Help with relationship reading PLS!!

  • I have recently met someone (in the last month), and decided to do a 5card "New Relationship" reading this evening. I'm confused by the cards, and unsure of their interpretation. Could someone please help me better understand what they mean? Please!! 😃

    In order of spread:

    What I bring to the relationship: Ace of Pentacles

    What he brings to the relationship: Ace of Swords

    Will I be happy?: XX Justice

    Will he be happy?: Two of Cups

    WILL IT LAST?: V High Priest (this is of course the most important of all the questions)

    I am using the Pythagorean Tarot deck, if that is of any importance.

    Thank you in advance for any insight. 😃

  • Anybody?

  • Are you sure of the last card? Is it #2 The High Priestess or# 5 The Heirophant. (II High priestess or V Heirophant)?

    What you bring to the relationship is a new start to life. The Pentacles represent all things necessary to live on earth. Money, food, a home, security is all areas of life.

    What he brings is fresh thinking, and mental activity, swords are about mental/thinking and getting through some difficult painful times.

    Justice is about redemption and forgiveness, so long as you can forgive and accept forgiveness, and work through the tough times and allow each other to redeem themselves in the others eyes in those stressful times, then you will be happy. Marriage or parnership is about give and take, and sometimes hurtful things happen. It's about getting through them together, but not about abuse, that is never forgiveable. It will be up to you how much you are willing to put up with and what he is capable of dishing out or vice versa. Can you stand by him during those rough patches as good as you do in the good times?

    So this is where it is important whether its the HP or The Heirophant. They are both Spiritual leaders.

    She is Intuitive, follows her hunches, guts and dreams. If she is the card that came up, then you already have a good idea of where this is going.

    He is belief systems. Are your beliefs, values, standards, morals close to being the same? If they are then yep, you got a good shot.

    Does this help?


  • I forgot the two of cups! Will he be happy - Hell yeah!!


  • That was h-e-l-l Yeah! remove the hyphens!!


  • Thank you soooo much Nanette for responding!!! I was so confused by the cards, especially the last one. It definitely is the Heirophant card, Key 5, but in this particular deck he is called the High Priest. Most books I have call it the Heirophant though.

    I truly feel we both have the same ideals/morals, although I do feel we have arrived to those ideals by different means. Nonetheless, I honestly believe we are very similar souls.

    I'm looking forward to this new year, and a fresh start to my life.

    Thank you again, Nanette!! May you have a wonderful year ahead of you!!

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