Can someone do a reading for me?

  • hanswolfgang,

    i have just recently moved, and there has been some talk at my work about me changing positions. i felt like me moving had been on the herizon for a couple months and i feel like its time that i tryed to move up in the corperate ladder. my relationship has been the one thing that i can't get clear feelings on... how do i open up in all the dimensions?

  • Darkness_angel

    During his sojourn at a village, a fakir was approached by its people who asked: "Will you not come to our temple, and tell us whether God is or is not?"

    The fakir replied: "God? What has that got to do with you? Go, do your work. No one has anything to do with God. If it were so, this world would be a different place altogether Then this world would not be so ugly, so vile, so arrogant. If we had any purpose with God, we would have made a different world altogether. No, we have no interest in this direction, nor do those who sit in temples.

    The priests, the sadhus, crowds of sannyasins and gurus that have gathered together in His name, not even they have any interest in God; nor those that offer flowers and break coconuts on the temple walls. If God meant anything to us, this would have been a different place altogether. Go do your work; what business have you with God? Do not waste your time."

    But the people would not leave him: "Today is a holiday, please do come."

    Said the fakir: "So that is it: Now I understand. Because today is a holiday, you have time to spare for God. Man cannot sit without work, so when he has nothing to do, he thinks of God, and he tells his beads. So today is a holiday? Alright I shall come. But what will I tell you about God? For nothing could ever be said about God up to now. Those who said, made a mistake. Those who know, remained silent. I would be foolish if I said anything, for that will prove that I do not know. And you insist that I go with you? All right I will."

    They went to the Masjid. There was a big crowd there. Crowds create illusions. It appeared as if people were eager to know about God. So the fakir said, "Since so many of you are eager to know about God, may I ask you: Do you believe in God? Does God exist?" All the people lifted their hands in acquiescence -- they knew God is and believed in Him.

    "Then the matter ends there," said the fakir.

    "Since you are convinced that God is, there is no need for me to say anything. I must go back." And he left.

    The people were nonplussed. They did not know what to do! Since they had raised their hands in favour of His existence they could not possibly turn round and deny Him. And who knows? Do you? But if anyone asks, you too will raise your hands.

    This act is a lie! Truth cannot descend by any means into the life of a man who thus lies before God. And when a man gives false evidence of God's existence, when he has not the slightest idea of His whereabouts, he closes all doors of life to let him in. Then no ray of the eternal spirit descends in him. No light of the Supreme Reality will ever burn within him; no prayer will ever flow from within him; no flowers of divinity will ever bloom within him -- and yet he is convinced of God's existence! For this man does not take the trouble to look within himself and realize that he is uttering an atrocious lie; that he knows nothing whatsoever!

    And thus fathers prevaricate untruths to sons, and gurus to their disciples, and religious heads to their followers. None of them know of the existence of God. If you ask for clarification, they are shaken and their God-concepts crumble to bits, for no voice from within will corroborate their statement. Perhaps as he tells you that God exists, a voice within him reprimands him: "What is this you say? You do not know at all!"

    The fakir said: "Since you already know that God is, the matter is finished.

    But it surprises me that a village where so many people believe in God should be no different from any other village It is just the same!"

    The village folk were now worried. What should they do? The next Friday they went to him again with the same request. The fakir said: "Last time you said you know God is. Now there is nothing left to say."

    "Those were different people. We do not know God. Please come and enlighten us," they said.

    The fakir exclaimed: "Oh wonderful Lord! These are the same people, I recognize their faces -- but they have changed!" The fact is, it does not take long for a religious man to change. A more dishonest person than he, would be hard to find: be is a different man in his shop and quite another in the temple: and no sooner he leaves the temple he is a completely different person.

    This kaleidoscopic art should be learnt from the temple-goers, They can change their souls at a moment's notice. Even screen actors are not that skilful, for at most they change their faces or their clothes; but the temple-going man changes his very soul according to his needs. See him at his shop, look into his eyes -- he is a different man. See him as he sits in the temple, telling his beads -- he is another man altogether. Then as he leaves the temple, he is again totally different. He who was reading the Koran in the Masjid just an hour before, will feel no qualms to knife a man on the call of "Islam in danger!" He who was reading the Geeta a while ago, will feel nothing it setting fire to houses in the name of the Hindu religion.

    It does not take men of such religiousness long to change; and as long as such people are considered religious people, irreligion cannot be wiped out from this world.

    The fakir said: "Praise be to the Lord! How these people have changed! Never mind, if you are different people, I shall go." He went to the Masjid and said: "Friends, I ask the same question again, for today I am told there are different people, though many faces look familiar. 'Is there God?'"

