4 planets plus moon node in Capricorn now

  • This is probably a complicated time for all capricorns, specially those born in the first decanate.

    Pluto, Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and the Moon´s north node are all in the sign as I write. Mercury will leave the sign in leass than a week I think, but the others are there. Being a capricorn, u were born with the Sun in this sign, located anywhere within the 30 degrees that the sign occupies in the Zodiac (1 degree or arc equivalent to one day). So these planets are (or will) triggering things in your life and your psyche. Pluto will take years to transit the sign and will transform your life forever. It is right over my natal Sun right now. And let me tell you, is not pretty. Pluto is the astrological ruler of the underground, and of deep subconscious inner workings. It´s also the planet of transformations, of revolutions, and so on. So, get ready to face your fears at some point withing the next (LOL) 16 years!!! My time is now. All the other planets in the sign right now are probably making the life of Caps a bit confusing and possibly on hyper-drive. Caps tend to be at the margin of things, therefore, perhaps you are mostly witnessing things around you that are changing your perceptions. Otherwise, direct involvement in some turmoil is very likely. Be ready for news of power struggles and dictator-like attitudes of governments and people. Many will see their status-quo crumble, or raise to new heights. Self alienation can be a temptations for many, me being an example.

    Although clashes with society and specially with the establishment may easily trigger that.

    Definetely all these planets are acting like mirrors for the self of we Caps, so learn fro the experiences, which will be surely to remember. Radical changes in profession, or of becoming professional in something are very likely. Well, that was my first post here, and I hope it helps. Happy 2010!

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