Advice on any topic using your birthchart

  • sassy lady...just read will write

  • highpriestess3'....i forgot birthplace san antonio texas usa

    yes you did say that about healing powers...and maybe i am too nice...i dont know....i dont do it on nice that is...

    and thank you so very much for your time...


  • I felt some of us who has WAITED for SOOOO long has suddenly been passed on by LESS patient people. to be certain i looked back to when HP posted the LIST as it IS. I repost it here 4 all to see. So please STEP THE HELL BACK IN LINE. its no fair u jump the line. Wait as we ALL have thank u.

    Tuesday, April 6, 2010 15:15 PDT


    Dear Irishgirl

    Yes, you're still on the list. Thanks for your patience

    POSTING ORDER for chart-readings 7th April.

    Sorry, Starrgrl and others, but this list is now closed to clear the backlog..









    Peace and love

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    Tuesday, April 6, 2010 15:27 PDT


    Dear Dawnbenway

    Sorry, I forgot to put in Linfirloo and Irbex...but nearly there...trouble is I've been socialising too much...but had a great Easter. More relatives coming at the weekend...arghhh.Thanks for your patence

  • Dear CWB

    Yes, sorry about the wait..I can do a chart every 2 days when I have the house to myself, but can do nothing when the family are here. Back on track next week......the list is as you have posted.

    Peace and love.

  • Hi HP

    It was nothing against you at all. Just some people come in and bam expects to be helped by you first, and many of us sit patiently n wait. It happened more n more. i KNOW u wouldnt surpass ANYONE, but sometimes people expect it. So i took it upon me to address this. Its no fair that for say Irbex and lindeloo is passed over by someone last listed or someone who happen to share the almost identical name- thats just not fair.

    I for me dont mind waiting as im waiting for a job n love to extend his hand. I addressed it bc i felt not all is ok with ANYONE jumping the list.

    I hope this clears it up.

    Blessed be all n NA MA STE!

  • Dear CWB

    Quite so...unfortunate timing for you , and the others near the top.

    Pece nd love....will get going asap.

  • lol!

  • hahahaahahahahahahahahahah OMW LOLOLOLOLOL

  • ROTFL hehehe

  • ?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear HP, hope all is well with you now. Since I am getting nearish to the top now I would just like to ask that you look at my relationship with my ex. We are close and I need to know whether or not to hope that we will be back togther some day or whether I should cut him out my life. His d.o.b is 21/1/85. Thanks in advance. You are doing good for us all and it is appreciated.


  • Dear Skybunny

    Will do..thanks

    Peace and love

  • Thanks Quenkath x

  • I left my details days agoo : ( i dont know my birth time , actually my mother doesn't remember or know so all i have is my dob 08-29-1988 birthplace Philadelphia,pa

  • This post is deleted!

  • HI Elaine dear, and everyone else.

    I doubt HP will begin the new list any time soon. From the list she has barelt made it through 1/4th of all. And well ................ holidays, illness, visitors, real life gets in way.

    So if no one can wait until HP is beginning the new list all we all hafta to do 1. wait patiently or 2. repost a new thread n pray someone will help.

    those are the options as i see it.

    blessed be all. NA MA STE!

  • Dear All

    CWB is right - daily life is hectic at the moment, but will calm down soon. I have to have an empty house to be able to write and have had a stream of visitors before and after Easter.

    Peace and love if

  • really are amazing and wonderful..... stop and smell those roses my friend!! Claire

  • This post is deleted!

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