The Journey, Not the End Result

  • What i have seen from doing astrology analyses is that so many people seem to bemoan the ending of relationships or of not finding that one true soulmate or of the hell they were put through etc. But what everyone seems to miss is the fact that they came out of it having learned one or many lessons. What we all need to realise is that we may have many soulmate relationships along the paths of our lives. Soulmates are people who teach us and help us learn about ourselves - one way or the other, through good or bad experiences. And since most of us don't learn from good experiences or good advice, we need to suffer a bit in order to have our eyes opened to what is really going in, both in the world and in ourselves. Each soulmate we have a relationship with pushes us forward (sometimes kicking and screaming) in our spiritual, emotional, and mental evolution.

    Instead of groaning and gnashing our teeth over how we got hurt and how we lost someone whom we thought was the love of our lives or our life support, focus instead on how the affair changed you, If you feel it had a negative impact - maybe it made you more cynical and less trusting - that is down to you, not the other person. Every attitude we have is our choice to have and we can change it in an instant from negative to positive by changing our perspective. Most likely you learned a good lesson - perhaps you learned who/what is NOT right for you, so that you now know who/what it is you really need and want in life, or perhaps the experience simply made you grow up and lose your immature or ignorant ways. What it probably did for you was to give you what you most needed to make great progress along your particular lifepath. After we learn our lesson with one soulmate, we are ready to be handed onto the next teacher for our next lesson, and so on through life just as we teach our own lessons to those we meet.

    Always our focus should be on the journey and what we are learning - not on the end result of achieving a life partner. That is not our ultimate goal in life - becoming the best that we can be and living an authentic life is our true mission.

    So now, at this point where a new year is about to begin, look back at your past experiences. Instead of cursing and reviling the people and situations that hurt you, bless and thank them for what they gave you if you can only see it - the gift of insight into yourself. The biggest gift you can give yourself for 2010 is to forgive and let go of the burdens that you are choosing to carry. Now go forward free of the past, trusting and joyful into the light of a new day. Blessings to you all!

  • This is so true. I wish you the best for 2010 aswell Captain

  • @thecaptain If possible can you do an analysis on a romantic relationship? My DOB january 20, 1975 his may 30 1960. I would really love the insight! Thanks in advance

  • Well said Captain. I agree whole heartedly.

  • Very well put. As we used to say back in the '70's.......Right On, Right On, Right On :-))

    Best of the Best to & for you Captain!

  • I have read a few of your posts on several others. You are very good and so positive!! I can learn alot from you. 😉 I have posted regarding my relationship. - If you please could you give me your insight on me and my situation.

  • Great post! At this time in my life it was just what I needed.

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