Thankful for opportunity

  • I am thankful that God has given me overflowing opportuinties in my life to better myself and give to others. I am thankful for sobriety... and the love of my family which led me to that sobriety. I am thankful for the gift of Faith...the faith of a child which has led me though every obsticle in life.

  • I am thankful for all the good friends in my life and my best friend who teaches me how to be to lesson my karma in this life and become a better person, teaches me not to judge so that I can be kinder to everyone.

    I am thankful that everyone around me is healthy.

  • i would like to say i am thankful for being alive right now because since my husband died in april i have been involved in not one or two car wrecks but 3 since august 12th this year

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