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  • Dear Shatz

    What a wonderful Cyber-friend you are. I'm pretty good, weather is fabulous and we got hammered by Germany in the football world cup.....deservedly so....such is life. Ho are you and yor boxes....all unpacked?

    luvya x

  • Flaming hags of h. e. l . l. my typos...out of control or what!


  • Good morning HP - I'm sure you can sense how important these readings are to me, there is so much going on in our lives that we all can use a little help and advice.

    Again, I thank you for taking the time to do this for me, you give so much of yourself and you will always be blessed for it.


  • Hi - Can I please get relationship insight?

    Place of birth - Elizabeth, NJ


    10:20 PM

    Thank you so very much


  • Mornin HP / Afternoon to you?

    Seems like I'm still kicking............not that I really thought I wouldn't be, but it was pretty scary not to be able to picture yourself in your own life if you know what I mean. But then life, in general, seems to be pretty scary these days..........myself, not withstanding and I'm way too old for this stuff, lol.

    Sharon aka MzRedFlower

  • HP, the pride of the Leo wouldn't let anyone help me, actually it has nothing to do with Leo Pride hehe,I finally said "YES" to my sister who offered to help me, so my home is now looking like a home.

    Sorry about your team, But my man's parents are from Germany and my little girl went to Guide camp for two nights, so in the end I won the game,hahahaha.

    hugs HP, peace, love and light.

    Its raining AGAIN in Vancouver Canada....:(

  • Dear Abbeyocean

    I'm afraid I cannot take on anyone new at the moment, until i have cleared my backlog.

    Dear MzRedFlower

    Old?. Gosh, no; you're still the little girl you always were in your soul. I get more silly and less serious as I get older....and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'll be with you as soon as I can. Hold on please

    Dear Mindovrmatr

    I'm working on you at the moment....should be done by Wednesday.

    Peace and love

  • Dear Shatz

    Well I forgive you about the team...we were really dreadful and your chap's side made roadkill out of us forgive the analogy, but that's how badly we got our a.r.s. e.s. kicked. Sorry about the rain; Has it got something to do with being on the coast Must have. take care, Shatz

    love and hugs. x

  • Thank you for letting me know about the backlog 😃

  • Dear Abbyocean

    You're welcome.

    Peace and love

  • Hp

    Been awhile to reply, I know. I've had computer problems and have been fortunate enough to do some traveling up north.

    You have provided an in-depth account of who I am and my partner's identity. I am very happy with your analysis of both of us, and you have confirmed my intuition. I appreciate having the opportunity and feel blessed to have this time with my partner (Grahame). In the past, I've been lucky enough to have had a wonderful marriage and three sons before my husband died of cancer (13 yrs ago). So for me, to be with Grahame now, is a blessing, and we look forward to sharing our life for whatever time we have together.

    Thanks for your insight, sending love and wish you good health.


  • My Dear HP,

    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. My cousin was killed in a car accident last week and we have the funeral on Friday and today is my daughter's 20th birthday and life has been so up and so down and all over the place. I thank you ever so for allowing my SO to be included. You are so kind.

    And, so ... our details are:

    Mine: August 6th 1964 6.45am Richmond, Victoria Australia (part of Melbourne if that helps more).

    SO: November 24th 1960 10.30am Kew, Victoria Australia (also part of Melbourne).

    Thanks. I have no idea where our list is at but, if I don't post now I'll probably forget once Friday comes around.

    I hope you still have that vacation spirit going and again, I truly appreciate all that you gift to me and everyone.

    Angel Hugs,

    Icearia x x x

  • Sorry for jumping in, I know my CYBER FRIEND HP WON'T MIND:)XX

    Leonie, that was such a beautiful reply to HP, you sound very much in love and very happy,


    Icearia, I know there are no words when one of our love ones pass, but i just wanted to say that may Gods love surround you and your family at this time.

    Hugs Sheila




  • Dear Smilelee

    I'm so glad you found your "advice" insightful and I am even more pleased that you have found a renewed happiness with your SO. . Thank you for your kind words and for your positive feedback.


    Dear Icearia

    How truly ghastly life can be sometimes...I

    am so sorry about the loss of your cousin. You are not too far down the list..I'm working on


    at the moment...unfortunately mundane matters are sloing me down, but I have a free weekend coming up, so hopefully can get more done. Thanks for your patience.

    Dear Shatz

    Thanks as ever my Leonine cyber-friend. You too rock!

    Peace and love.

  • Dear Shatz,

    Your gentle kindness is so deeply appreciated; thank you very much. What a lovely thing to do ... blessings and love right back to you.

    Angel Hugs,

    Icearia x x x

    P.S. I simply LOVE where you live!!!!

    Dearest HP,

    You know ... it is the love on this planet from beings who hold the light for all that makes living the gift it is. Thank you for your unique and special gifts and warm wishes. I am touched. I didn't care about where I was on the list; I just didn't want you to think I hadn't been grateful for your offer ... I truly was / am and thought I'd best post the info before the funeral when I know I'll forget everything else. Thank you for your patience and understanding too. You are a very special being.

    May both of you find that your life path sparkles just for you!

    Angel Hugs,

    Icearia x

  • Hello HP...

    I requested a certain question when I put in the post...with time that has answered itself. Could you just give me a general reading when it comes to my turn? Emphasis maybe, on the ole love life senario maybe....thanks a million HP. We do all, I'm sre, appreciate what you are doing for us. x

  • Someone's time is the greatest gift of all,thank you for giving of your time,HP.

  • Hi HP

    I am hoping for any insight you might have for me!! I have too many questions to bother you about so whatever you can tell me will be appreciate.



    BD 12/04/1959

    Time I believe 6:30am

    Place Teaneck NJ USA

  • Dear Baby76

    I'm afraid I'll have to put you on my next list, as I'm trying to clear a backlog which these dear folk have waited nearly half a year for...oh dear.

    Dear Icearia

    Thanks for your lovely thoughts. I/we will be sending you our thoughts and light for tomorrow's ordeal. Wish your cusin a safe journey. x.

    Dear Aquavic

    Thanks for your patience.

    Dear Antoinette

    Thanks too for your patence

    Dear Mindovrmatr

    I'm nearly has shot into a different gear lately, but I'll be posting you tomorrow..fingers crossed...or Saturday.Thanks for your patience.

    Peace and love

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