Need a reading and willing to return the favor

  • I am a bit rusty with my deck but will do my best to return the favor if someone could pls give me a reading.

    BD: 10-22-76

  • Dear Isis, it is ok to try for me. I, myself born 2-22-59.....

    I feel in your reading that there is a big desire to move on, to feel lighter but previously you have to deal with a past issue and something has to be said in the home place. May be some thing pressures you and your decision actually is not yet done, may be you don't want to hurt anyone and don't know how to deal with some agressivity. Your pace will be slowed even if it is going to to change you will be confronted once again to resolve. You need as well more education or advise to deal with this issue. I don't think you can do it all by your self at the moment. You will be free at the end but need first to take responsability. If you have to sign something watch out has it will be shorting your freedom by the future, wait and study....

    This is a first sight. You are welcome to read me back. All the best and happy new year.

    Ps: Don't worry to much as you are protected in your choice but study it seriously.....

  • This is what I kind of expected. Things changed a couple of years ago and it's been a constant struggle ever since in the home place and am always on the fence about what direction I want to take or how I want to handle the situation.

    Your reading showed a current spirit of generosity or charity. That both in present and past you have been open and giving in a circumstance. Something changes for you and makes you a bit more wary and you will need to determine how to come to grips with that new wariness in order to reach the height of your success. That whatever it is causing it is there to open your eyes to a new path, but don't completely shut the doors of the past. Remember the good times and don't dwell on the bad or it can close important doors.

  • I would like to know if you could do a reading for me for 2010. My birthday is july 12 1961 and I thank you so much.


  • I woulden't mind beingg a guine pig . Love / general reading please . January 31st 1953 . thank you .

  • Excuse the spelling , Guinnea Pig very tired long day at work .

  • Thank you Isis. It is helpfull and clear. Hope I did help in some ways. Happy new year. XXXXS

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