• I made some extreme changes in my life a few years back, and although I did them for the way I feel, and to live my life as the "Lesbian" I know myself to be, I hurt alot of people along the way. I left a husband, I up-rooted my very young son, left behind my house and alienated my family. BAD huh!.. However the person I did this all for is no longer in my life 8 yrs. later. I had a bad break-up ( as it wasn't my choice to end it), and I moved far away once again from all that was my new life.

    I then met another woman, and she is very nice. She is attractive, Loyal, Literate, and Caring. She is also diagnosed with Bi-Polar, she's extremely emotional, needs alot of affection, admiration, attention, and she requires ALOT OF SEX!!!!!. A relationship for her is based on Intimacy and all that goes with. For me I base a relationship on Communication, principal, security and then intimacy. As you can see the" intimacy " was last on the list and I typed them in order as my mind sent them to me.

    My relationship before this one was an ecstacy fest. That love at first sight syndrome. It had everything but open communication. The most important factor to me. I should have seen the signs, but I guess I didn"t want to. The relationship of current is failing due to my non-emotional attatchment. It's not easy to see yourself for who you are without tring to see the better you through mirrors of your soul. I would love to be intimate and to take things in stride. I would like a carefree , close, hot relationship. I am Heart-Broken for the loss of my Lover, but i really can't blame her. She loves me then hates me all in the same day.

    Should I try to rectify this situation or should I ust let a dead-dog lie??? Help me find a way to help myself. I never ask for help, and it might be about time that I do. Thanx...

  • Hi Mystique, I'm Aquarius too. You have to capture our minds. But, you know, for any relationship to work you have to get to know and like someone. Usually I don't chase them, have sex quick enough, spend enough etc. Those are the ones to let go of. You basically have to know what you are looking for as well as letting your partner know. Luckily, I'm in a relationship where he doesn't demand anything from me. He is smart. He can do different things and basically occupy himself.

  • Thanx, Dalia.

    You are right about the aquarian trait of others needing to capture our minds. I am too often critisized by other astrological signs, what's up with that? I think the Aquarians are the most misunderstood, with our high intellect and all (LOL)... Perhaps it's a downfall though. I don't know anymore. In regard to my situation I know I feel Love but my expression through emotion isn't clear to myself or anyone I've been intimate with. I don't want to make the same mistake by giving all that I am to someone just to satisfy their need for affection when it seems that that's the way they rate their relationship. It's a matter of self-protection.

    I could easily succumb to the demand for the touchy-feely issue, but I'm not the type(naturally) it takes work. Am I wrong to hang on to the same old hang -up's or do I have a right to be wrong?

  • To be happy, you have to get w/someone who basically has the same outlook, same interests, someone who is interesting to you. It's hard. I know exactly what you mean, going thru etc. I'm not a patient person when it comes to dating etc. I feel pretty comfortable w/meeting people on my own, thru work, friends. It should be a natural feeling. I'm not looking. Sometimes it just takes awhile. I'll be thinking of you and praying for you.

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