How to please my cancerian partner



    Sandran712>>I am a Cancer for life too.And it still drives a person crazy if you talk to the same person everyday.It just is not possible to talk to someone everyday..Unless you are young and do not have much of a life.

  • thanks junemoon , i will try to be patient and keep my fingers crossed. mine year of birth is 81 and hers probably 85, i m not sure

  • hi sandran12!! i m in love with her and i will stand by herself forever. but she at present is in looking someone else i presume. i wonder hw my chances are


    If u r pissed off with someone, say with the guy with whom u would like to talk every fortnightly. will u be the FIRST to resume communication or U will wait for him to INITIATE. if the latter can u justify ur stand, inspite of knowing that it was u who had abruptly discontinued to talk.

    And if the former hw long an average cancer female takes to come out of her shell and says SORRY.

  • if i like him i would continue to TALK.,but he would have to call me first. if i dont like him AS much as he likes me i probably would avoid talking to him and if he continued to call me i would just tell him that im not interested ESPECIALLY IF MY INTEREST WERE ELSEWHERE. NOW WITH THAT SAID: I WOULD TELL THE GUY THAT WE COULD BE FRIENDS AND IF HE WAS STILL BEING PERSISTANT ON BEING MORE THAN MY FRIEND I WOULD AVOID HIM ALL TOGETHER.

  • You're welcome, mascara. According to the years you gave me, you are practical in most areas of life, but in love, you dream about someone perfect. You have high standards but work hard to meet other's standards as well. Your Cancer is like you in the sense that she too values practicality and hard work. While her Cancer side suggests she is romantic, her birth year implies that she shies away from those who come on too strong. If you can show her your secure side, that you are confident in yourself, and still manage to make her smile, you have a good chance at winning her over. She has a serious side but secretly enjoys people with a sense of humor (just don't tease her too much--she won't take it well!). Be patient. Together, the two of you could form a well-balanced relationship. Good luck!

    (Also, in response to another comment, if a Cancer feels she is truly in the right even if you give countless evidence she isn't, she STILL probably won't apologize! If you wish to resolve things, sometimes just apologize to her and try to let it go. 🙂



  • mascara>>i think she is backing off since i sent her too many romantic messages.

    also i think she is in love with someone else. HOw to win her back?

    Sandran712>>First you need to stop using the romantic messages.I am sure if she feels the same way she will tell you.But, sometimes a Cancer gets scared when they hear the miss you/love you..Then we panic and run..hide out and avoid you.Give her time to herself.And when you come in contact with her again..gradually just talk about things not involving your feelings.You do not know there is anyone else..sometimes a Cancer will tell you there is someone else because we are just not sure about our feelings for you.Or to be alone we would lie and say there is someone else.I've done this alot of times.It's one of those game playing tactics when we are not sure what to do with ourselves.It's true when we are not interested we will tell you.and if we show no feelings toward you basically means we do not feel anything for you.You can't push or make a person like you..I have read that Capricorn and Cancer are supposed to be compatible.But, I have a Capricorn male friend.He seen me 1 time and never came back.So I figured he is a player.Since you are trying to pursue your Cancer I probably figured I got an A hole for a Capricorn friend...LOL

  • thanks to all of u.

  • i owe u Junemoon!! i hv apologized umpteen times to her. i don't know why i m holding back this time? perhaps i want her to initiate. EGO problem i suppose. sometimes i feel i care a damn for her and the next moment i desire for her. i m confused. i also fear that she may again behave the same way in future. AIN'T SHE TAKING ME FOR GRANTED? i hv never behaved unruly to any of my friends be they belong to my inner circle or distant ones. Plz correct me if i m wrong i personally opine that cancerians are very insecure and weak. instead of tackling a situation they take the escapist route

  • masacara-cancerians don't seem to like confrontation. i don't know if that makes them weak and insecure.

    Sandara"This is why a Cancer has problems with relationships.We spend too much time away.If we get hurt ..we do not tell the person who hurt us in a reasonable time period."

    True, my cancer guy told me 13 years later that I had hurt him. I was in Brazil 10 years ago and called him, he could have told me then..I had totally forgotten about the episode and thought "wtf is this guy talking about 13 years later as if it were just a few weeks ago!"

  • luazinha>>wtf is this guy talking about 13 years later as if it were just a few weeks ago!"

