Leoscorpion please help!!!

  • Could you please do a reading for me? I am feeling scattered these past few days, headed for depression. I need to know what is going on with me. People are not responsive to for the most part and I really think it's something I might be doing that I don't understand. I need advice from the cards. I will be in your debt. Thank you. Blessed be...


  • sorry scribe I didn't see this thread at all until just now I was browsing for old thread

    I am not sure how I can help, but if you share more maybe I and more people can help

    maybe give me your dob birth location birth time too

    different people can do different analysis on it

  • Thank you so much for responding! I went to be shortly after posting I was sooo tired. My date of birth is Sept. 27, 1956, 11:20pm, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. What I am saying is that I don't feel quite right emotionally these past few days. Kinda cloudy. People seem to be less responsive to me in that when I have asked for something or help on other threads people are not responsive. There must be a reason and it must have something to do with whatever is going on with me. I had a mini numerology chart done, just enough to get the numbers and find out a little bit about what they mean, but it says nothing about the here and now. BTW my Life Path in a 3, the Expression number is an 11 and my Soul Urge is a 7 (it could be the other way around but I don't think so). Thank you so much for responding. Blessed be...


  • scribe

    I'm gonna reply after a few. gotta prepare breakfast and get some chores done.

    we've got a visitor later in the day.

  • Dear Leoscorpion,

    Takee your time, I'm going to gone most of the day will check back this evening. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    Blessed Be...


  • Dear Scribe1

    I'm not butting in on Leoscorpion here... I haven't forgotten you, but you are not on my usual thread so you have been rather 'lost' amongst everything that has been going on over the Christmas break, so I do apologise for the delay in doing your horoscope.

    The main problem is that you, as a SUN LIBRAN, a lover of luxury, fine food and clothes, have the stern taskmaster, SATURN, transiting your SUN, putting your sparkling personality into he shade and making you feel (if not depressed), then certainly much more serious and weighed down with responsibilities, than usual..

    You won't be clear of this aspect until October 2010, but this isn't all bad news, as this "flat" time is also "seed time" - a time to lay down the foundations for a new you: why not take a course to improve your employability skills? or try something altogether new? Now is the time to change career-direction if you want to -there'll be no better!.

    However, because your SUN is in the 4th House of HOME and FAMILY, the changes that might ensue from this transit ,are more likely to be in this area, rather than in the world of work..

    Your ASCENDANT is CANCERIAN, so please read CANCER before LIBRA in magazines. To add to this 'CANCERIAN THEME', your natal MOON is also in Cancer, so you can be 'crabby' at the full moon, but also very intuitive, sensitive to atmosphere and devoted to your home and family.

    Your VENUS is in LEO in the 2nd House, so poverty should never be a problem for you and conjunct PLUTO as it is, you probably had a love-hate relationship with your father , but would have been his favourite and would have been very close ....that is the problem; how can any suitor for your hand live up to the memories you have of your father? Your childhood was also very "action-packed" and adult-life might seem a little boring in comparison; why not seize the initiative and take up a new hobby?

    This is a snapshot of your life at the moment as I see it...does it make sense at all? Let me know what is bothering you specifically and I'll try to help ; don't forget also, that LEOSCORPION will view your problem from a completely diferent perspective from myself and you should weigh all advice equally and reach your own conclusion. Peace and love.

  • HighPriestess3!

    How wonderful for you to add your words of wisdom! I am delighted and honored. Yes, I certainly AM feeling weighted down more than usual. But the aded responsibilities haven't come into play as of yet. I wrote a novel and it sits with the editor as I write and it hasn't come back to me for rewrites and polishing. Writing this book is a career change for me. I used to be a social worker who worked with people who were homeless and had a severe mental illness.

    I am not certain what you mean by magazines, though. Could you please explain? And yes, I am fiercly protective of my home and family. My father and I have always had a love/hate relationship, though as we age it blossoms more into love. I can forgive many things as can he when confronted. My husband is not very much like him except in his devotion to me. My father is devoted to his wife as well.

