Out With The old and In With The new-- Ever need Change After A Break-up?

  • moonbeauty... well he came over lastnight and things were going good, until his phone rang and then shortly after that he left. i am tripping on the fact that he was getting mad because someone sent me a text message and i replied. so everytime my phone would ring he would get mad, but at the same time how can you get mad and you stood in my kitchen talking to a female... i am not dumb, men dont leave out of one room to go into another to talk to another man. i am so confused now, but i know in my heart that i need to walk away from this whole situation. i hate second guessing myself like this.

  • I'm confused. Your text was from who? his text was from who? if you fill me in I'll have a better picture.

    As for men--- I work with thousands of them. In my profession there is one female for every 200 males. I am VERY out numbered. However because of this I get to see a side of them that most women don't.

    They keep me on my toes!

  • he recieved a call from a woman, i recieved a text from a friend that lives out of town. he came over lastnight and we had a ball. it felt like it did in the beginning with all the laughing and just talking about life in general. i am even more confused now, but i dont think i am willing to give up just yet.

  • I just broke up with my bf 6 weeks ago. Even though I was the one that broke it off it still hurts. Realtionships are usually over before they are over. I have worked on some internal housekeeping or a internal makeover so I don't repeat this mistake.

    I am not happy being in one sided relationships. Keep in mind this grey winter weather does help keep those "blue" feelings around a little longer.

    I had to come to terms with myself, relax and figure out what did I want, what did I accept and ask myself am I really happy.

    In my relationship I didn't want to put a bandaid on it & I wanted it fixed. And a person can't fix something by themself.

    Time is a great healer!

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