Use the power of Prayer

  • It has been brought to my attention, the hightened sense of hate because of Barak being elected. It was posts of the power of prayer, with everyone on that Monday and Tuesday to pray how they pray that got him to win, and I would like to see all of us do it again, only this time, to stop this agressive hate. What do all of you say? Lets use the power of prayer to atleast nutralize this negativity.

  • I agree - the power of prayer can create miracles -

  • Not to be rude, but perhaps people should take the time they spend praying and get out there to help educate people?

    Prayer is great, but nothing is going to get done unless it's coupled with positive, affirmative action. See if there's any groups near you that try to help stop discrimination, make up little cards that have some sort of positive, anti-discrimination message on them and post them where you can... leave them on cars... in bathrooms...

    And then when you get back from a long day of doing such things, pray to the powers that be that your actions might reach at least one person.

    THAT is what I call creating a miracle. 🙂

    But as they say, do as you will.

  • might I suggest you copy and follow this link. It is something my mom and I are trying to get off the ground, but still no luck, as it always is with me. It would do just that fire. . That is my moms profile, and our plan and proposal.

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