Cris1962 please help

  • Hi, Cris! I've read some of your readings and you seem really good...I was wondering if you could do a reading for me.

    I am a Cancer born 6-26-93 and my boyfriend is a Pisces born 3-10-91. I've been with him for over 3 months and it's been like a dream...he's made me so happy. However, issues around family, particularly my mom (10-28-60) have made things a bit difficult. Do you see us working through these issues, and if so, how? Can you see if we are soulmates, or have potential for long-term? Thanks so much!

  • Please be patient if you don't hear from cris right a way. She is in the process of moving and it may be a few days. As she can move into her new place on the 2nd and she has been moving things now for a while and she hurt herself also. It may be a couple of days before she in hooked up and online.

  • Oh. I understand. Thanks, LibrasLair!

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