    My whole life has been "action-packed"! More so, though as a child. I left home at age 12 and never returned. I have lived about four lifetimes in this one lifetime already! I wish Icould pinpoint what, exactly is bothering me at this time, but alas, all I know is that I feee depressed more each passing day as though something were going to happen. I also feel that people ae not taking me seriously yet I know they do. It's as though my ying and yang are flipped somehow.

    Thank you again HighPriestess3 for coming to my aid. You are much appreciated. May the light of the universe shed its light upon your path. Blessed be...


  • Dear Scribe1

    You are very welcome...I think that because you are very sensitive to 'atmosphere', (your Moon on your Cancerian Ascendant - a real howling werewolf aspect), you can feel Saturn coming up on your Libran Sun. Of course Saturn is all about learning curves, but also abut recognition and reward for hard work and it could be that Saturn's imminent visit will bring you the recognition and reward you deserve.

    That feeling of anxiety however could also be URANUS , perched up there on your PISCEAN MIDHEAVEN like a thunderbolt waiting to be unleashed. This is right overhead at the moment, making you dsperate to start a new life, or up-sticks and trek into the unknown...Do you think that Uranus (which has already forced that career change on you), sitting on top of your head so to speak, is what is making you so impatient, like a cat on a hot tin roof? Peace and love.

  • Dear Scribe1

    Oh the other thing you asked...you should read CANCER in newspapers etc. before Libra as this will be more accurate than LIBRA. Actually...you are quite a 'watery' person all -in-all..nothing wrong with that of course, COuld I ask what is the subject-matter of your novel please? Bless.

  • Scribe

    I just got back. I have to go again. But I managed to pull out something for you.

    Hipriestess have pretty much summarized the astrology chart for you, so what I am giving you will be a different point of view. You are wondering why people don't respond to you this is just a few days. It may not have anything to do with you, it's just Mars Retro starting Dec 20 and Mercury Retro DFec 26. Mercury rules communication, machinery and electronic device in general. When Mercury in on retro, slowdowns happen in these areas. It can happen between a week to 4 weeks prior to Dec 26, because Mercury is a slow moving planet. Mars Retro from Dec 20 to March.

    So try to take everything in stride. Mars retro brings with it lack of action, this includes attention. If you don't get the attention you need, you tend to boil over and get aggitated, because your Mars is in Pisces, a water sign which rules emotions. Don't fret over little things for the next 3 months, there is nothing wrong with you, it's just cosmic slowdowns. Mercury retro is not halping. Try not to get aggitatted over broken or defected machinery, electronic device, misdelivered emails, letters, shipments. Before sending anything, triple check, not just double check.

    Here is some things I pull out for you. Again, take it all in stride. It is based on the day you were born, so not all of it rings true now that you are above 50. Life experiences, people you meet and upbringing can affect people profoundly that change some aspects of their personalities.

    You have good charm and personality. You can make friends almost everywhere, even in the foreign places because you are attracted to exotic culture and people. You are optimist, pleasantly curious and tolerant. You are intelligent in an expansive way, inventive and receptive to all new ideas. These traits have made you a quite popular and likeable figure in your social circle. Unfortunately, your career and material success is slow because you tend to avoid fights and assertiveness. You do have ambition for success but you tend to abandon this easily for the sake of peace and harmony at work or business. You can however still achieve material success later in life, due to your wide networking and social circle.

    In romance, you delight in delicate expression and refined approach for you dislike vulgarity. Your partner should be able to contain jealousy and possessiveness for you do not like to see your social circle shrinks just because you are romantically involved with someone.

    You may have felt that life has not been fair to you, but you are actually in the cycle that will reverse to your favor soon. Give it 2 -3 years, you will start a new cycle where you will be able to use your influence, knowledge, social skills and wisdom to your advantage. This includes romantic relationship (if you are looking, you will find the right person roughly at this new cycle), business, career, self improvement, family life, social status, wealth luck, anything. Note that this new cycle will start within 2-3 years from now, and will span roughly 8 - 9 yrs. Use this time you have before the new cycle, to do research, to date (if it's romantic) and widening your social circle.

