Can someone do a reading for me?

  • Hi, can someone do a reading for me about what 2010 holds for me in all areas of my life? All responses are welcome, thank you!

    My birthday: 08/23/60

  • In 2010 you will live the full power of your womanhood, being the empress of your life.

    Your creativity can manifest in many ways. On the high side, you can be a highly successful writer, teacher or performer. On the low side, you can worry and spend your time on frivolous activities and never reach your full potential. Success in life always depends upon the individual and how they use their God-given gifts and abilities. You are gifted but your fear of poverty may entice you into using your creativity in questionable ways. If this happens, you seldom get away with it. You make a great sales woman and propagandist but you are ineffective until you decide upon one philosophy and stand behind it. You are sure to have emotional losses, many of which are destined. If you see them as "completions" that lead you to a higher level, you avoid disappointment. If you use their inheritance of spiritual knowledge, much success can be realized.

    You will come back, because soon you will realize that you are doing something which is not only harming others but is harming your own growth.

    Ecstasy is your very nature; not to be ecstatic is simply unnecessary. To be ecstatic is natural, spontaneous. It needs no effort to be ecstatic, it needs great effort to be miserable. That's why you look too tired, because misery is really hard work; to maintain it is really difficult, because you are doing something against nature.

  • Thank you, Hanswolfgang, I deeply appreciate your time and reading! I'm glad to hear that I can be a successful writer, because I truly do want to do that. I will make it a point to focus where you said I need to. I am currently seeing growth in new directions in my life, and a sloughing off of old ways that were nonproductive. I feel like I'm stepping through a doorway, leaving an old life behind and beginning a new one. Thank you again. 🙂

  • Be awake. Just see what you are doing, just see what your life consists of. Is there any awareness or is it just an unconscious play of unconscious forces? Are you just a victim of forces you are not aware of—from where they come, what they are doing to you? Are you going to die in this way?

  • I understand, thank you. I am aware, and I will be more aware. 🙂

  • Rebellion against all slavery is living life in absolute freedom. Live life in absolute freedom without traditions, without conventions, without religions, without philosophies, without ideologies—political, social and others—live unburdened. But it will look crazy to the whole world. Freedom looks crazy because everybody is living an imprisoned life.

  • Hanswolfgang would you be able to shed some light on my miserable love life.... I recently met someone and I am fearful my heart will be broken again. My birthdate is 7/21/57

    thank you, Claire

  • Thank you, Hanswolfgang, I like that. 🙂

    I agree, too many people live an imprisoned life, and do not see how they can unburden themselves in order to live a more free, happier life. Thank you for all of your insight, I truly appreciate it! 🙂

    May the New Year bring you many blessings!

  • Claire,

    would I be able to shed some light on your miserable love life: you had been hurt and now you are always afraid of being hurt again.

    Life is a balance between rest and movement.

    You think because you cannot rely on your intelligence, so you have to plan beforehand. When the moment comes, then you will follow the blueprint that you prepared in the past. What type of living is this? You live out of the past! That’s why so many errors are unnecessarily committed, and everything goes stale and dead — because you always act out of the past. Life goes on, new every moment, riverlike, changing. The change never stops, but you have stopped in the past. You carry a blueprint. Whenever life gives you a problem, you look in your memory, the blueprint, the planning — and then you act out of it. You have missed. Life is always new. Blueprints are always old. Life is just like birds flying in the sky. They never leave any mark, there is no path. When they have flown, the sky is as vacant as it was before. It is not like earth where people walk, and through their walking, through their footprints, paths are created. Life is like the sky — no paths are created. Be like a bird flying in the sky, following no footprints, following no paths, because no paths exist. Move, moment-to-moment through your present intelligence, not through your past memory.

  • Thank you Darkness_angel

    remain aware of the layer of the ego.

  • Thank you...I am trying to especially be aware of the ego. I will continue focusing on my writing, too. I want this to be the year that I finally get published. 🙂

  • A meditator has to learn to do only the essential and not to waste one’s life in the unessential. A meditator has to learn to relax, how to rest, and enjoy rest. And slowly slowly one settles into one’s own center. And the moment you touch your own center you have touched eternity, you have touch the timelessness, you - have tasted nectar for the first time.

  • Hey HansWolfGang Can U Do A Reading For Me 7/17/91 Thanx Love

  • I like what you said about a meditator...I really do. I will read it every day and try to incorporate it into my daily life. Thank you for giving me advice and direction. 🙂

  • Hey sammysocutehuh91

    A Reading For You: You have to give something, then you will receive something.

    You are mentally creative. Creative or dishonest? Which is which? As you can imagine, those who are the most creative can also be the most dishonest and vice versa. You have mental and financial creativity and you You belong to the people of the Aquarian Age. You dislike pettiness and tend to be somewhat impatient with the failings of others. You need respect and a position that allows your brilliant mind free reign to create and explore. You are never at a loss for ideas, some of which will bring you huge financial returns. On the negative side, you can be irresponsible and in some cases, dishonest. You can see things from so many levels that nothing is really "wrong" - it is just another way of looking at things. You don't get away with much in that regard though. Saturn's swift chastisement always reminds you of the boundaries that keep you balanced and fair in your dealings.

    The ego is always concerned with the others, this way or that. When you become totally concerned with yourself, ego simply drops. There is no point for it to exist.

    The good man can change into a bad man easily, without any effort - because all those bad qualities are there, only dormant, repressed with effort. If you remove the effort, they will immediately erupt in your life. And your good qualities are only cultivated, not natural: you have tried hard to be honest, to be sincere, not to lie -- but it has been an effort, it has been tiring.

  • Darkness_angel,

    you have very good taste.

    There are three ways to be ruined in this world: first is by sex, second is by gambling, and the third is by politics. Sex is the most fun, gambling is the most exciting, and politics is the surest.

  • Thanx

  • Hans, could you see what 2010 holds for me? Birthdate: 7th May 1956. Thanks very much.

  • This post is deleted!

  • sammysocutehuh91,

    be characterless. Characterlessness has no morality; it is not immoral, it is amoral. Or, it has a higher morality that never comes from the outside, but comes from within. It does not allow any imposition from the outside, because all impositions from the outside convert you into a serf, into a slave. And life´s effort is to give you dignity, glory. Existence´s effort here is to give you splendor.

    Now don´t waste time any more. Kill immediately all the impressions inside you. Wash your inside of all old tapes, unwind your mind. And start living your life, from this moment, as if you don´t know, as if nobody has taught you anything -- fresh, clean, from abc.

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