Whats a Reiki ..?

  • and what are the benefits of it ?


  • Reiki is Universal energy that is trasmitted by the Reiki Practioner to the client. The Reiki practioner has to go through a series of Attunements to activate the energies to do the transmission of healing energy. It works on the energy centres or Chakra in the body. These chakras need to be clared and opened, if they are blocked they can manifest into dis-ease or other ailments. It is a balancing of the energy centres to create Wholness and wellness.

  • Hello Hoonie ,

    Thank you for your reply ! Do you know anyone who can do a Reiki for me , for Wholeness and Wellness . I am in much need of one . I am so out of balanced and I will be going to the Doctor soon , in regards to some test results . I would appreciate if someone could peform a Reiki for me., if it is possible.

    Take Care and God Bless


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