Please any advice,looking for readings of any kind

  • Hi everyone, I hope its been a great start to a spiritual New year, full of love, peace, health and of course new beginnings.

    I'm at a confused time in my life, I'm finding myself going in circles and not finding an opening in regards to my dearly respected relationship.

    My DOB is August 10,1960 born in Vancouver Canada at 5:00am

    My Full name Is Sheila MacDonald.

    I due my Tarot readings,I ching,Horoscope etc. paid reading and also sample.

    I just need to know that my Relationship i is based on honesty, I have uneasy feelings at times.I feel I'm very intuitive. Its the first relationship at my age where it is healthy, strong and loving but I don't just want to be a girlfriend at this time in my life, I have fallen hard for my partner and he shows me the same. anyways it might be a silly request at my age, but I'm falling hard.

    His DOB is December 20,1959 born in Vancouver Canada at 8:00 am

    Thanks for your responses in advance I truly love this site and the people that contribute to it, we are all on a journey.


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