Peoples' Abilities!

  • I was wondering how everyone here got to know they had a sixth sense? Mine first came through when I was 16, an out of body experience while put under in an operating room. As far as I know, nothing until 16 years later. Why do some of the "powers" we hold only come at certain times in our lives & noot all the time?


  • Hi Sparklingsoul, I have just now read your post, interesting, I posted a new forum question for all of us to share our abilities about an hour ago. I don't have the answer right now but I know someone will for you, hope to talk to you soon.

  • Sparklingsoul the reason some don't realize they have abilities is because they but up a wall so as not to be different. And if your parents discouraged it one way or another you think it didn't happen. A lot of chaos in your life might also be why your guides can't get through to you. You can't hear it when there is too much going on around you. And you may think it's just your imagination cause someone told you it was. When you are in a place in your life when that is not a contributing factor you may start to listen then. Peace

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  • Thank you luv2laf, LibrasLair& laithano for responding.

    I know I have abilities as I have experienced lots in my life. Many different things have happened. I guess my main question is to this is how do you control or get better knowledge on how to control or handle them better? Mostly for me, visions & things come when my life is not at a good point!

    laithano, it does sound like you had a very tough childhood. I am sorry to haer that. I can relate to some of it. I am glad that you cared for your siblings, I think you did the right thing there. I do not know exactly how to get in touch with your guides, guardian angels. I try myself but it seems to not work for me & I do not know why. Maybe for you it is something else like, messages, people who say something to you, things moving. I do hope that you will find a way.

    Peace & blessings to you!


    I think my 1st experience with this was actually from my mom. She passed away when I was a child. I was very close with her as I was so young. I know for a fact just about 10 years ago it was her that came to me & other family members from say around the 50' as to the style of clothes they wore. It was just amazing as what happened then! Yes, my life does seem to be in a lot of confusion. I try to take time to myself & meditate, do a reading for myself.


    That is great that you posted what you did. I will definitely go and check it out. I think it is great that we can all help each other out with all of our ideas & what happens to us on here. I am kind of new as I do not really know to many people. I have had a few readings done & they seem to be very correct.

    Thank you..........

    Peace, blessings


  • sparklingsoul You need to really start to read books. Go to the new age section of a book store or a new age store and there may be people there who if you ask will direct you to some books. You need to find the answers yourself. At the time what you read may not hit home but your subconscious is taking it all in and when your ready information comes to the forefront and you will get it then. You will find books that you don't understand too so you put it down and find another one. Later you go back and start reading that book and all of a sudden it makes perfect sense. This is why we are not suppose to be given the answers we must find our own. If you walk up and down the rows of books you may be attracted to a book and sometimes they literally fall off the shelf at your feet. Nothing happens by chance.

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