Sag men at the moment, whats goin on?

  • Hi all,

    happy new yrs 🙂

    someone please help un confuse me, im scorpio, 25th oct, think i got libra rising but yeah have had a 6 month close friendshipw ith a great sag guy, there is attraction but somehow it turned from that to me completly needing him to be a close friend and he is closer than many of my female mates, i literally tell this guy my deepest darkest fears and i cant understand why? im soooo connected to him now but he has just started to date someone, yet our closeness remains, also just this last week an amazing sag guy 18th dec came into my life, hes a real go getter stands up for truth etc i admire him, bit of a fatal attraction thing goin on as well he started, i found out hes married but omg its like a moth to the flame..... help

  • I had a Sag business partner. We were extremely close and shared all our feelings until he got a girl friend he moved in w/ her...prior to that he lived in my house for 9 years and we had a business. Some relationships work when it's just 2..3 is a crowd. he was free (your guy) now he's not. I hope you enjoyed that friendship because it's forever changed ..and thats not necessarily a bad thing because now you are needing to change too.

  • hmmmm, i might be able to relate a little bit here, ok im a sag guy and first i must ask this, you are attracted to him? but you went from being attracted to him, to only wanting him to be a friend? im assuming that you dont like the fact that he is dating someone, but are you jealous and want him for yourself? or just dont like who he is dating? im confused on what you wanted with him.

    he sounds like just a nice, sensitive guy,(like myself) and enjoys helping other people and actually cares to listen to what you have to say, you probably run to him for advice on things,maybe talk to him about other guys you like? let me tell you about a situation im in that sounds alot like yours.

    me being easy to talk too and not like most guys, i can get quite a few people to open up to me and trust me with things, everyone has heard about me and this Libra girl but this isnt about here, but this SAG girl that ive known for a few years fixed things between me and the Libra girl a month ago, and a little bit before that i would talk to the SAG girl about things and she would tell me things about guys that she likes and ask me for advice on things, or when she was angry at one of them, i would comfort her into not worrying about it, she even told me that i was becoming one of her best guy friends, i thought oooookkkk, i could kinda always tell that MAYBE she might start liking me and she may want this to go somewhere i didnt want it too, but i never said this but i kept talking to her, and then i had to make a choice to go with her up to a cabin for the weekend(also with my sister, and other friends) OR go to a Christmas party that Libra girl was having that i didnt see in 3 weeks, and very much falling for, SO i chose to go to the party,

    then all of a sudden the SAG girl pulls out everything to try to get me to go with her,(acting like a baby, baby voice, trying to bribe me,) but the more i resisted and said no she said "ok fine you will have more fun with Jenn anyway so just go" and i said "hmmm now that sounds like jealousy" she said NO its not, but i call BS lol

    i geuss i want both of you to answer is this, did you want to be with the sag guy that you lost? if so, did you ever make it known? you both felt connected to these sag men and could tell them everything, but didnt want to risk losing a friend if you were to get into a Relationship with them right?

    bpalaith, he lived with you for 9 years???? and it was strictly business the whole time?

    sag guys will jump around to other girls if they arent getting what they want from the one that they TRULY want. and that doesnt mean s-e-x but it just means they wish they meant more to you than just a friend.

  • i think alot of other ladies on this forum will agree,(from what ive seen and read) that alot of women seem to be attracted to sag guys, and we have alot of options it seems like. so you cant sit back and wait for us to make the first move. so go grab your sag guy before he gets taken away. but also alot of people say that sags are cheaters, I myself dont believe this cause i wouldnt do that but maybe its because Sag guys have a hard time Resisting women that make passes at them, when they dont feel wanted in a Relationship. i havent even had a Relationship yet and im glad i have learned so much about the way us Sags act, so i can realize why i feel a certain way and then try to fix it within the Relationship.

  • chevelleman, yeah hear what you are sayin. I was very attracted, more than i have for a long time, it scared me a little and he picked up on that, emotionally we seem to be on exactly same wave length and i feel connected, he does too though tends to rationalise a little being a guy lol.

    Its been a slow burn between us......

    Jealous? no because i get the best of him without the complication and thats what i want, he knows this and accepts and has told me though he has just started dating he wants us to continue, i dont care if people are suspicious cos it feels right and he has begun to share alot more with me and open up, iv been very hurt b4 and he knows....

    I have no idea what will happen, if anything but i value him cos he is always there to rely on and me for him

    But yeah ideally it would be more, who knows?

  • I have found sag guys to be "fixers"...By that I mean they're compationate, caring but not necessarily the romantic types. They have their preferences when it comes to romantic partners but are open and honest males and that's what endears a sag male to us females. They make great partners and companions but make sure he is "into" you..before you let your heart go there.

  • gosh, now your starting to sound like the Libra girl im interested in, or should i say close to every other girl out there, cause all women have been hurt in the past, and fear getting hurt again, therefore it seems like you let your fears get the better of you and let them control you. you fears are not letting you be happy, if being around him, talking to him feels so right and you know hes a great guy. you feel very comfortable when he's around but yet your fears are holding you back. i feel so strongly about this cause i cant see why, if he does all these things for you by just being there for you. why are women so quick to let that go? probably because you say " oh well, maybe it wasnt meant to be" or "maybe im supposed to be alone" that annoys me when women say that.

    you said that he has started to open up to you more, and i feel that he has had alot of chaos in his past that made him "the nice guy". because i had alot of things happen to me, and i have my own fears of letting people in and taking the risk of being hurt, but if you find someone that you can drop your guard around and finally feel free. i think its worth the risk. but im a sag male, and taking risks we are known for i think lol

    im sure he started dating this other girl cause he thought you couldnt get over your fear of letting people close to you again, thats the way i have been feeling about this Libra girl lately. doesnt mean that he doesnt care for you, hes just ready to move on and get on with his life.

    and im not saying any of this to hurt you but i believe its better to hear what other people honestly think than me holding anything back. you might agree or might not agree with what i said but at least you can think about it. cause everyone deserves to be happy and i just hate to see you not get what you want. well im out for the night, im gonna go live it up tonight. take care and happy new year.

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