Advice on any topic using your birthchart

  • HP, in a past life, I studied Reflexology for a time as part of my "Make your hubby happy campagne." As you know, it's supposed to open you up so everything flows freely again.

    I think I could use a little opening up myself. Last week, the day before my birthday a friend took me to the spa where I had a massage for the first time in years, I think. I think my shoulderblades are still sore, but then so is most everything else, lol


  • I think I forgot to spell check..........or maybe I need 'think' check.

  • Dear High Priestess3

    I would be very grateful if you could do a reading for me.My birthdate is January 7,1965,around 8 a.m.,born in Toronto,Ontario,Canada.Thank You so much in advance.

  • I'm just doing HP a favor everyone, this is from one of her other requests.


    I'm terribly sorry, but I cannot take on anyone new at the moment, as I'm clearing a backlog, which so far has extended to over half a year. Why not try The Captain, or LeoScorpion?

    Peace and love

    From HP

  • Dear Shatz

    Thanks so much for posting the above you say my 'advice' list has a 6 month delay- those who were once young, have grown grey in their waiting; I who thought I'd do a couple of readings , have , well, done more than a couple. However, I've made some great cyber-friends (like yourself, Shatz), along the way. Love and hugs to you

    Dear Watergirlie & TaurusMistress

    I'll let you know when a new list goes up.

    Dear MzRedFower

    THanks for your lovel thoughts.

    Peace snd love

  • It's Just a Leo thing HP, I have to protect my cubs.:)



  • HP we wait coz its worth the wait. It is not easy to do such detailed readings and for so many of us.Great work!

    with love from your greying puppy:)

  • hello hp and all i'm still here and learning so much from everyone's readings. The education I'm receivcing is so worth waiting for my own. Thank you highpriestess3. have a blessed day all.

  • Dear Surayama & Honustee

    Thanks for hanging on and for your kind thoughts....I really appreciate your patience.

    Peace and love

  • Dear HP3

    I'm checking here when I have time to see if you've read for me yet, I completely understand about complications and lack of time - it happens to us all! I do a lot of charity work (which I dearly love) but know that my focus needs to be on other things for purely practical reasons.

    Anyway, what I'm trying to say is thank you for giving your time to us here... I can only speak for myself but I can also see that there's a lot of gratitude and warm feelings towards you.

    I'm near the end of your "to do" list and am looking forward to my reading. I might not answer here immediately but, rest assured, I will!

    Rainbows and sweet music for you


  • Dear HP,

    i would love a reading. Please when you have some extra time at your very earliest convenience. A Psychic has been trying to get with me, i would like to understand why so pressing. Maybe you could shed some light here. DOb 10-31-65 Port Jefferson, ny 8;30am...nikki

  • HP

    just dropping by to say Hi. I read your other post referring people to other readers

    I don't do much of future forecast like you do, so I think it's best that they get that one from you

    after all I get pulled by work now and then so I can only do a few readings in a week

    ScarsandStars would be another good choice but you and I know she is busy with her project

    I hope you can clear the backlog soon and then you'll enjoy some steamy bath with Thibaud 🙂

  • Dear Mindovratr

    Just a brief look at your boys, as promised;

    No:1 SON

    This young man is a restless, sports-loving SAGITTARIAN; his restlessness due to his fire-sign Sun sharing a celestial sofa, with URANUS , ruler of Aquarius, which makes him more Aquarian than Sagittarian in his outspoken desire to both shock and amuse. Boring he ain’t, especially as both MARS (what causes him to act), as well as VENUS (who he is attracted to) are also in unconventional AQUARIUS. Yet his MOON (how he reacts emotionally to people and situations) is in sensitive, feminine, watery CANCER, giving him a vulnerably soft underbelly, which he is careful to protect.

    No.2 SON

    This young man is a practical , singing, lover-of-the-land, TAURUS who loves the daily routines of life, and his food and drink; yet he is also a thinker , a philosophical type ,whose earthy, practical SUN shares a celestial sofa with the ‘Las Vegas’, party-time planet,, JUPITER, giving him an optimistic outlook similar to his elder brother. His earthy, practical , Taurean nature is accentuated however, as his MOON (his emotional responses) are in cool-thinking, ambitious CAPRICORN, while MARS, is in AQUARIUS and VENUS in GEMINI..


    Mindovrmatr: Your MARS (drive/male-energy) in CAPRICORN, is in the same place as your elder Son's, MOON (emotional responses), suggesting that you're pretty much at ease with each other, despite his attempts to wind you up.

    Your second son, you find much more difficult to get on with, because he is so fixed in his approach to life, whereas you are so much more changeable - driving each other mad. Yet he does listen to your words of wisdom , and he does, know that you know, what is good for him .

    Next up:

    IrishGirl (April 2nd '81?)

















    That's "The List" ...if I've missed out any original folk, please let me know.

    Peace and love.

  • Dear Leo

    Thanks for droping in...lovely to have your input on this thread. Well, actually I must confess I'm already in the bath with Thibaud... (thought I'd better get to him before SS did).....and he's gorgeous. Trouble is the bath's a bit crowded, because guess who' sitting at the plug-end of the bath, up to their whiskers in fragrant bubbles, keeping an eye (x2) on me? Yes, those pesky celebrity-Cats. They got bored with their own jacuzzi... I warned them both, " If you

    p. i. s. s. in my bubble-bath, I'll let BOGOFF and Doughboy they can do what they like to you" . Needlesstosay, they promised that hey wouldn't deam of such a thing and and smiled angelically.. ......hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    love, hugs and floating furballs..

  • Dear Ashynikki

    Terribly sorry, but i'm clearing my backlog at the moment and can't take on anyone new.

    Dear MOPisces

    Thanks for your lovely message... i'm getting to you ....rather slowly, but surely!

    Peace and love.

  • Hi Highpriestess

    Just dropping in to say "Hi". Hope all is well.



    Dear Skybnny

    Gosh,'re ust down the A1...we'll have to meet sometime...not long now.

    Dear Sassylady

    After MzRedflower I have:



    Rosie Rosebd






    That's about it .

    Mndovrmatr is next. Have you a SO you want me to do as well??

    Peace and love

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  • Dear Sassylady

    The above is the '"complete" list, but even so I may have left someone out, so am inviting coments. I'm not sure I understand your point?

    Dear Luv'slife

    Lovely to hear from you.How are you doing?

    Peace and love

  • hi hp I also was wondering about sassy's point? wondering what her sun sign is? When you do a reading would you first enter the birthday you were given. It would help me is my learning expeireance. thanx love AND peace

  • Dear Honnustee

    That's a very good point (Pisces) ......if everyone participating doesn't mind the 'exposure' , that is! I'll certainly do it. It's lovely to have had you on board for so long.

    Peace and love.

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