Let us share our talents, abilities, etc, so others can learn.

  • Hello every one, I would like us all to share what we have experienced, so that we can learn from eachother how to develop our talents and skills or to teach others who may not have a teacher who can guide them. I can start this off but am more interested in what you have to say. Then I will chime in if any one wants to hear my experiences. Lola for love.

  • Oh thank you luv2laf for starting this topic.

    I dont have much to share since i barely started learning about the spiritual realm and all the other related topics but i would love to learn from you and everyone else who decides to participate. Not too long ago i started reading books written by James Van P. and the author of the book titled "The Other Side and Back", oh yes Silvia B. That was around 6 months ago. I got those books without me looking for then. I just found the one day at the library and decided to read them. After that my life has changed and now i know who i really am and why am i here on this earth. i just hope to learn a lot from from wise and loving people like you.

  • SunCappyGirl, that is wonderful, thank you for your input, it is going to be great to share with you and others. Maybe keep a journal by your bed and before you go to sleep ask yourself to remember your dream, when you wake wright it down, the simplest symbols like a bike can be deciphered in the dream dictionary on the internet to start. Lola and Angels under your pillow! And I have to add again that your enthusiasm comes through which does my heart good, thank you!

  • One method of enhancing your senses is to focus on one sense a day and continue for all 5 days to start, for example, day one focus on your sense of touch, feel the walls in your house, your pets, clothes, food, skin, trees, etc. Day two maybe taste, experiment with this sense and only do it for one day each. After you have finished the 5 days of touch, taste, smell, hearing and seeing, I will give you another method to follow up with. Keep a journal for all of your perceptions no matter how big or small they may mean to you at the moment, this will eventually prove to be invaluable in times to come when you look back on your progress. Keep another book to draw pictures in, whether they are from dreams or draw how you feel, even if it is a stick man, it is personal to you. I will explain this more to you in the future days.

  • Ok! Thank you luv2laf.

    I will start the method of enhancing my senses.

    I have never thought of it so i think it will be awesome to try.

    I already have a dream journal, i can remember my dreams pretty well but lately

    with all the stress i havent been able to remember then that much.

    I will keep the journal and im starting from today. Lets see what happens!

    I love to draw by the way, i have a drawing folder but i dont draw that often anymore.

    Cant wait until the "future days" lol.

    Thanks again, i just hope more people join this topic.

  • I myself read Sylvia B books. I have purchased quite a few of them. I feel they do help us in a way & also help us with our own abilities.

    I do have an experience to share. Let me know what you think.

    I was in bed one evening. My lamp was on & I was looking at a cross that was hanging from a door. All of a sudden I looked at my lamp, there was an orange ball. I say it was an orb. I watched it move slowly. It ended up going over the person that was laying next to me sleeping. It spread above tis persons body, about 2 inches above & it was like it was a bunch of horizontal lines covering the whole body. I was speechless & did not know what to think. It was not scary & I was not fearful of it. Has this happened to anyone else?


  • SunCappyGirl, this is going to be a subtle but important step in developing, after you have finished the 5 days let me know and I will show you the exercise to really pull this all together. For now though it is important to write down things as you go along with your day, have fun and it is going to be a fabulous new sensual year!Lola to you and yours.

  • I would suggest you try reading a few of John Edward books also. Since his birthday is Oct. 20 and Sylvias is the 19th of Oct. you may like to see the difference in what the two do. Sylvia always has an answer and John tells you he can only give you an answer if there is someone there to give a message.

  • Sorry luv2laf I thought since they are reading it would be good to see the differences.

  • luv2laf

    i started with the excersises but then i forgot because of the holidays.

    I will start all over again, i will let you know when im done. Thank you again!

  • Hi Sparklingsoul, before I read your post I woke up one morning and saw these orange horizontal lines over my massage table in my room and thought that I was just seeing things in between sleep waves. Then I read somewhere about the power of the orange dot but didn't pay much attention to it. Now I wish I had, then I read your post and it is coming clearer to me, I think that you have incredible healing gifts to share and that the orange ball was manifested through you! Lola. I find it interesting that within a couple of days my experience with the lines was kind of was simular.

  • Hi everyone! This is a great topic. I am so happy to have found it. I started reading books about dream interpretation maybe 13 years ago. In the last 4-5 years I have progressed to reading James Van Prague, and many books by Sylvia Brown. The books have helped me to understand the many questions I have about the spirit world.

    I have just recently began to realize my gifts. I am empathic, and very intuitive. I believe I have some kind of healing abilities, although I am still trying to figure out how it all works. I believe that my husband (who is also quite intuitive) and I are both indigo children, and my daughter is a crystal child with very powerful gifts that she needs to learn how to use. I have recently started working with tarot cards. I hope to start working with crystals soon as well. I am finally reaching out to others to help me understand my gifts.

    I will be following this thread hoping to learn and grow. If there is anything I can do for anyone, please let me know.

  • MissyMill

    Welcome to the forum!

