What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2010?

  • Tarot.com is all about using insight to empower our best possible selves, and the close of the year is the best time to reflect on how far we've come ... and the distance we still want to travel. As our astrologers are forecasting a new year that supports self-motivated progress, we'd like to know: What are your New Year's resolutions in 2010?

  • Hi admin 🙂 Glad you put it up on here. Well, 2009 has been kinda tough on me in many ways but I've survived all the odds so far and am thankful to God for that. I seriously contemplated walking away from all at one point of time and I know the mere thought of doing so was cowardly but you sometimes get so trapped in negativity that the light shining through back door is all but visible! Things are better now though and I'm back to my chirpy happy self. As for my resolutions, the first resolution would be to Let go of my anger and be more accepting of situations and people. And the next and most important one, to keep going up on my way to spiritual growth...Hope 2010 brings in strength and patience I need to achieve all this!

  • mine is : Be Happy! Live and let Live.. 🙂

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  • This year i faces many challanges and got over them and went through some tough times and survived because of my faith, with the help of some Wonderful people here on tarot i discovered who i'am and what i want to do with the rest of my life,God willing.I feel that 2010 holds some Blessings and Surprises for me,which have already started for me.

    So my New Years Resolutions are, To do the best i can do and give all i can give to Our Beautiful Univrece. Listen more closely to my inner self,be less Negitive and more positive. And to keep working on devloping my gifts more so one day i will be able to help others as they have helped me. Happy Blue Moon and New Year To All.....


    Love & Light 🙂

  • My number one priority is healing myself and freeing myself from my past. Try to be nicer to myself and try to be a better me for the world. Secondly I need to fix my finances this year and i really hope the universe will support my efforts. Lastly, although initially I only came on this site to read the forum, I'm beginning to think that my third eye is opening up. I can't see the future but I get hunches/feelings about things and can see some things that are happening in the present (not sure what it's called). This is truly fascinating to me and very new so I plan to try and develop my gift.

    All the best to everyone on this site and good luck with your resolutions. Happy 2010! xx

  • 2009 has been a great year for me financially, emotionally and physically . I'm still waiting for a good job offer that is somehow related to my spiritual development or at least doesn't go against it. So far the offers I got are not as I hoped but I will find it in late 2010, so I will prepare myself for it as to not losing the opportunity.

    Spiritually this year is the best year in my life. Also I got to meet some funny and real nice people in the forum. This is the first year I joined Tarot.com forum.

    Basically my resolution for 2010 is to finally walk in the path the universe has pointed out for me, prepare myself for the opportunity in the job field and continue what I have done in 2009 in term of spirituality.

  • This will be the year of focus.

  • I love to write and have written many stories. This is the year that I want to finally get published, and I am working on doing just that. 🙂

  • Good luck everyone!

    Mine: I want to "get back to myself," and find my path. And if all else fails, at least make a plan for the future, for Heaven's sake!!! 😉

  • To forget 2009! Seriously...

  • Ok Ok, I'm going for it this year and even if some of my dreams do not manifest, I will have learned about the PROCESS. The importance of which some of us have a tendency to overlook. Such a goal-oriented culture we live in....

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  • To listen to that inner voice that knows me and what's best for me. Try and avoid anything destructive. Sometimes small things can snowball. It begins with knowing and understanding ourselves. I've been laughing a lot so that's good. There are people who love me (son and family) so that is good. Love is giving of ourselves.

  • admin>>What are your New Year's resolutions in 2010?

    Sandran712>>Mine is losing weight.Facing some health issues.I am a petite person and I should not be as heavy as I am.I love to walk and ride a bike.But, we are in that snow belt that dropped a bomb of 30 inches of snow on top of us.It's gonna be a little while before I can get outside.But, I have an exercise bike in the basement.

  • Hi Admin,

    I am a new user so this post may never be read by the members who have been here longer.I have always made a New Years resolution, I usually forget about it around June. This year I'm making it my business to look at it everyday.

    My Resolution is : To"Return to the class room". I have a strong desire to open a business and I really need a new path. So I as finally going to use some Education Awards I earned by being an AmeriCorp Member. I served 2 years. Now I need to get my mind prepared to put myself first and actually do this for myself . The more I educate myself the better I will be able to provide for the family and even help others.

  • Greetings All! new years, resolution(s), have never, worked well, for me; thanks, heavily, inpart, to, the Tarot, (the card, is the card; what changes, is perspective, placement, etc.) I know, how to correct that, Ibelieve! instead, of focussing, "on what, I'm not going to do, " I am, focussing, on what I am/will, be, doing; also, I have, chosen, for myself, 3(Tarot) cards, to be focus," points" to arrive at, 1) soul/self2) "path(way)3)the "drive/energy source" I, feel, enthused, about, this, challenge! Wishing, All, an Abundant, and Prosperous, New Year! Cat in the Moon

  • Greetings! as, the Holiday Season, rapidly, aproaches, I notice, for some reason, (must be elves.....) the laundry, "seems" to be piling up; the dust, rather thick, and fun, to write names in, among other, domestic strangeness; pondering, these, "oddities", maybe, about 2 minutes, I quickly, realized, "all of that," is, because, I've been, having, so much fun, I've barely noticed, and 2nd, resolution, in the New Year, to continue, accordingly! have your own fun! Cat-in-the-moon

  • My New Years, Resolution, is, that, for the rest, of my life, I will keep, my promises, to Lucy; I love you, Baby! Momma Cat

  • My resolution. To love more than ever before. To laugh as much as possible. Do the best I can in my career and with the people I am surrounded by at work. Let all friends and family and strangers too know that I adore them. Count my blessings every day. Shed a few pounds. Be in nature as much as possible.

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