Cancer or Libra Oh my ......

  • Hi Guy

    Cancer guy or libra guy for me? cancer has seen the ecards ive sent him n by it opened up a whole new chance. whats the outlook? thanx

    ps im a march 10 1972 pisces, cancer is a june 25 n libra an oct 4 thanx

  • I would advise the Cancer. Cancer and Pisces make and excellent couple, they are both sensitive and understanding of one another. Pisces is a dreamer and Cancer will help the Pisces make their dreams come true.

    Libra is an okay match for Pisces as both are social and friendly but Libra is not as sensitive as Pisces.

    If you can give the year of the Cancer and Libra, I can tell you more about your compatibility.

    By the way, my boyfriend has your same birthday--March 10, although not the same year. Can you tell me what you look for most in a relationship...what makes you happiest? Thanks!

  • Cancer june 25 1941

    libra oct 4 1937

    n yes older than me i know

    AHM what i look for? intelligence, laughs, same mindedness, equality, love, kids, companionship. basically one who understands me n takes me as i am flaws n all lol'

    what an odd question lololol

  • Yeah, I know! It's just that I've rarely talked to people who have the same birthday, and every time I've found they are really alike, so I was just curious. (My boyfriend said he loves how I accept him as he is). I know it's an unusual question...Thanks for answering!

    According to the years you've given me, the Libra might be a better match. He is steady, hardworking, and loyal, but has Libra sociability as well. He is someone you can depend on. The Cancer, while potentially a good match for you also, is not as stable and may seem emotionally distant at times, maybe even a little secretive. However, he can be very romantic and may open your eyes to new worlds, although at a bit of a price because of his instability.

    Whom you choose is up to you--both are good matches but I see the Libra being the best for a long-term relationship. He is an excellent listener and will be very supportive, and you are understanding of him as well. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Thank you Junemoon. I owe you n yea i feel u are dead on regards to that lol

    thanx again

  • I am a sag 3 12 61 and the guy i am dating 19 7 61 cancer guy ,i would really love a reading are we a suitable match and are these guys players thx

  • Useally i do NOT mind people using MY threads but now its getting a tad too much. Sorry if this is harsh BUT wuld u KINDLY from now on make ur OWN threads n requests?? Please i BEG of you. Thank you!

  • You're welcome, CharmedWitchBente! May I please use your thread for readings? If it really bothers you, I won't, but it is so hard to post randomly for advice because it so often goes unanwered. Many threads with different readings spark new ideas for questions you might ask about your own relationship. Please consider--thanks!

  • Sure use away. I was gonna let this go as it is n all can use it, i just want those that do posts randomly n all over in other threads to consider posting themselves a new thread. just as of now am i in a phase where i dont like clingers u know. i dont mean any shit n stuff just consider who´s thread u barge in on.

    for now use this as u wish, by here i mean posters for readings.

  • Thanks so much, CharmedWitchBente.

    mollykolly...Cancer guys are rarely players, and yours is not at all. Both of you are thoughtful, loyal people, although you are more social of the two of you. Your relationship is balanced well. You bring light and energy into his somewhat quiet life. If he falls in love with you, chances are that he will never stray. The only problems you might encounter are that you both have a tendency toward having a bit of a temper, so if you both can let the little things go, you will be very happy. Good luck!

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