Can someone do a reading for me?

  • hanswolfgang can you do a reading for me please i'm in dire need and i trust your intuition...i'm lost and confused....

  • thank you Hanswolfgang for this insite when you wrote:


    your b-day is 12/5/77:

    You can expect a smoothing out of affairs in the realms of work and health. However, if you have had bad or negative habits in these areas or if your lifestyle has included any activities which have intentionally or inadvertently hurt others, you may have to settle your accounts. Whatever happens, see that as a guidepost to make corrections in your path.

    This will cause a settling of all affairs and at the same time bring some much needed peace into your life. If, during that time, you take some time to tune in to your deepest thoughts and feelings, you may become aware of a special message for you that comes from inside. This message may lead you to perform a special mission in your life, one that uplifts others in some important way.

    Will the man that you love dearly ever love you again? Yes.

    What is going on here? Follow your energy, make a journey to where you want to be.

    Never accumulate the past; die every moment to the past. Be born anew every moment."


    So you really do see he will love me again? What can I do to let this occur?

    I know the man I love is my soul mate and I don't want to lose him or mess this up more than I have already. I really hope my life smooths out. He is pushing me away lately saying he wants to just be friends. Why? What can I do to get him back to want to be 'more than friends'?

    We were planning on embarking on a road trip together in one month but strangely today he says otherwise.. I want to go with him. And reestablish the love. Will this beautiful trip of reconciliation and love occur after all?

    Thanks, 🙂

  • briceb

    a reading for you and your astranged wife: Simple conduct, progress without blame. Treading a smooth, level course with perseverance and caution and circumspection lead ultimately to good fortune. Desires lead to illusions.

    But you don’t know how to retire: you go on earning the bread in your dreams also. You lie down and you plan for tomorrow, and nobody knows whether the tomorrow is going to come or not. In fact it never comes. It is always today.

  • brick1

    why would this be?? because you are in harmony with the world.

    Clarity, then life becomes poetry. But then you have to look at the flower without naming it -- is it a rose or something else?

  • Thank you Darkness_angel,

    Kowalski and his wife are celebrating their thirty-first wedding anniversary. As a surprise he comes home with a little monkey.

    "What's that?" asks his wife.

    "It's a monkey," replies Kowalski. "What did you think it was? This is my anniversary present to you."

    "You are crazy!" she cries. "What are we gonna do with a monkey?"

    "Well," says Kowalski, "he's gonna eat with us, he's gonna sleep with us..."

    "Sleep with us?" shouts Mrs. Kowalski. "What about the smell?"

    "Listen," says Kowalski, "after twenty-five years, if I could get used to it, so will the monkey."

  • Hi chris777,

    the spiritual urge is very similar to the sexual urge. One comes to a maturity, a spiritual maturity, something has ripened within you, and then the search starts. Nobody can enforce it. But all the religions have tried to enforce it, and they have killed the very possibility of the urge.

  • ajahny

    a reading for you: discriminate between high and low, and thereby fortify your thinking. You will have success, if you are so cautious as if treading upon the tail of a tiger.

    Be not closed; be open to experience.

    Before they experience anything people already take prejudices about it. They don’t want to experiment, they don’t want to explore. This is sheer stupidity.

  • SedonaSarah

    So I really do see he will love you again? No.

    What can you do to let this occur? Even if you get sea-sick, do all these up and downs.

    He wants to just be friends. Why? Because world has disappointed him. There is no personal strenght, he just survives.

    What can you do to get him back to want to be 'more than friends'? Be against being unnatural. Create playful energy loving the course of things without clinging. Do not block yourself with poisons you receive from others.

    Will this beautiful trip of reconciliation and love occur after all? Yes.

    Start with bliss. The blissful person is contented. And one who is not blissful, his contentment is bogus. So start by being blissful.

  • Hanswolfgang,

    Okay, I just know that there's a lesson there that ties everything together, but I'm too busy laughing at the joke right now. Omg, that was cute! Thank you for the laughter, it was good!

    Love and Light! 🙂

  • Hi Hans,

    What do I see for you and T in the future? Temperance, each one finding his/her harmony in him/herself.

    is this the end??? No.

    So temperance means not depending on each other. not having a union or relationship. and this is happening right now.

    but this is not the end either.

    So what more is gone happened between us?? what more to expect from him?

    thank you so much,


  • Reading Plz Times Are Hard

  • Thank you Darkness_angel

    there is no cause-and-effect relationship between remembering who one is and making exercises and disciplines. And this needs to be understood clearly.

  • Hi brick1

    So what more is gone happened between us?? The desire for a family.

    what more to expect from him? Not too much. Be contented with what you get from him.

    Paddy fell two stories from a building scaffold.

    "Did the fall hurt you?" asked his friend.

    Paddy felt his aching bones, "It was not the fall that hurt me," he said, "it was the sudden stop."

    So there is no fear in falling in love -- just don´t stop suddenly, go on falling!

  • sammysocutehuh91

    Reading Plz Times Are Hard:

    You gradually draw near the goal.

    The young son is in danger.

    There is talk. No blame.

    The man goes forth and does not return.

    The woman carries a child but does not bring it forth.


    It furthers you to fight off robbers.

    Good fortune.

    Ignorance does not mean that one does not know. Ignorance means, one knows only the play. Knowing as such is there. Even if one knows that he does not know, then too the knowing is there. So the knowing is in all of us. So, ignorance does not mean not knowing. The most ignorant of all also knows some things. The meaning of ignorance is to know only half.

  • Thank You Hans for your unconditional help,

    You are lovable,


  • I can observe more detachedly. I am just a witness. And because I have no vested interest, my vision is going to be more clear.

  • Im Sorry Im Trying To Understand But Its Really Not Clicking Together Please Explain More If U Can

  • Thank you once again, Hanswolfgang. As far as "one who is", does that refer to my Higher Power, or to myself?

    Love and Light! 🙂

  • sammysocutehuh91

    Please Explain More If U Can: Collect yourself and your money.

    The facticity of a thing is not that important; what is important is its poetic aspect, its poetry.

  • Thank you Darkness_angel

    As far as "one who is", that does refer to yourself.

    You will have to arrange a silent communion, which will help in two ways: those who cannot understand silence will drop out. That will be good. That will be a good weeding; otherwise they will go on clinging around you because of the words, because their intellect feels satisfied. And you are not here to satisfy their intellect and your intellect. Your purpose is far, far depper, of a different dimension.

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