A reading for me for the new year...

  • Would anyone be willing to give me a reading for the new year? Things to look forward to, things to watch for, etc... I feel optimistic about the upcoming year. I would like to know if I will be moving into my own place, advancing in my job, new romance?

    but, anything is appreciated!!

    My first name is nikki, I was born on April, 27th,1979.

  • Year for quik desicions. At first, you will feel like your guidence is not there as before but spirit is still watching over as you shift into a self reliance mode and it will be a fast moving busy year for you. You will be forced to make instant conections with your higher self to make rush desicions. You won't have as much time on your hands for over thinking. I see a high energy year--the need to keep moving. This will require an adjustment to how you take care of yourself--now more than ever you need to start all those new healthy habits of selfcare. To get this all together will give you a leap this year if you don't sabotage yourself. Alto the potential for a very good year is there you will have a few bumps in the road--they will be familiar patterns that you can see coming if you are honest with yourself. One will be a relationship--a return of someone or a similiar energy that can zap your power and have you missing your lucky days ahead. I see a job oportunity and the number 8 so I'm thinking 8 months--this will be a stumbled upon oportunity that you hook up with by being somewhere at just the right moment. I also see you wanting education--a class or workshop situation--you discover new passion for something.. Spirit shows me a picture of a butterfly as it first imerges from its chrysalis. What a year for possibility! Things to watch for. Old patterns that hold you back--watch the relationships that consume too much of you. Be energy conceise--this year is a lot about energy--how to manage it--conserve it--temper it. It will be a emotional time at its worse but will help you get stronger as you learn to be quik about enforcing your boundries. I see several love interests coming through but nothing marriage minded and you will be fine with that. Warning--you could find yourself tempted by an old relationship or one just like it--there will be a feeling of compultion but you will be ok if you step back think that one out from a distance and be your own wise mother. Blessings on your New Year--I enjoyed this message---hope you use your bounty to full advantage!

  • WoW!! That's a lot to think about, and how it will all pan out for me!! Thank you so much for the reading, and I hope it is a blessed new year for you as well 🙂

  • Could i have a New Year reading as well please , This has been the worrst year for a long time for me ,everything seems to have gone wrong and I'm hoping 2010 will be better . Love and career reading would be appreciated . Happy New year to you Blmoon.

  • Happy New Year BlMoon

    My name is Illona Jameson and my date of birth is July 12 1961 and I was born at 12:01 am in Manhattan, NY. I was wondering if you could give me a reading for the New Year. 2009 has been a little crazy for me. And I was just wondering will I get the job I want with the company I want and what is going on in my love life. Will it be a better one and will the relationship become a true and honest relationship.

    Thank You so much and all the luck and happiness to you in the New Year 2010

  • Hello again BlMoon

    Illona here again. There is a man that was a friend along time ago and I have found him again. His dob is April 13, he is like 55 and my dob is 07/12/61 what do you see for us. And does he want to see me again.

  • Merry Meet to all who enter here...Can anyone tell me what they see for me this year? Love, romance, work, health? I would also like to know if anyone can give me a little insight on gifts I may possess? I've been told by several that I have gifts but not really saying what they are? My DOB is 07~12~65 born at 4:38 pm In Macoupin County Illinois. Thanks in advance for any advice or insight...

    Blessed Be...

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