Good, Strong Energy Needed, Friends:)

  • Hello to all my soul sisters and the many special people I have met here.

    First, I want to let those of you that are waiting for readings or followups to your readings, I have NOT forgotten any of you, nor will I. You are all on my mind and in my heart. No way could I or would turn my back on you.

    However, I do need to ask you all for your good thoughts, energy, and support for me tomorrow. I have a very important appointment scheduled first thing in the morning and I'm very nervous...okay...rather terrified if I'm going to be honest:) It isn't health, job, or boyfriend related, but it IS extremely important and it really has to go well or I just don't know what I'll do. I'm not intentionally being vague, but this IS a public forum...I also don't want anyone that is, might, or HAS asked anything of me to feel guilty or just stop, both of which would bother me more than you can imagine.

    I'm not a fainthearted or weak minded girl, but some things can just knock you over and this would rank pretty high on my list if it doesn't end well.

    So, I am going to bother you all and depend on the many friends I have here to prop me a bit. My knees seem to have gone a bit weak:)

    Thank you all so much for all the wonderful, warm, happy, profound times I've had, and look forward to having here. If I didn't know and feel the great depths of caring in this place, I wouldn't have come this far. Nor would I be so confident that, with your help, I will be more than okay.

    Blessings and Light to ALL of you

  • Hey there SoulSister and bullhorned drunkards,

    I've run out of profundities at present,

    however, my wishes for the best possible outcome and warm hugs are with you:-)

    I'll set my alarm for 3am Melbourne time, should be about 8am your time to send you an extra dose of positive energy.


  • & that's not a swear word at the end either, it was meant to be 3 exes!!! 🙂

  • I will be thinking of you hisbablove and sending positive vibes your way that everything will turn out perfectly.

  • Carry your stones in your pocket in the morning. Don't forget them. I am with you cause I know we ar both fine tuned. What ever we end up with we are good to go. Much love, Peace

  • Oh my goodness...sniff,sniff...thank you all so much. I can't put into words what you three generous soul sisters of mine just did for me.

    Witchwoman, you stay in bed! Don't you drag yourself awake for any reason. You have sent your energy and then some. Now you rest:)

    Stonyeye, You really are one of the sweetest souls I have ever come across. I appreciate and admire that goodness in you and thank you for sending some of it my way.

    MamaLibra, I'm not going to cry...well, okay...I'll stop in a second when I get disgusted with myself:) You are always with me. Even when we aren't on the phone until all batteries die:) I know you're there and I know you will be. Not just tomorrow. I always have stones in my "natural" pocket (you know, in between those things people want to know are real or not:)) Tomorrow, I'll be holding on to them pretty tightly.

    I'll also be holding on to the knowledge that my soul sisters, the wonderful women who have overcome so much, helped me grow so much, that I respect and admire, in whom I have endless faith are helping me do battle, and win.

    Thank you. With all my heart.

  • I forgot to say...isn't it something that when it comes to US the bullhorned drunkards seem to fall over in a silent stupor?! You'd think now would be as good a time as any for them to start yabbering. Ornery beasts!

  • LOL

  • Think it's one of those moments girls -

    (((((((((((((((((((((GROUP HUG))))))))))))))))))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi hisbablove,

    I'm sending tons of positive energy your way.

  • Oh Manifestdreams...I'm so very, VERY touched you took the time to post that. You know what I think of you and your boundless caring. I'm choked up even replying and know that I can never adequately express or my gratitude or the impact you had on my life, Nor can I repay you, Not ever.

    You are ALWAYS in my thoughts, for all your heart's desires. In every post I respond to, you and the kindness you showed me, are in my mind. And here you are again. Thank you. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

  • Oh yes, Witchwoman! Totally one of those moments, much as MamaLibra will swat at us:)

    (((((((((((((((((((((BIG HUGEGROUP HUG))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Okay - here is what I will do. I have a circle of rocks in my backyard - sort of a miniature Stonehenge - about 7-8 feet in diameter/ 2 -3 feet high. I will take some blue candles out and light them. Its overcast, so you can't really see the almost full moon. Hopefully it will take 8 hours to burn down. (You are on the west coast right?)

  • Yes I am. But please don't run yourself around like that!! You are SO sweet and kind. Just the thought means the world. And I haven't forgotten your reading, either. I need to settle down a bit and I'll be right there for you, reading and nagging, like I'm meant to be.


  • Dear Hisbablove

    We'll all be thinking of you....strength, healing, light and love to you.


  • I have a feeling that whatever happens the outcome will be good! Best wishes in the new year!

  • Remember what I have told you. When something seems like a really bad thing at the time, good always come. You are surrounded with light and love.

  • hisbablove. You have helped me in the past ,and I thank you for that . I will light a candle for you tonight and you will be in my prayers. All my best wishes go to you . llindieloo.

  • Dear Hisbablove,

    Mamalibra's right on there. This mustn't seem like one of your more blessed experiences right now, but there must be a higher purpose for you having to endure the inferno's flames. There must be something wonderful instore for you to have to endure this tornado. Even if it's not immediately apparentX

    Sending roses and rainbows over the PacificX

  • Just saw your post! Hope all is well - sending you love and light (It's 9:30 p.m. here on New Year's Eve - having a glass of champagne!)

    Best wishes, blessings and light that all went well!


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