Can't Forget Him

  • Springof68,

    No offence taken my friend! It was just the natural evolvement of the original thread.

    There wasn't really much more for people to say about my issue I don't suppose anyway.

    I started the new thread about seeing him down the shops so as to not detract from your new story.

    I would suggest starting a new one though next time you have an issue, only because more people are likely to look at it and therefore increase the wonderful insights coming through. Because your story is on an existing thread, some may have looked at my story before you were there, and not have been interested in my story, not realizing that you're now there, which they may have found far more facinating than my boring old tale!!!:-)

    When I mentioned cultural issues, I was wondering if he was arranged with someone else even though it is you he loves and shares romance with. Where I live in Australia, there is a lage Indian community that my friend is quite involved with. I understand expected behaviour differs according to where you hail from, but I know here, many men have girlfriends they deeply love, but are expected to do the right thing and marry the person selected for them. This may not be the case at all in your situation, but it crossed my mind.

    As for my other suggestion of living near by, I spose a houseboats out of the question?

    Sorry, not making fun of you. Just my cheeky nature:-)

    Warm wishesX

  • Truekaren,

    I really think if you start a new thread, you will be far more exposed and get way more insights rather than being at the end of my thread, that everyones probably bored to tears with already!

    No offence intended, just want to see another fabulous woman get the attention she deserves! I've been so blessed with all the insights and amazing support I've received that I wouldn't want you to miss out.

    Up the top of the sceen is a yellow light bulb for "create new topic". I know it's a nuisance, but rewrite you story and wait for the flood of wisdom & support to flow your way!

    Warm wishesX

  • Hi Emereaux!

    I actually did mean 9 wands, silly me! And yes, I am new to expressing myself with everything of this nature, although I have been quietly absorbing everything for the last few years. Having no one to discuss it with is pretty limiting. I feel as though in the 3 days since I have joined in this forum, I have already expanded heaps. I was amazed when I got a strong feel for the industry another one of the fabulous women on this forum, works in. I was so close, but not exact - because I connected my own experiences with it instead of just describing what I got. Goes to show that we can't judge or try and make sense of it when it's for someone else. I have also done my first reading - that I had the guts to tell someone about & get their feedback! And again, very encouraging.

    I would love any info you can share with me re: that reading you did.

    I am beginning a permaculture course in March - it's like organic gardening and sustainable property development. There will be people coming from far & wide to do the course - I was quitely hopeful that just maybe, just perhaps there may be someone there or connected with the course that I may meet? If you don't see anyhing, don't sweat it. Anythings possible, right?

    Thanks once again for taking the time to connect with me, and for your kind words and encouragement.X

  • Hi Truekaren again!

    Forgot to add - what a crock! Red nighty, indeed!!!

    These sorts of charletans give genuine reders a bad name. She is just playing on your need for hope. This guy is a Loser. I'm sorry, but he CLEARLY has no regard or respect for your feelings, needs, whatever. Don't waste another minute of your thoughts on him. I don't get the sense of ANY redeeming features from him, AT ALL.

    Don't want to seem insensitive, but I've got to be straight with you.

    Spend time reading lots of other posts here, to glean wisdom thats been given to others, for if you have stumbled upon it, it's meant for you too.

    Start that new post! 🙂

  • Witchwoman, I didn't see anything related to relationships except where your ex Leo was represented in reverse as the Knight of Wands - as an obstacle to overcome. But just because I didn't see it in your cards don't let that discourage or stop you! If you see someone interesting, get to know them! You never know what may develop. I truly believe that when you're ready the right opportunities come into your life.

    I do see your business ventures and life as fulfilling and successful - know that you are on the right path.

    So that you can see where I got some of my meanings - these were some of the cards I pulled that represents you:

    Queen of Swords (this showed up more than once at your core - your strength center)

    Queen of Wands

    3 The Empress

    Queen of Cups

    Your career:

    3 Wands

    Queen of Swords

    10 The Wheel of Fortune

    Queen of Wands

    Your foundation is coming back into balance, but will take a little time (all good things take time!) You will have challenges - but a positive attitude that you can do whatever you set your mind to will help you walk right by them as if they're nothing!

    Your daughter's cards:

    Page of Wands

    Page of Pentacles

    Ace of Pentacles

    7 of Pentacles

    She truly has a light and a talent to nurture that will give her opportunities later. I heard music everytime I thought about her!

    I hope things continue to grow for your in the most positive way! Blessings and Peace!

  • Thanks so much for taking the time to reply emereaux.

    The Queen of swords bothers me a bit - always had the impression she's a hard, cold, uncompassionate cow. I would like to think I'm not like that. Or can it represent an inner strength derived from overcoming adversity? I can relate to that.

    It was only 5 short years ago I was disfellowshipped from a very conservative religious organization, & I feel as tho I have been so very blessed since, and come up against so many and varied situations that I have had to overcome, learn & grow from.

    Not to mention, the many beautiful souls I have since met along the way that I wouldn't have crossed paths with otherwise, such as the fantastic women, like you emereaux, on this site.

  • Hey WitchWoman,

    A houseboat would be perfect for me the incurable romantic! except that a fast craft would be more appropriate for the seas!

    No, there hasn't been a woman in his life, there is no arrangement; primarily because of the nature of his work from the start of his career...also because he has been taking care of his parents...right at the outset, in the early days I had checked the info from my own sources :-).. I would never be involved otherwise..

    Thank you for your kindness and encouragement.. was feeling a wee bit sad this morning, starting the 1st day of the year alone, also the day being a working day and all...but reading your post cheered me up...

    love and blessings for you my friend

  • Thank you for your kind words, Witchwoman!

    As for the Queen of Swords, like all tarot cards, there are a number of meanings for each - and the Queen of Swords is no different. While she can be a bit uncompromising, in your reading, she is represented with all the other elements (Queen of Cups, Queen of Wands, 3 The Empress) so I interpret her in this position as one aspect of a good and balanced elemental foundation - she is a strong woman archetype and leader (also known as the Widow) who has clear vision at her core and the sword represents the ability to cut through illusion. So your intuition that she is about overcoming difficulties is right on the money!

    I'm so sorry to hear that you were dis-fellowshipped from a conservative religious organization. That must have been very difficult. But congratulations for reaching out and striking out on your own to learn about what you have experienced! Your posts are very insightful and helpful - and you have a gift! Their loss, truly.

  • Can AnyOne Help Me Ive Been Inlove With A Guy And Couldnt Forget Him Its Been At Least 5 Months Since We Broke Up And I Really Need Some Insight...Can Someone Tell Me What Happened?Thanx

    Me 7/17/91

    him 12/22/90

    ps. i know im young but love doesnt discriminate against age

  • As I read the responses to all this, I have to ask you. When people use people and hurt them like this, isnt there suppose to be Karma that will follow ? I was hurt the exact same way and I have to tell you, part of my healing will be when he gets his backlash of Karma. I cant stand when someone decides to walk into your life and turns it upside down and receive and reap all the benefits of a King. I believe anyone who behaves like this should be punished for abusing such a privledge of a good person. Sorry to hear about your bad experience, I hope you will find the most wonderful man as well as for myself.

    Take Care


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