    Sandran712>>Yep! that is a Cancer..And after we come back years later.People freak out just like you did WTF???lol

  • What you see in the beginning of a relationship is what you GET. So as yourself: do you want to spend your life with what sounds like a high-maintenance person? She most likely will not get any easier. I would send her ONE last clear message, stating exactly how you feel. Then leave it to her.

  • ienvan>>What you see in the beginning of a relationship is what you GET.

    Sandran712>>I disagree.It takes time with a Cancer..We do not lay everything out there at first.We move slower than other signs.Now..I will tell guys up front what I want because I don't like to make a guy drag it on and on like a bad toothache.Even tho some guys are a bigger pain in the azz than a toothache...LOL

  • Hey, mascara! You're welcome. I'll admit some Cancerians are very insecure, and a few just want acceptance in relationships and once the other person accepts them, they move on. Ironically, some Cancers hang on in relationships where they are being hurt or abused. So acknowledge that this is not your fault, and know she will come around if/when she's ready. If she ends up in another relationship, she will regret missing out on your loyalty and kindness. Also, I read in that in some Cancer/Capricorn relationships that they will "annoy each other when they are together and miss each other dearly when they are apart." And I've found this is true much of the time.

  • Hi Mascara. I'm a Cancer with Cap Rising/Moon. I think I understand both signs fairly well.

    Your first post is very telling in that you mention you are trying to regain her trust. So, you did something that fubared the relationship. One thing that is very important to Cancers is honesty and trust. It really depends on what you did as to whether you will be able to regain her trust. If there was the slightest hint that you were interested in another women or just lied to her, that is a huge blow to a Cancer. The fact that you immediately assume she must be interested in someone else is also a tell of a guilty conscious since we immediately blame others for our own transgressions. Cancers, like Capricorns, usually keep their deep emotions buried. Unlike Caps, we have shells and will retreat inside and it is VERY hard to coax us back out. And if we feel someone has broken our trust it is very difficult to win it back. If this is the case give her space. Sending her romantic texts is slapping her in the face. Cancers are VERY romantic and dreamy about love. When we perceive a hurt it cuts us to the core.

    Now, if you didn't do anything wrong, forgive me for implying you did. Cancers do jump to conclusions. You need to take a good look at the relationship and what is in it for you. If you need someone calling you everyday and constantly texting and she's not going to do it, move on...she isn't the woman for you. You didn't mention if this was a long distance relationship or if you are in the same town. You didn't mention dating or how serious this relationship is. Or, if in her mind you are just friends. Cancers take their friendships very seriously, but yes, we do need lots of alone time. We don't like crowds or feeling crowded. If you can't deal with that, then she isn't the woman for you.

    Have the two of you ever had a discussion regarding the type of relationship you want to have and what your expectations would be of it and each other? It may be too late to do so in this case, but it is very important to have that discussion in future relationships instead of trying to figure out what is going on because you aren't talking with each other. Communication is key as is honesty. Cancers don't like to share their feelings and neither do Caps but if you want to have a relationship you need to.

    Evaluate what each of you bring to the relationship and what you are getting from it. It needs to balance out for both of you. If you are the one doing all the compromising and chasing and you are tired of it, then stop doing it. If she isn't meeting you half way now, she never will.

    If you still want her in your life and you both had agreed you were friends then go slow and just be friends. Cancers love having friends. That is the way to prove to her that maybe she misinterpreted your actions or whatever caused her to mistrust you. Cancers pay attention to actions and not words. If you say you love her, show her by being loyal to her, not by chatting up other women in front of her....or whatever it was. Sorry falls deaf on Cancers' ears...especially for repeated behaviors. Sorry means you will never do it again not sorry you caught me this time and I will continue to do it more subtly next time. Cancer can forgive if you never do it again.

  • JuneMoon26>>Cancer/Capricorn relationships that they will "annoy each other when they are together and miss each other dearly when they are apart." And I've found this is true much of the time.

    Sandran712>>I want to annoy my old Cappy boyfriend sooo bad and then maybe he will miss me...LOL

  • hi lilcancer, thanks for the concern. i appreciate ur in detail analysis and views on my case.

    now i am pretty much normal. i think we will better be friends. she dosen't talks to me but replies to my text. it means she does not wants voice chat for the time being & for her i m like anyother friend. i too have decided to move on but i cannot just forget her.

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