My Feline is telling me things

  • My sweet Annie passed in my arms after 20 years om 11/22/09. She was a Siamese, a Scorpio borm 11/9/09.

    I now know she is here but I can not see her. There have been many signs including a man with the last name of "messenger" who has oddly come into my life as a friend now. Not romantic at all, just a person who is human. I see signs all the time. I am concerned that I cannot let her go and that possibly I ho;ding her back from Nirvana.

    Hold on to your hat but after I talk to someone she tells me what was a lie and what is the truth, I understand it is both of us really tuning in. She also guides me when I ask where something is when it is missing.

    i must be careful most people canot understand this and i can only talk to a few.

    It would be very unfair to get another Siamese, however I have come to understand she wants me with a protector so she can move on. She has suggested a guide dog as I would not compare them and the love would be equal and this animal would know and be tuned in to the incredible loss. I am traumitized, no getting away from that. The landlord may object, any suggestions ?

  • Valentinaspin, I have had eleven cats in my life - all wonderful companions with whom I enjoyed a closeness that was more than with any human I have encountered. One of them indeed believed himself to be human and my baby. They have all passed now - very traumatic occasions for me. I have felt them all around me. lying on my bed etc. but less so as time passes. I still miss them but I know we will all be together again one day soon. They are out of pain and happy now so I can be content with that. The gift they gave me by passing was the freedom from worrying about them and being responsilbe for their safety and care. I am now free to help others. I bless them for that. I don't think I could ever look after another animal as it is too painful when they get sick or pass.

    I think you should waiy a bit longer before you decide to get another pet. You are still grieving. You may miss the signs that there is something else you and your time and energy are needed for.

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