Looking for a Beginner Book

  • I am very interested in tarot cards and have bought my first deck. I've been using this website to learn: http://www.learntarot.com/ and I like how it has many interpretations for each card instead of just one. I would like to keep learning with that sort of approach instead of just looking at simplified meanings for each card. Is there a book for beginners that takes the approach of there being many interpretations, while somehow still making it somewhat easy to learn? I would appreciate ideas on what book to get.

  • I don't think there are any books that encompass all the meanings for each card. Try google search to see.

    Love and Light to you

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  • I actually started learning Tarot with a series would send one booklet a month. It began by sending a deck of Rider-Waite cards and I was instructed to color them myself. I was given direction to do it, but I colored them myself, and got my energy ALL OVER those cards.

    BUILDERS OF THE ADYTUM made the course and the course is called "Tarot Fundamentals"
    and I would recommend it to anyone.

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