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  • The original thread has become so big, that I'm starting a new one. If you want me, or anyone else, to give you advice on any topic (using your birthchart for guidance) please supply your:

    date of birth

    time " "

    place " "

    Thank you

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  • Dear Alenabrz

    I don't think I can be that precise as I deal in 'weather forecasts' rather than 'precise events', but I'll tell you what I will probably be tomorrow now.

    Happy New Year to you..

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  • Hi Highpriestess

    I would like to know about my love life...

    June 6 1980


    Tampa, FL

  • Happy New Year Highpriestess,

    I would like to know about my life in general.

    26th March 1957.

    20.30 hours

    London. England

    Thankyou very much.

  • Dear Highpriestess3:

    Just stopped by to wish a very Happy New Year now that it's finally here! I pray that this year reigns many blessings on you. Thank you for all the help you've given me! You are amazing.

    Let me not take up too much of your space, others need you now.

    Blessed be...


  • Dear everyone

    I'm on it...Happy New Year to you all.

    Dear Scribe1

    Lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your good wishes. Fingers crossed for you this year with yor new enterprise.

    Dear Lescorpiom-Scarsandstars-Soapmaker-Aquabubbles-Angel-Soapmaker-et al.

    Would love to have you all on this thread if you have the time

    Peace and love.

  • Any insight into what lies ahead for me in 2010 would be appreciated



    Wilmington, Delaware, USA

  • Dear Alenabrz

    Well hopefully you will pass your exams in 2010 and be successful, but it won't happen without a tremendous effort on your part, because you have been a 'party animal' for so long and you now realise that time has passed too quickly and it is time to get 'stuck into' some serious work to further your career. You are in the right frame of mind to pull this off however, as the stern teacher, SATURN passes over your NORTH NODE (conjunct PLUTO) giving you a 'gritted teeth' determination to ge the job done. Mind you these planets are in your 5th house of love affairs/children, rather than your 6th house of career, so you may have the added complication of beating potential suitors off with sticks, while you try to study.

    You have a TAUREAN ASCENDANT which makes you determined and fixed; Mars in LEO, which makes you crave attention - even if you have to have a tantrum to get it - and a LIBRAN MOON , making you emotionally very 'wibbly-wobbly'.

    Your most exciting planetary aspect hwever (and the one to get you int trouble the most), is a sexy SCORPIO SUN that is conjunct electrifying, eccentric, deviant URANUS; hence you ae prone to sudden, impulsive changes of direction which (because it also sits on your DESCENDANT) makes you self-sabotage and destroy any progress you have already made.

    Now I have painted a rather extreme picture and you may not act like this, but your SUN sitting on your DESCENDANT , does suggest that you are much shyer than you think you are .The good news in all this is that the bringer of success, JUPITER will be in your 10th house of career for the whole of it's now or never. Good luck; you can do it -let me know what hapens please. Peace and love.

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  • Dear Alenabz

    Good luck my dear...I'm sure you'll do it! At least this new year won't be boring!Peace and love.

  • 11/20/53

    9:20 a.m

    Genoa, Italy

  • 11/20/53


    Genoa, Italy

    Will I be more succesful in my career and finances this year?

  • Dear Moonalisa

    I cannot be precise of course, just give you a love' weather forecast' so to speak. You are a SUN TAURUS and your liking for good food, clothes and the finer things of life, is enhanced by having VENUS also in Taurus.. You like the countryside, ,growing things, music and singing and one of your most exciting aspects is a MOON in LEO!. My, when you want attention, you are not averse to throwing a tantrum, or stamping your feet - and you learnt that at your mother's knee, if you don't mind me saying so.!

    Your late CAPRICORN Ascendant, is so late that your 1st house lies mainly in AQUARIUS, so read Aquarius in newspapers before Taurus for an accurate look at the portents of the day.

    You try to please everyone and end up pleasing no-one and because you are so 'fixed' and others are not, your timing in emotional matters is not good;, so avoid getting yourself into a state...walk around and cool off before taking action to avoid acquiring a 'diva' label..

    Your SUN is square to your MOON, so you find it hard to feel happy, as you always expect the sky to fall down on top of your head. It won't!. You may find yourself involved with Sagittarians this year.but ..they wil drive you mad because they are ususally late for appointments ...and you are usually early!. JUPITER is currenty transiting your 1st house expansion of yourself, your mind, your spending power, your love life, or your intellect are yours now for the taking. You may find that your parents have health worrie, but that will pass, don't worry,but most importantly a transformation of what you want out of life is about to kick off soon. If you are not sure what you want...start thinking!. LEOS will be good partners, as will AQUARIANS and fellow TAUREANS and don't forget sexy SCORPIOS.. ..on of those could be worth locking horns with.

