze, with both URANUS (new age, ruler of AQUARIUS, technological invention and harbinger of revolutionary movements ), as well as PLUTO, Lord of the Underworld, ruler of sultrily-s. e. x. y , powerfully-magnetic, SCORPIO and bringer-about of spiritual and physical metamorphosis.

    MERCURY’s twinning with URANUS also makes you compulsively attracted to New Age cosmology and beliefs and global organisations and pressure groups , such as GREENPEACE and PETA, where your natural leadership qualities and political awareness, could be put to good use. Speaking of “purpose” – and the meaning of life - your NORTH NODE , (the reason for your incarnation in this lifetime )is in emotionally-sensitive and family-centred, CANCER in the 11th house, increasing the NEW-AGE, “AQUARIAN” influence in your Astro-profile. However , apart from your very public, 1st house LEO personality, you have a hidden, sequestered and deeply emotional side to your nature, as you have three personal planets, in ocean-loving, MOON-RULED, CANCER: firstly 11th house, MARS (the way in which you use your energy and drive); secondly, 11th house, VENUS (who you are attracted to ) and thirdly, the MOON , this time in the ocean-loving, self-sacrificing, house of psychic-giftedness, 12th, with its NEPTUNIAN undercurrents.

    Your 12th house CANCERIAN MOON, in this rather Gothic “House of Secrets” and self-deprecation , serves only to increase your psychic receptivity and ability to hear and feel both the audible and the silent vibrations and movements of the universe and to interpret and communicate these in a comprehensible language, through your LEO ASCENDANT, where it is “broadcast” in an authoritative manner.(Your ASCENDANT defines the way in which you present yourself to the world and because it is in LEO, as well as your SUN, this makes you a doubly- powerful LEO - Queen of all you survey.,


    In many ways you appear to be sailing in a peaceful sea after the storm of 2009, when your PROGRESSED MOON passed over Natal (Retrograde) Saturn in the 7th house, giving all relationships (including those with your parents) a kick in the derriere. It seems you gained a certain amount of freedom, but……………this came at a price and only you know whether it was too high! A dip in your popularity will be rectified by May 2012.

    (to be continued)

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