• Hi,

    I had a reading done for me 6 months ago and so far some things in my reading has come to past. I'm falling in love and his DOB IS 8/20/64 MINE IS 7/17/80. His initials are DLG. I was wanting to know if there could possibly be wedding bells in the near future.

  • You are both pretty wary people, but you can come to trust each other. A love affair may suffer from being too intellectually oriented. Friendship works better here - it has less binding expectations and fixed responsibilities. In marriage, any stress or emergency will really test the strength of the relationship and may break it. When things are fine in this relationship, all is well. But when things go wrong, it can fall apart. There is a lack of patience here and the two of you can react too hastily. Privacy issues with you both need to be relaxed. Your friend tends to shy away from deeply committed relationships. His sensitivity, workaholism, and desire to isolate himself at times may make it difficult to carry on a relationship. If your friend has come out of his shell more at this time of his life and you have managed to overcome your insecurities and low self-worth, there may be a chance that you can work things out. But this relationship will take a lot of effort to succeed.

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