    Bye now I have to go again. I'm going to give quick reply on other people's threads.

  • Dear Leoscorpion

    I hadn't even thought of the personal planets being retrograde at the moment - you are absolutely right about their effect of course. Peace and love..

  • Dear HighPriestress3:

    Here is a synopsis about the book. Happy reading!

    Witches, ghosts, vampires, riding bats and an ancient wizard who has transformed into a horrible tree that commands great magic! It all started when both John and Alex, unknown to each other at the time, each made a Halloween wish for a friend. The Halloween wish is the most powerful kind of wish of all! John finds himself caught up in one disaster after another with his new friend, Alex, a vampire bull frog. It’s one mishap after another as the boys solidify their friendship through John’s miraculous gift, a spellbinding power he hadn’t even known he possessed!

    They manage to run afoul of a terrible witchdoctor, Georges, who manages to kidnap Granny and an entire ghost family from their cemetery in search of appeasing the Grimoire Tree and adding to his own set of powers. He can only do this if he can deliver the boys to the Tree, together and intact. But the boys are under the protection of Papa Frogesh, Alex’s father, a formidable vampire bull frog from the old country. But the crafty Georges finds a way around Papa and the boys, together with a little ghost friend, are in great danger.

    Suddenly a stranger enters their lives and offers his assistance claiming to know of their peril. They are caught in a web of uncertainty, should they trust him? Can they trust him? He seems to know too much about John, yet they need his help. Cautiously they accept his offer. Will he betray them? Or will he help them to overcome Georges and the Grimoire Tree? Find the answers and so much more in the book, The Grimoire.

  • Dear Leoscorpion:

    Everything you said is right on the nail and resonates strongly with me right now! Both you and HighPriestness have provided me with much aid and support and I am in your debt. I cannot thank you enough. You have given me the insight I dearly needed. May the Universe shed its light to shine on your paths. Blessed be...


  • Dear Scribe1

    Wow..is its target audence adult or children or both..? Tthis genre is really popular at the moment; I wish you every success.

    Peace, love, success and prosperityfor 2010.

  • Dear HighPriestess3:

    Targer audience is primarily children ages 10-14 yrs. but I am hoping adults will enjoy it too. I am really hoping it will go book to film, but those are pretty high aspirations. It's a chapter book, ten chapters, 124pgs. over 43,000 words. I wrote it in two and a half weeks. It was a story that wanted to be told.

    Thank you for the supportive and kind words.

    Blessed be...


  • Dear Scirbe

    Wow 43,000 words in a couple of weeks.Impressive...let myself and Leoscorpion know how it all goes....look forward to seeing it on the bookshelves!.


  • Scribe

    you are welcome. I'm glad it brings you clarity. I was typing so fast I was worried I might confuse you. You are not in debt, the knowledge and wisdom belong to the universe, not I. I hope the best for your book. Good heavens, 43K words. With head and mouth like mine, I won't reach that number in a month, let alone writing a book LOL


    it just so happens my head wasn't so much in the cloud tonight that I noticed the Mercury / Mars thingy. otherwise it would be just another one of those weird awkward posts

  • LeoScorpion,

    No, you did not confuse me at all! You brought me clarity when I was in a bad way. It was like sitting in a pea-soup fog until HighPriestess3 and you came along and brought the sunshine to burn off the fog. Regardless, I will remain in ya'll's debt. You may the vessel for the universe but it is your choice to be so. In that respect, you have a choice as whether or not you wish to be the vessel. I am grateful that you make the choice in my case and in the cases of many others. I do not know what HighPriestess3's motivation is, but I know this, that she has within her a beautiful, warm and caring soul. I've read her on seeral other threads as I have done you.

    Blessed be.....


  • you are welcome Scribe

    thanks for your kind words

    I hope the best for your book, as you feel the story needs to be told

    and for you, may the universe sends you support and protection

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