    Your story sounds just like mine. I am barely finding out who i truely am. Not completely but at least im learning so many things that i never thought of before. Just resently Serious7 from this forum told me that he sensed healing and empath qualities in me. I had no idea. Then Hanswolfgang confirmed to me that i do actually posses healing abilities. I was surprise, confused but glad at the same time. Im very greatful to have met many wonderful people here. Since i was little i followed the catholic religion. Im always trying to find the logic of things and religion was something that didnt make sense to me. Even when very young i never believed what my religion told. I thought it had no logic in many ways. I always thought that if God loved us so much why would he send us to hell or supposedly destroy the earth or punish his on children. I didnt like the fact that we had to have such respect for someone like the pope or the father. I always thought if people like the pope came to serve God why would they have to live in such fancy places and have like this power over the world when the "bible" clearly states that in order to follow God you are suppose to leave everything behind, meaning everything you own and i guess family as well. Then one day, when i read Sylvia Brown's books everything just made sense. I felt as if my questions about life and the world had all been answered. I always thought, by myself, that since ghosts exist there had to be another invisible dimension where they live or just wonder about. These books opened my eyes to something that i thought i always knew.

  • Luv2laf

    Hello, i finished the 5 day exercise two days ago but forgot to visit to tell you.

    Im not sure if i did it right. It was tough to remember what i had to do for the day but i believe i got enough information. Very interesting by the way. Something weird, im not sure, happened while i was doing my favorite day exerise (Visual). I believe i saw a clear red number 1 right in front of me. im not sure if it was a #1 or the letter "I" I closed my eyes and i could see it in the wall of my eye lids but this time it was green and it jumped at me. I dont know how to describe it. Then i opened my eyes and i could still see it for about 2 minutes or so. It came out of nowhere. I kept looking for something green or red but nothing. My neighbor's water bottle was green but im not sure if that was it.

  • SunCappyGirl,

    It is so great to connect with you. I totally agree with you about religion. I grew up in a Baptist church. I always hated how the church put such strict rules down for everyone, and if you asked questions, you were just to "stand in faith and believe", and if you broke them you were ridiculed, and considered an outcast, which in turn caused everyone to be fake. I also didn't understand why a God of love would banish someone to **** for not repeating a certain prayer, or practicing certain rituals. I also agree about leaving everything behind to follow god. My church taught that it was "symbolic". I just got so tired of the fundamentalism and the phony persona's.

    It is so comforting to find so many people who are like minded. I finally feel like I can begin to open up. I look forward to learning and connecting with you in the future.

  • Hi SunCappyGirl, Thats great! I wanted to let you know that there may be some experiences with these exercises that open you up and your third eye in different ways, subtly, or sometimes a more powerful insight into the senses. The number 1 may be associated with a new beginning, the colors can be investigated in different ways, try studying the colors associated with the chakra levels, sounds, also I have seen with my eyes closed an image or a situation in red, I think the green is for healing, you will find out more about this as you investigate and learn from the others with your growing awareness. When you are ready, and don't try to do this all at once, a little at a time, maybe take one sense a week, stop for a week then continue, you need to let your nervous system time to get used to these new vibrations. Start again with one sense, this time add to the sense you have chosen all of the other senses, eg, with the sense of smell, take an apple, smell it, look at it, feel it, taste it, hear the crispness of the apple. If you are getting excited with these exercises then take 2 weeks off. You do not need to hurry, slower is best. If you have any questions, let me know. Drink lots of water and avoid alcohol or caffiene, sleepy time tea is good for keeping you relaxed while cleansing you at the same time. Swa-Swa-soon is the angelic word for relaxing. And remember to be aware of your breathing, nice and slow and deep, breathing into the tummy through the nose and when exhaling pull the tummy in and exhale through the nose. I also wonder if the 1 or I symbol that you saw is your magic wand, maybe go into an area where your wand will call out to you to pick, a tree branch on the ground, or what you sense is your wand, Lola to you and yours. Elizabeth.

  • SunCappyGirl, I would recommend starting with the sense of smell, as with the apple, still incorporate the other senses. You may find it interesting to cut the apple in half first to see a pentacle in the center of the apple. I keep a big bowl of apples in my house at all times, I find that I can focus on being productive with all of the pentacles around me and then receive the fruit of my labors. Then after a productive week and a half I bake an apple pie, add cinnamon for sure for romance, and the spirits can smell, it is my way of saying thank you to them. After you have finished the first week of this, let me know when you are ready for another example for the next sense to develop. I also want to mention the #1 or I, this could also be a sign that you are being introduced to your higher self. There are ways to develop this, but first things first, I will guide you slowly, and what I perceive to be safely for your nervous system. I will show you how to ground your energy first. The first step to grounding is to be aware of the chakras, and to breath out the excess energies daily, by visualizing a clearing, by letting a waterfall wash away the debris that you are finished with surrounding your aura, and thoughts. I mentioned the waterfall first because you mentioned a water bottle, green. There are more ways that I will explain later. When you are clearing, you can visualize an area under ground that will carry away the unwanted energies in the water to a place that you choose deep in the earth to be purified and recycled to be used some where else for the good. Lola.

  • luv2laf

    Thank you again for the excercise!

    That is so very interesting. I will try to investigate about the colors.

    I will try to calm down and do everything slowly as you said 😄

    I will start the excercise with the apple as soon i get some lol.

    I will follow your instructions the best i can. Thank you so much.

    I will let you know when im done with the excercise. Lola, lola! 🙂

  • MissyMill

    That's great! It is good to hear that. I also love this place because there's so many like minded people. It makes me feel comfortable. I hope you find a lot more friends here! There's lots of beautiful people who would be happy to help you if you have any problems. Blessing and love to you! 🙂

  • Hello, SunCappyGirl. How are you doing ? And I hope that all is well. There are many things that we can all learn from eachother, we all have a unique experience to share that can enlighten others. If you don't know what to ask thats O.k. I sometimes read the latest info and learn from them. I think that you do that too, I`m just guessing. Your energy is so sunny, and I would love to see your light again for all of us.

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