Hisbablove and friends - check this out! WitchWoman

  • Hisbablove, stonyeye, emereaux, turtledust, and everyone that has been following my post re: Shane, the one I couldn't forget -

    I went down to the supermarket before and you will never guess who I ran into...


    I was feeling ten feet tall after spending all day reading your replies......

    And there he was! I haven't laid eyes on him since March, and I thought I was seeing things when I looked up and saw SHANE at the service desk. Perfect timing, as I was leaving the store.

    I marched up, BEAMING, fully empowered after my friends here had 'sorted' me,

    said hello bold as brass, he was very sheepish and not sure what to do. I made small talk, revelling in my new found strength, and I must admit, delighting in his awkwardness.

    Not very spiritual. I know.............

    However, I'm sure you are pleased that this had happened for me.

    I wasn't anything but strong. It was FANTASTIC to know he no longer holds any power over me.

    He scuttled off, and I left a few minutes later and low & behold, I was behind him leaving the car park. As we drove down the road, traffic conditions became so, that he was stuck behind me. As soon as he could, he overtook me & I gave him 2 beeps as I turned off!!!

    Before my discussion here with you all, I would have fallen to pieces, & there is no way I would have been so bold.

    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for encouragement, wisdom and support.

    This was just the cherry on the cake to complete this chapter in my life, and forge ahead empowered.

    Wishing you all wonderful experiences, much joy and happiness,


  • Hey WitchWoman,

    Kudos, way to go! I know exactly how it feels when one is able to stand up for oneself after having gone through that kind of pain and turmoil. After my divorce and especially after the demise of the second relationship, for years I couldn't handle coming across those two men. I would just kind of fold over, go to pieces if ever I chanced upon the guy. It was so bad that I finally decided to relocate to a metropolis where the anonymity of my existence helped me put back my life together again. Even then, on visits home, I had to consciously avoid all places and people where there was a possibility of meeting this guy. In doing so, I cut out, cut off many well meaning friends and family; so much so that I completely isolated myself from any social interaction. But though I felt terrible in my alone-ness, it served the purpose. And by concentrating on my work for the disadvantaged, and proactively seeking an inner life i was able to put the fragments back together again. Only in the past two years have I been able to move on and though the cracks show today, I guess I am a better stronger woman today.

    It is amazing what the support and compassion of friends, guides and well wishers can help us manifest. That is why I couldnt stop myself from posting my thoughts on your discussion and threads, having experienced every ounce of that trauma that you have faced.

    May love and abundance light up your life this festive season. God bless !

  • Hi Witchwoman,

    That is fantastic news! Good on you, for showing him that you are WAY out of his league. He was kidding if he ever thought he could really have a woman like you. You deserve so much more and now knowing you do, it won't be long before you attract the right relationship into your life. Keep it up and every day remind yourself of the wondeful person you are and how ANY man would be LUCKY to have you in his life.



  • Yes!!!! That is the BEST feeling! You faced him again with strength, dignity and with you head high and confident! The universe, in it's funny ways, judged you were ready and arranged for you to accidentally run in to Shane so you could get some closure and move on to better things. Yay! This made my morning. 🙂

  • WOW!!! I am so excited and amazed! I was going to say exactly what Stonyeye said! It was the first thought in my head when I read that you saw him on your other thread:)

    This was ABSOLUTELY the universe putting the exclamation mark on your transformation and your freedom from that albatross that's been around your neck for so long! It was for YOU to see and be SURE that you were not only over that bum, but that YOU ARE NOW A TOTALLY NEW WOMAN!!! What a wonderful gift you were given! To be able to stand up and see for yourself, to be KNOW without a doubt that you have come through the storm and are all the better for it...what a tremendous gift, what an affirmation the universe has given you!

    I'm so happy for you!

  • Springof68, Wenchie, Stonyeye, Hisbablove and friends,

    I'm so fortunate to have not only found (or be led to) this forum, but to have found you all here to support me and be blessed with such GOOD WOMEN to hang with:-). I would have been a blubbering mess last night if I hadn't spent all day reading the wonderful, supportive replies. Or perhaps the Universe wouldn't have thrown him in my path.

    I really did want to put him and the hurt behind me before the new year, and although I feel myself slipping back into the old pattern, I'm able to be objective now and understand this is a habit I have developed over the year. It's also great to know that I can re-read these posts to reaffirm that I am indeed on the other side of this.

    Thanks guys,

    If I don't hear from you all before then, have a wonderful, safe NY Eve


  • Congratulations! You passed a difficult test with flying colors!

    Blessings and Light and a Happy New Year to you too!

  • Well now! You keep that up and I might get a swelled head, Witchwoman!

    Happy New Year and ALL the BRIGHTEST, most WONDERFUL Blessings to all of you brilliant women!!

  • That is just so cool. Now what you have to do is to never EVER backpeddle. ( I was kind of hoping that you were going to say you saw him slink off and pick up a couple of kids from a daycare because that would really prove what a jerk he is.) If I had one evolutionary wish for mankind it would be that these sorts of people would genetically be unable to reproduce.

  • Dear WitchWoman,

    I've read your story and am so happy for you! I don't know you and everything - but this thread made me proud of you and I have to say this empowered feeling you shared with us is catchy :))

    I wish that there would be more posts like this in this forum - energetic, empowered and sparkling bubbling happiness (I guess I'm already thinking about the midnight glass of champagne)!

    Thank you for sharing and have a great New Year!

    with love

  • Turtledust,

    VERY cood indeed! So, thanks for your encouragement. As I said just before, my mind is still straining to go there, but I think it's just a habit that will take some retraining to shift.


    Glad to have been able to share my tale of "woe" to "you go girl" and for you to benefit from all the cool chicks here too!:-)

    Incase you didn' t read the first bit, look at "can't forget him" I posted just a couple of days ago to fully benefit from the advice I got, but also to see how quickly things turned around, once I put it out there. I'm still catching my breath and marvelling over how I've been linked with these amazing women and how blessed I am to receive all of the good will and supportive insight here. I'm in Australia - most of these goddesses are in the States I think, apart from Wenchie & Cris that I'm aware of. We would have meet no other way I'm sure!

    Warmest wishes everyone, be safe & happyXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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