    Let me know how it goes.. Peace and love.

  • Highpriestess3,

    What do you see for me career and love wise this upcoming year?


    1:16 pm

    Jersey city, new Jerseym USA


  • Dear Slubear

    I can give you a 'weather forecast 'about love...but .if you want something very specific I would need your partner's data to compare it against yours.

    The firsrt thing that strikes me is how sensitive you are ...your brittle, chatty, gung-ho GEMINI SUN is totally at the mercy of your dreamy, rormantic, nebulous PISCEAN act tough, but feel as if a protective layer of skin is missng and this makes you vulnerable in matters of the heart.

    The next thing that srtikes me is how stubborn and 'fixed' you are, with a TAUREAN ASCENDANT .you have that endearing 'Bull in a china-shop' syndrome, rushing in and blurting your heart out completely at the wrong time and when you lose your temper, well the china gets smashed to smithereens!

    A TAUREAN partner would be good for argument would take weeks to resolve of course,, but you woud certainly appreciate their earthy, sensuous nature and their fixit.y. The most difficult aspect of your chart is a MOON -SATURN opposition, in Pisces and Virgo, compounded by a MARS - SATURN conjunction in VIRGO too.

    While SATURN has been passing through VIRGO thesee past 2 years, you have been subjected to a cosmic battering..your mother. children, the females in your life...arghhh. You were not allowed out of your mother's sight when you were young.....or she was always at work. She had problems and you were forced to live with the consequences...many of which would have been re-enacted over the past years. The good news? It's all over for next 29 years!

    More good news is that , JUPITER - the Rock'n Roll planet -is about to visit your 11th house..join a group and party, party, deserve it! . Taureans, Capricorns and probably Aries are all compatible, but ... are you about to move? Your progressed Moon sees you relocating this year, which is probably just what you need right now. Good luck and tell me whether or not I have completely misinterpreted your recent visit from Saturn and your last 2 and a half years.please. Peace and love.

  • Thanks a lot highpriestess3.

    Oh yes,my sun square to my moon- that explains the depressing mood I struggle with more than sometimes. From what I understand now it's the time for action for me, in my love life as well. 🙂 that is what I wanted to hear. 🙂 The information about the transformation is quite intriguing. Some changes are about to happen?hope for the good. Thanks a lot for your time and sharing your knowledge with me. Keep your fingers crossed for me as a decision has to be made and it'll not be easy. Have a nice day!

  • Dear Katiehicks

    Funnily enough, half your planets were retrograde at your birth - travelling backwards rather than forwards, but in many respects this make your chart easier to read. You have a 5th house SUN-VENUS conjunction in ARIES, making you fun, addicted to action, a lover of the good life, arty, temperemental and iimpatient....and yet I feel you have subsumed much of your energy and creative fire into looking after others,of necessity, but allso so as not to put a partner in the shade.

    You have MARS in GEMINI making you fun-loving, clever and chatty, but again, it is held back by an opposition to SATURN in Sagittarius, suggesting you have shouldered unlooked for resonsibilities, or a need to earn a living. Your ASCCENDANT is powerful, intense SCORPIO

    , giving you the ability to see right through people. Funnily enough you are not particularly possessive as Scorpio suggests, but your problem is obsessive that action is skewered into the ground by 'thinking too precisely on the event' ,as Hamlet would say. If you could stop drilling yourself into the underworld like this, just think gow much you could achieve?

    I almost forgot your AQUARIAN are much kinder than you portray yourself to be and have a soft spot for animal-causes and such like..good for you. Excitingly, JUPITER bringer of good times is about to enter your 5th house of love and children and pass over VENUS and the SUN by Christmas next year. Hold on and get don't have long to wait for a change in your fortunes....let me know how it goes please. Peace and love.

  • Highpriestess3, Happy New Year!. I would love to have a reading but do not have a clue about my birthtime (not on certificate). Anything you could give me information on (love, finance, health) figure will let the universe decide what answers it wants to send to you for me. Not sure what you can do without a time but he other info. is 2/26/61, youngstown, 0hio USA. Thank you for sharing your gift. Love, light and joy.

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