    The people replied in one voice: "No, God is not. We do not believe in Him, now you explain."

    The fakir said: "Then the matter is over. When there is no God, where is the need to talk about Him? When He does not exist, then to what does your question relate? Is it in connection with that which is not? Which God, What kind of God, do you ask about?"

    The people were floundered. It was difficult to get anywhere with this man. He told them: "Go back home. Why do you come at all in search of that which is not? What is your quest when you have found out He does not exist? Forgive me now and let me go."

    The wise men of the village were now all the more anxious to hear him for they were convinced he held a secret. He was no ordinary fakir -- for an ordinary person is always eager to talk; give him a chance and he will speak. But this man turns down all occasions to speak! There is a mystery about this man.

    On the third Friday they went to him again and put the same request, "But I have already been twice and the matter is ended," the fakir said.

    The people said: "Today it is quite a different affair. Please come, for this time we shall give quite a different answer."

    To this the fakir said: "He who comes prepared, his answers are always untrue. It only shows that you do not know the answer. He who knows, needs no preparation. Only he who does not, needs to be equipped."

    Remember, all the answers you have come armed with, are false. Answers that "come" are the correct answers in life. All others are false. Truth is never prepared. Truth comes; untruth is always fabricated. Whatever the compound, is false; whatever comes, is the Truth. Truth is never provided, therefore whatever man prepares is anything but Truth. That is why all scriptures and doctrines and sects of the world are false, for man has made them. Man is not capable of creating Truth. Truth comes when this illusion falls that he can produce Truth. When man leaves all the man made tenets, Truth descends into him.

    The fakir said: "I can tell you without your telling me, that your answers are false. But still, I shall go with you."

    He went for the third time. Perhaps the village pundit thought they were very clever. They little knew that cleverness does not pay in the realm of Truth.

    But the wise men of the village were confident. They were bent upon pinning the fakir down today. But they did not know that the very word fakir meant one who has broken all bridges that ensnare. They also did not know that when a man tries to ensnare another he gets trapped himself.

    The fakir, however, went to the masjid. He addressed the gathering: "Friends, for the third time, the same question again. 'Does God exist or does He not?'"

    Half the congregation raised their hands and said "God is" and the other half raised their hands and said "God is not." And on this they requested the fakir to speak. The fakir folded his hand and looked up at the sky: "Lord, this village is very entertaining!" Then he turned to the crowd: "You fools, since half of you know and half of you don't, why don't those of you who know tell the others who don't? Why do you drag me in between? You decide among yourselves." And he left.

    Then the village pundits did not go a fourth time. They tried very hard to coin the fourth answer but they could not. The fact is, there are only three answers -- yes, no, or both.

    The fakir tarried long in the village, hoping they would come again but they did not. When someone asked him why he still stayed on, he said: "I am waiting for them. They might come for the fourth time, but they have not come."

    "How can they?" the man asked.

    "What answer they could give you for the fourth time, they do not know."

    The fakir, said, "If I were to tell you, my answer would also become useless, because for you, it will again become a ready-made reply."

    The fakir then writes in his autobiography: "I waited for them to come and take me once more to the temple; and if they gave no reply when I asked the question, and if they waited in silence, I would have had to speak -- for their silence would have proved the sincerity of their quest."

    They should be people with no pre-conceived notions, who set out on this quest with an open mind. Those who are burdened with beliefs can never never set out on this journey.

  • vixenbeauty82

    how do you open up in all the dimensions? Just wait, stand offside and remain a watcher on the hill.

    Unless calmness comes as a shadow of awareness, beware of it. It is false, it is utterly futile. The whole effort that you have put into cultivating it has been a sheer wastage. The same effort could have been put into becoming aware.

    The moment silence and love happen both together, you have entered the world of miracles.

  • Thank you for taking the time to type out that story, Hanswolfgang. I really enjoyed reading it, and it made me smile. Moral of the an empty vessel, waiting to receive, without any preconceived notions and an open mind. I will do my best to follow that advice, thank you. 🙂

  • Darkness_angel,

    and if you become more and more involved in action, and less and less occupied in activity, your life will change and it will become a deep relaxation. Then you “do” but you remain relaxed. A man of tao is never tired. Why? Because he is not a doer. Whatsoever he has he gives, he overflows.

  • Hanswolfgang, that's the second time you've told me that in this thread, so I must really need to hear it, lol! I am working on improving that every day. There's a lot for me to deal with, but I am trying to prioritize and organize. Thanks again for the reminder! Blessings to you! 🙂

  • Thank you Darkness angel,

    the world consists of games. Tao consists in going beyond all games.

