Spidier in Snow?

  • Hi Everyone I would like to get your ideas on a perplexing dream i had. I was driving in the dark and I saw in the headlights a big brown terancela like spider crawling up on a chunk of snow. Any thoughts?

    Love and Light to you all

  • Dear Autumnwind:

    Happy New Year!! First, I would like to know a bit more about you and your thoughts about spiders and snow and the dark. You may already have the answers, we might just need to do a little digging, thats all.

    Blessed be...


  • It's a good sign you were driving as it puts you in control. Snow, ice and spiders are warnings usually OR a direct response to a movie or something read or something directly heard in your waking hours. OR if you are intuitive you could of picked it up that day from someone you bumped into. When a dream really haunts it's usual a direct message for you. I sense that you do suspect what it means. That's why it's important to remember you are at the wheel so you can drive past this. Ice and snow often are symbols for some kind of improprioty--keep your character in check or watch closly for someone crossing your path who can't be trusted. You may get tempted--drive on by.

  • heres my interpertation:the snow could have been a good or bad omen depending on how you felt,were you comfortable driving in the snow?if you were it was a good omen,if you felt cold and restless maybe your in for some rough times or its a sign that your pushing yourself too hard. now spiders are predatory creatures so to me dreaming about any predatory creature is a warning against so-called friends,deciet,scams,extortion or any other kind of malice towards you,stay on guard!

  • Wow Blmoon,

    As thorough as ever! I am glad you got the answers you were seeking Autumnwind. I am a bit slower as it helps me be a bit more accurate, but Blmoon is far more experienced at this. Many blessings on you both for 2010!

    Blessed be...


  • Thanks All I did figure it out it was a message that told me I would start Lucid Dreaming I have and it is great!

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