Mars Mercury Retrograde for a Libra

  • Just wondering how these two retrogrades have an effect on me. In Decemeber 09, I had 3 major things come to an end.1st week I broke off a longterm realtionship which is in semi- repair ..limbo status....2 week a fall semester ended for me, rather hectic but ended well and the 31st I am getting laid off.

    3 major stressors! Just want to be ready for the new changes to take place & be ready to embrace what comes after this.

    Birthdate 10-08-1959

    Any insight would be great!

  • lunaazul go to and read Libra. Every month on the 1st you will find your reading for the month. Check it out now so your ready Jan. 1. It may not be ready till the second this time since it's a holiday.

  • Thanks will do!

  • This post is deleted!

  • How ironical. I go to that every month! Not always right on the money though.

  • Well considering I am not working right now it doesn't work for me either. But at the end of the reading it talks about the fact that we are retro and the affect it will have on you. I have been really snappy this week and I get this way coming into the full moon. I is worse this time tho.

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