  • Dear Hans,

    I haven't been to this place in quite a while but life has been very busy for me. I am finally happy and I think i'm pretty at peace with things. I just wanted to say thank you for your patience with me a few months back and provide you with an update. I don't know if you remember me or not, but i'm hoping you might.

    But anyways, he did come home on his leave and you were right. He did not see me. But I did not try to see him either. He did spend time with that other girl and he has been super clingy to her like you said he would be. He still tries to talk to me from time to time. He tries to tell me he loves me but that he loves her too. I have told him we are done. He has asked to be my friend several time, to which i've told him I have no interest in being his friend right now after how he treated me.

    So far pretty much everything your cards have said, has come true. I will be curious to see if him wanting to try things again actually comes to play around/by the 5th or 6th of June as your cards said. I know he should be home for good sometime in May or beginning of June. The last time I vaguely spoke with him he told me that he will leave me alone the rest of the time he is in Iraq but that when he comes home he wants to sit down and talk face to face and that he feels he owes me a real apology.

    So, I just wanted to tell you that so far you seem to have been spot on. I don't know if things have changed at all for the cards since then, but thank you for your insight and help.

  • Oh, yes, I agree...the world is indeed full of games. I try to stay away from them. They are too distracting and take too much of your energy. Plus it's not always good karma.

  • Dear secretlygone,

    thank you for your update.

    Things have changed at all for the cards since then, because you have changed in a very good way. You are more in contact with your inner intuitive womanhood.

    But that’s how one grows: through darkness, through light, through sweetness, through bitterness.

  • Never choose, remain choicelessly aware and accept life as it is. Don’t impose any choice of your own. The absolute is there, the relative is there. Your mind is relative, but your consciousness is absolute. Your body changes, your mind changes are like a wheel—but your witnessing consciousness is like an axle; it remains always the same, never changing. It is on that axle that the mind-and-the-body wheel moves. And they are not against each other; they are supporting each other, they are complementary to each other.

  • Thank you Hans!!

    I have a new boyfriend since then. We've been together exactly 2 months as of tomorrow. Do you see anything there? For a future? He is a really, genuinely great and sweet guy. The total opposite of what I normally date, but I think he's what I need. We are hoping to go on a vacation to Florida this coming May or June. I don't know if it will happen, but I hope so. My mom jokes around that she thinks we'll end up married. I don't know. It's still early but I care a lot about him and I really just enjoy spending time with him!

  • I do try to take life as it comes and roll with the punches. I try to accept things as "meant to be", and try to keep my spirits strong and my focus on my goals. It's not always easy, but I am trying. Sometimes I feel that if I could just get one single break, then I can take it from there and the rest will fall in place. Things have been very difficult, but I'm trying to remain hopeful and positive that this transitional time will lead to better things for me and my son. Thank you again for your insight, Hanswolfgang. I deeply appreciate all that you've been telling me and the direction that you've been pointing me in. 🙂

  • secretlygone

    Do I see anything there? You want only to be together with people, who subject themselves to you and who adore you.

    For a future? Yes.

    By the time you allow, he is so obsessed with sexx that he falls in love at first sight.

    My insistence is: first, drop your misery -- and it can be dropped, just like that. It is only a question of not choosing it. It is youtr choice. You can decide to be blissful. Try tomorrow. From the very morning decide to be blissful, and see whether it is possible or not.

  • Darkness_angel,

    my insistence here is on inner transformation.

  • hello hanswolf.

    kindly do a reading for my love life, what will come to be?

  • That's going to be a bit more difficult, but I am trying. My current environment isn't really conducive to inner transformation, or inner healing. But I am trying to do what I can, every day, even if it's only baby steps in the right direction. Thank you so much for your guidance and support. I deeply appreciate that you're taking the time to guide me. Love and Light!

  • hello drgagannagi

    a reading for your love life, what will come to be? Clarity will come to be, a much needed clarification.

    And sexx disappears on its own; you need not cultivate, you need not practise anything for it. When it goes on its own it is beautiful. Yes, sexx disappears -- one transcends it -- but not by fighting it.

  • Thank you Darkness_angel,

    have no beliefs. Yet have a certainty that goes far beyond the probability that the confirmation of a hypothesis would allow you to claim.

  • Okay, I'm going to have to read that one a couple of times, slowly, in order to get my brain around it. I like the way it sounds, and I'm grasping it, but I want to make sure that I truly understand it.

    Okay, I think I'm understanding it to mean that my thinking shouldn't be rigid, and that I shouldn't just blindly accept the answers that are placed before me, because those are possibly seen with blinders on the eyes...look beyond and believe that there are more answers, and there is the Universe, and that the real answers are there, beyond what my eyes can see, but where my soul can feel.

    Did I get that right?

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