Good, Strong Energy Needed, Friends:)

  • Dear Hisbablove:

    Just now saw this post. Please accept my love and warmest of wishes and positive energy I'm sending your way. I hope things work out the way you mean for them to. I know you have a strong circle of friends but if you ever need a shoulder I'd be happy to add mine, it's broad and comfy too. Blessed be...


  • Let us know if things went well. We are hoping for you.

  • She should be back on tomorrow. She was physically exhausted this evening and mentally wiped out. She needed to sleep so she said to tell everyone thank you and she definitely felt the energy. It was an all day ordeal and she should be rested tomorrow. She told me to thank everyone for her. So thank you from her.

  • hisbablove,

    Just seeing the posting, but know that positive energy comes from here to you and the wish that everything has gone just peachy for you today!! You have lots of friends, and you can add one from Pittsburgh, PA.

    Blessings, love and light


  • Hello My Love,

    As you know, I had already left home before you posted this, but I was thinking of you and there with you in spirit, holding your hand for encouragement and support. We will talk soon.


  • came across this on the first day of our new year. your news may not have been too encouraging but leave it back in the old year. you give happiness to others this will return to you & follow you in 2010 ~ wake up, smile, its a new day ~ big hug!

  • Just saw this post. Love you have lots of my light and love energy coming your way sweetheart!

  • Are you a gemini like me. I am looking just to if other gemini feel like me, at time not sure what I should to . Do you have two sides to your personality like I do?.

  • Hello and Happy, Blessed, Beautiful, Prosperous New Year to each and every one of you precious friends!

    I am left speechless and moved to my very soul with the sweet words and thoughts you all took the time to share with me. I can't believe how lucky I am that, in the midst of the madness, so many truly loving people have taken so much of themselves to share with me. You can't know what your friendship and support mean in my life, especially now.

    As much as I want you to know how much I appreciate your friendship, I also want you to know that your acts of kindness have given me a lot more to cherish and believe in in the goodness of people. Even when confronted with enormous egos, some selfishness, injustice, even heartbreak, we find bright lights of humility, compassion, caring, and HOPE. You all did that for me and I will NEVER forget it.

    I wish I could say everything went marvelously, but we ended the day with no resolution so I will have to go through it all again on the 11th of this month, unless something changes that. What I CAN say is that I felt your loving energy, positive thoughts, warm friendship, and incredible support all through the grueling day. I REALLY DID. And it helped keep me firm and strong when I got scared or just plain exhausted. You helped keep me going through it all. You were the only ones there with me. You all did SOOOO much!

    I can't ever tell you what your efforts and generosity mean to me. There just aren't any words at all.

    May every kindness and blessing you are and extend to others be returned to you a million times over.

    Blessings and LOVE

  • Dear Hisbablove:

    I am so happy that you felt all of out warmest thoughts and feelings for you. You deserve them and more. I am sorry that the day wasn't fruitful for you. Perhaps the 11th will prove to be your day. Many blessings and blessed be...


  • Dear Hisbablove and all of you gorgeous people

    It warms my soul to know that this sort of selfless caring and sharing exists on our cyber ways

    Love and warm energy from this Aussie xx

  • hisbablove --- found myself here, again, : > )

    If the date hasn't changed, remember to surround yourself in loving light to maintain your objectives. Be cautious in your dealings and use your head to observe matters. I guess I am trying to say Don't listen with your heart, k ?

    Get rested Sunday. It is a 6 day on the 11th, know this community is with u again.

  • Laie4,

    You brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much. The date hasn't changed. D Day is Monday. I will do my best to remember all you said. One thing I can be sure of; I take the kindness and caring of some the best people on this earth with me and that is a huge comfort. If there is anything, ANYTHING I can do for you, let me please. I would be honored.

  • Hisbablove, I wish for you, only the best

    and hope that you don't forget WHO you are even for a second, Speak your Truth,

    Be true to yourself and no matter how They try to belittle,

    be unaffected, surround yourself with sheath of protection, hold your light, and never for a second forget The Truth Of Who You Are...

    Blessings today and always...

  • Hisbablove, I am sending you positive vibes today, I feel you need them. You will be protected, I feel it. Dont despair, it's never as bad as it seems, and this too will pass. Stay strong and you will get to the hoped outcome. Stay true to yourself. We only receive what we can handle. Please let us know about the outcome.

    I send you love and energy.

  • Hi Hisbablove,

    Still thinking about you and hoping all is well with you. I am back in school, so I am not in here as much as I want to, plus I have a new relationship I am nurturing. Needless to say, you are in my thoughts a lot. Light and love to you, my dear!!

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