The same reading but where's the outcome?

  • I've been dating a guy on and off for over a year, so far it's been long-distance. Moving to his area in about a month, Readings keep saying that we will be together but he is hot and cold. My dob is 2-10, his is 10-28.

  • He is scared, hence his hot and cold behaviour. So long as things are taken as slowly as possible once you move to his area, this will work out. If things are rushed, he will back off. Will you have others you can rely on socially once you move there? If not, then moving there may be a mistake at this point as I don't think he'll respond too well to having someone rely on him for everything, even for a time. It's not because he's selfish, but because he's so afraid of being fully involved with someone.

    Talk to him. Talk, talk, talk. And try to get things in place for yourself in this new area. I do see a small group of friends for you there, about two or three. One with dark hair who will be of great support to you, both socially and work-wise.

    The main message I get here is: don't expect him to be all things for you and this relationship will have a chance to flower.

    This will be a test of your independence as well as your dedication to being with this man. Both are equally important; not one more than the other.

    Hope this helps!




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