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  • First Happy New Year!! I am very excited today, as most are! New year, new beginnings, new things I am soooo looking forward and hoping they happen, ex, job promotion, new apartment, ect..

    I know you have abilities, and you have already helped me so much, so I turn to you again. I also had a reading for the new year done on the "psychic" forum and Blmoon answered. If you wanna read it. Love it when you read it and tell me what you think.

    Anyways, with "P", I have been trying to move on past this. I do not know what to think about things with him. He is a freakin Cancer, and he has shown signs of feeling more for me than what he has expressed in words. I want us to be friends, as well as coworkers b/c he does have a place in my heart. I have talked to him in a way of personally knowing him, aside from work. I feel that he listens in a way to me. I did express to him that his actions at work with another female was wrong in his position. That I did not care what he did but that people are not happy with him, a couple people talked to me on the shuttle about his behavior. It puts him not in a good light. I know that if he has messed around and caused some other situation like this picture incident, I can not control him, he is bound to mess up sometime. Just that I wanted him to trust that even though whatever he has done or not, b/c he claims to me that I am the only one that he has been with there, and wants me to believe him, that I also don't want him being nice to me in fear that I will cost him his job.

    He is not being around too much, yet he has come over and looked at me briefly. everytime that I have ended it with him, he can not stand it. His behavior at work has totally changed, to how it should be and I am proud of him for that. I do not see him having anything to do with that girl anymore. but what is he thinking about me?

    does he care for me at all? I feel that he is in his shell, and he is off work for 11 days now, so I will not see him for awhile, but we truly connected I know this. I could feel it between us, and that's why it's hard for me to completely turn against him. I want to be friends. But, I 'm not sure he knows how to be my friend b/c of the strong attraction we have with eachother. I feel that look was meaning something the other night, like he is respecting my decision, but don't like it.

    do you feel that one of the guys Blmoon is referring to is about him? That yes, I need to use caution, but that he is going to pursue me again?

    Please let me know, I thank you!!

  • wicked

    I didn't see this until today. next time just give me a link to the thread you wanted me to go to.

    You have a thread for BLmoon but she didn't answer there. I'm gonna see what she said in an old thread. But next time remember to give me a link, since you started quite a few thread.

  • wicked

    these are the pinpoints you need to pay attention to:

    "why wont he completely let you go? Because he is seeking for harmony.

    why care what you think, why care if you're upset, why care to console you, text you back, tell you he is not mad at you no matter what you do. why hold onto you when he doesn't want you? Because he wants all what he can get, as his possessions, until all will break down and what remains for him will be nothing. It is a big ego trip, a big balloon, bound to burst someday."

    Remember the chart I made about you and him. P has a childlike attitude. A child always wants what he can't get, what is not allowed. If you say 'don't do it' to a child, he will do it. He is definitely attracted to you, but is this attraction based on love or lust that will die someday, he doesn't really know. He is imaginative, to some he is pretentious. The people he had hurt, obviously thought he is pretentious. Until he changes his childlike attitude and channel his imagination correctly, he will never know who or what is it that he really loves.

    "Thank you for calming down. I now can see a positive note. Two people who know--one has been spurned by him--feels she was had, is more furious with him than you but you do not want to get caught up in this crossfire. The other person who suspects wants to help you. You have an ali from a distance--someone likes you very much--is protective of you and they kinda see themselves in you---they've seen it coming."

    Don't get caught up in this. This is between the two people and him. It is time of change for him. He needs to change some aspects of his personality. Leave him at this, he will come around. If you meet him at work, keep professionalism. When the change in him is complete, you will know whether he will pursue you or the other girl. The girl BLmoon spoke of might not be the same girl you saw him with. It is not impossible, due to his imaginative and childlike attitude that he had been with quite a few female co workers who work there before you came, regardless their positions.

    "It was an inside joke--someone snickering. Here you have a someone who is an athority "higher up" and someone said to someone else who works there hey I know him and it was in highschool--and they exchanged stories had a laugh because it brought him down a peg or two and it was meant to be a joke that would somehow belittle the man

    The picture came from an aquaintence of an employee."

    So one is a girl, one is a guy. This higher up could very well be female and the guy is not, or the other way around. Whatever it is, I won't be surprised if the higher ups know what has been going on between he and you, he and the other girls. In a workplace, you can not really say that 'no one knows what we are doing'. Politics in workplace is there to make sure you know who is doing what. It's who you know, not what you know, that actually saves your a ss - so to speak. Be thankful that someone cares about you, where as they can just turn around and mind their own business. It isn't their business anyway what happened or what will happen to you or him, is it? But someone cares, so do yourself a favor. Leave him alone to deal with the changes he has to do within himself. Perform at work as usual. When the time comes, you will hear from him and you will know whether he decides to be with you again or not.

    "Things to watch for. Old patterns that hold you back--watch the relationships that consume too much of you. Be energy conceise--this year is a lot about energy--how to manage it--conserve it--temper it. It will be a emotional time at its worse but will help you get stronger as you learn to be quik about enforcing your boundries. I see several love interests coming through but nothing marriage minded and you will be fine with that. Warning--you could find yourself tempted by an old relationship or one just like it--there will be a feeling of compultion but you will be ok if you step back think that one out from a distance and be your own wise mother"

    One of these new relationships can very well come from the very person who cares about you. P is the old relationship BLmoon is talking about, the one that consumed you and will tempt you again in the future, but you would be wise to take your time and consider. As I said, until he does the change within himself, you will never know whether he is for real or not.

    The advices are very clear, turn inward and read them again. Between the two of you, attraction is strong, but this doesn't mean you will play his game. He doesn't do this on purpose, but he has to learn to control his childlike imaginative side. You have said what you need to say. Now just leave him be. This is all I can make of it. Clear your mind of mind chatter before reading the advices and insights, only then you can be open to them. Otherwise you will not find clarity and walking around the same circle keep asking the same question again and again.

  • Thank you!! I appreciate your advice so much!!

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