For Leoscorpion.....And anyone else who can help.

  • Hi!! I've been doing some research, as you already know...and I've come to some great understandings.....some not. Some I have to read over and over again to grasp it, I know this will take some time, I found a good e-book on developing abilities and it states many, many times that you cannot rush it.

    I do have a few questions though. First off, I'd like to say, that I have read numerous times now that you are correct about everyone having psychic insight, yet some just never develop. From what I gather, it's a natural human aspect, as much as the five senses. But most do not see beyond the five senses. Either denying them or it's just not as strong. I've only made it to the second lesson, but so far what it said was basically the fact that I was there reading it meant something and I quote this....

    "It's more of a feeling than a sound, yet it is something somewhere in-between, an echo. It is through these pages and my teachings that I send out my silent echo. I visualize Empaths like whales and dolphins around the oceans of the world. We have a level of communication available to us that is not limited by time and space. I send my silent echo to all who can hear and all who will come"

    I did feel that....for this site. To be truthful, I have been receiving horoscopes from this site for years, but only just recently signed up and started with these forums. It was like a pull. Not sure.

    Anyways, from what I gather as well, is the difference is....(forgive me for the wording) But we can take something that is broken and see it as a whole. Can see an entire story, where as everyone else just sees the piece of the story. This also makes a lot of sense. I have so much more work to do..

    I do understand that it's a little voice beyond the chatter. Basically the unconscious voice.

    I do have a few questions and would appreciate your take on this, but I have seen a few videos and read a few things on seeing auras. Now, they all say anyone can see them. All of them so far tell you to unfocus your eyes and pay attention to the fuzzy , unfocused light around a person. Now, all I see are the colours of whatever that person is wearing. They do say it takes some time, but by common sense, When you unfocus your eyes, of course you see a blur. I see it in every object, which I find weird, even though they say everything has aura. That every object has an aura. I am asking, what is your take on this? I thought I only seen it once, in a video of a black man holding up his hands. I thought I seen blue. But it was a small area and it was quick. What do you think? So far...everything I see matched the same colour as what it is.

    Another is I have tried your meditation method and have looked a bit deeper into that. I need a pillow. Boy, it is VERY hard to turn off the mind chatter. I think I only made it to 10 once successfully. I have read that when you become more advanced you slowly become one with your breath and everything else, you don't need to count any longer. Like...the next time will be 1 for the inhale and exhale.....but it also said not to rush it, or you are defeating the purpose. This is a question I have for you. How often would you recommend doing this? Just when I feel the need? Can one do it too often, or too little?

    Next...and this one is really bothering me. Ever since a small chick I have been afraid of quiet. I have been afraid of darkness alone. I sleep with the TV on so I don't so much pay attention to my thoughts. Even as a child when I didn't have a TV, I would keep the radio on otherwise I couldn't relax. I would lay there stiff as a board afraid of everything around me. I would just pray for sleep. Now......during this meditation, I starting feeling very nervous. I didn't turn out the light, and i did stare at the floor, but I don't understand what it is about this meditative state that is making me so nervous. When I was finished, I was very jumpy. My heart was racing and it was almost like I was afraid of something that wasn't there. What is your take on this?

    I'm not going to give up, because I believe this is what I need to be doing, but....why could that be happening? What made me frightening instead of relaxed?

    Thank you...I hope you are well!


  • haha at the last paragraph. "small chick" I've grown up to be a big ole Hen......haha

    I meant CHILD.....yeesh!

  • "I do understand that it's a little voice beyond the chatter. Basically the unconscious voice.

    You are getting there.

    "That every object has an aura.

    Only the living ones. Plants, people, animals etc. If you see an aura around a non living object, then someone or something is holding this object, whether you can or can not see the holder.

    "How often would you recommend doing this? Just when I feel the need? Can one do it too often, or too little?"

    The connection between you and your psyche is very personal. Only you know how many, how long is required. A pillow? I sit on the same pillow I put my head on 🙂 if it feels yucky to you, then go with any thin cushion you can find. Or as you become advanced, you may choose not to use it at all. As a start, I would recommend 10 mins twice a week. If you want to do more, go ahead. I can't imagine doing less than that, but then again, the connection between you and your psyche is very personal. How you want to build it, is entirely your personal decision. There is no pressure and no rush. Starting anything is never easy. Take the time and keep trying.

    I will put a short tips about turning off mind chatter next post.

    "I have been afraid of quiet. I have been afraid of darkness alone."

    Either you have a phobia, or it is psychological. It comes from the mind, not the psyche. This is why, when you meditate, your fear increases. The mind knows what you are trying to do and it refuses to be turned off. The short tips below will show you how.

  • Don't turn mind chatter off with force. The mind knows you want to turn it off, so it retaliates. In your case, your fear will escalate and manifests in all kinds of physical symptoms such sweating, maybe even crying out of fear. It may even go further, your sleep will be disturbed. Nobody wants to be 'turned off', especially the mind.

    Turn inward and watch your thoughts like a gallery of pictures with no sound. Imagine a door behind you. Little by little, step back, calmly until you reach the door. Open the door, also calmly, and close it behind you. The mind will try to pull you away from this door, but by practice, you will be able to do this without provoking the mind and it may even 'mind' its own business. It is behind this door, that you can connect with your guidance. Do not rush the process, you will be hurt. Try to get closer to the door each time, one day, you will get behind it.

    Be gentle, even to the mind chatter. Your mind is not wrong or evil by always chatting things to you. There is no rivalry between the mind and the psyche. Only because you have never paid much attention to the psyche before, that the mind always gets to step up. Imagine you have 2 friends A and B. If you always listen to A and ignore B, you will form very close bond to A. One day you realize you have forgotten about B, so you reach out to B. A will retaliate, maybe subtle, maybe violent, because it fears you will leave him for B. If you use force, A will be hurt. This is why, be gentle. Always, even to your mind. As long as you live in the physical world, you do need the logical mind. So be gentle.

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