Hans Wolfgang - please clarify-

  • You said that someone owed my husband money, I have no way of knowing who that is now that he has passed, I know I will probably never get it. When my husband died I was not aware of what the circumstances of our relationship really was. I thought we were as close as any two couple could ever be. We always said we were soul mates, but now I realize I was in a dream world. As far as I know there was no other women, but there was another person in his life that now rules mine. I need to know if my husband has any other message for me, and what this thing is that is hanging around my house and stands by my bed? I will probably loose everything because of this other person he left control to. What will happen to me? I am pretty strong and have come thru a lot in my lifetime, but usually I can plan my life, but now I can't. Please clarify what will happen to me.

  • Your husband has no other message for you.

    What is this thing is that is hanging around your house and stands by your bed? This is a warning for you, because if you go on following your mind, you will speed headlong in an utterly wrong direction.

    What will happen to you? Strong impulses from the outside will help you to get out of your grave, out of the imprisonment of your mind, so that spontaneity can come back into your life. Stop planning your life, let life take its own course.

    I clarify what will happen to you: You will act according to plans others have made for you.

    Meditation means participation in the celebration of existence. Don’t be just a spectator; participate in the mystery of life. Dance it, sing it, feel it, be it.

    Let life make you aware that there is nothing to achieve, there is nothing to attain. All that is already IS. It is as it should be.

  • Thank-You Hans, you are so right on. I have been so messed up since my husbands death that I haven't even been able to think straight. I keep hanging onto him, not wanting to let go and I think by doing that he can't go either. I have wanted to move on but won't let myself.

    You are right, what will happen will happen, I totally believe in fate, but for some reason I've been fighting it. I guess sometimes I let my logic over come my common sense.

    Thank-You for all your help and God Bless you.

  • Thank you,

    your understanding makes me happy 🙂

    Don’t be a miser in receiving: People are miserly in giving, they are miserly in receiving too. When great gifts descend on you, you shrink away, you back away; you become afraid because those great gifts are so great that you feel you may be drowned. When bliss comes to you it is like a flood.

  • I understand all that you have said and have seemed to reach a better inner peace. In fact, I am going to try to be a lot more bendable and understanding in the future. I have been so angry since my husband passed, but now I see I can't fight it anymore. I have to move one in my mind and heart. It will not be easy, I know what will be, will be, no matter what. Do you see me selling my house in the soon? I need to do this in order to help some other people that depend on me. I want to get this accomplished so when I cross over, I can do it with a un-troubled mind, and this thing that stands by my bed, well for some reason I am not afraid of it anymore. I pray for it to find peace.

    Thank-You and God Bless

  • I do not see you selling your house in the soon.

    You have a mirror in yourself, but the mirror is behind layers and layers of dust, thougts, desires, imaginations, memories, words, so nothing reaches to the mirror. And even if something at all reaches, it is not the same; all those layers distort it.

  • If you don't see me selling my house then I will loose it to forclosure. I have no where to go.

    I fear that nothing will ever reach that mirror again. Everything is way down deep inside of me, I can not let anything else in now. There is to much to worry and think about. I am trying to remain positive.

  • Enjoy life to the full.

  • What now Hans? Where do I go from here, I feel you see something that you might not want to tell me. I can take it, but is there any good before the bad? I have things I want to accomplish but I can't without help and guidance.

  • What now? Celebrate with good friends.

    Where do you go from here: You think you cannot live without your illusion.

    Is there any good before the bad? No. Drop your illusion of having things you want to accomplish.

    In the mind, you are miles away from being. The more you think, the less you are. The less you think, the more you are. And if you don’t think at all, those are the moments when being asserts itself in its totality.

    But your spring is going to come. It is only a question of time. One day you have to become awakened. You can delay it, you can postpone it, but you cannot cancel it.

  • There are no good friends Hans. Not since my husband died. It amazes me how quickly people can forget once they get all they want. I do not mind being alone, I just need to be able to do something to keep occupied besides worry.,

  • Hans, you can not tell a person to live without illusions, isn't life an illusion?Some are bad, but some are good, the good ones are what is called hope. A person can not live without hope. The spring of everyone's life is coming. It could be tomorrow, or a long way from tomorrow, but the hope that it will come later then sooner is an illusion because we have no control over it. To say there are some things that we would like to accomplish is what our life is all about. Doing what is right and trying to believe that we can accomplish things. I have had a good life and have celebrated life with friends, now that part might be almost over, but I still have the illusion of being and doing. I am a genimi Hans. There are two of me to figure things out, but something still perplexes me, I don't know what it is, I thought maybe you could tell me, but I guess you can't. That is alright, you tried, I think it has you stumped also.

    Thank-You for trying and listening. I do really appreciate it.

    God Bless you, you have a wonderful gift, and I feel you do good with it.

  • There are good friends, if you are open for them.

    No, life is not an illusion. Your thinking is an illusion, your hopes are an illusion, which are just needed because of your fears, which are also an illusion.

    what it is: it is the harmony with all and everything.

    It is very significant to understand the word “remembrance”. The whole religion is contained in that small word. God is not lost but only forgotten. We have only to remember him. It is not a question of seeking and searching. He is already here, he is with us, he is our very life, our very being. We cannot lose him; there is no way to lose him. The only possibility is that we can forget all about him and he is so close that it is very easy to forget him. There is no distance, hence we become oblivious.

    Something more basic is wrong. You are split, and the same people who talk about peace are the cause of the split. They have divided you into good and bad, the lower and the higher, the earthly and the divine, the material and the spiritual. They have created a rift inside your soul, and there is a constant war inside. You are fighting with yourself, and when it becomes too much you start fighting with somebody else.

  • Now your talking. You are so right, but I've been trying to change. Nothing seems real and I have no one to talk to about it. I talk to God a lot and I pray a lot for strength and courage. God has been good to me. I don't know how to quiet the inside of me. I don't know how to make one out of me. I am not complaining, but it's hard to be left to make decisions that two would make, it's hard to have to worry about every bill you have to pay and not know if your going to be able to make next months payments. I know a lot of people are doing it now, but one day I wasn't doing it and the next day I was. I don't care about money or material things, I just want to live and feel free to live. Most people I have been exposed to lately, are racist, and they hunt and kill animals, deer and rabbits and most anything that moves, so I have pulled back, it makes my soul cringe to think of killing anything. I can see it if you have to feed your family,but to kill just to kill. Or hate for a person for the color of their skin or they look different the we do. Yes, I guess I am angry. One side of me says just shut up and the other side says tell people what you think. I seem to have nothing in common with people anymore. Or maybe I never did. Sorry Hans, went on and on and on.

  • I also think the thing that is in my house is a dog. A ghost dog. Is that possible? And if so, why is it here?

  • A ghost dog. Is that possible? No.

    The cause for your split is the priesthood. The priesthood is like cancer to every religion. The priesthood destroys every religious possibility, the very potential; it poisons the source.

    Destroy your many attachments for your sake, because you don´t want yourself to be a slave. Out of freedom you have come, out of freedom you should go. And if you want to remain here, out of freedom you should remain here. This life here should not be a concentration camp. It should be a meditation camp.

  • I do not understand what the priesthood has to do with anything???I truly believe in God, my belief has nothing to do with the priesthood. My faith can not be destroyed. I know that to seek out help in the way is supposed to be against God, but then on the other hand, I have already known most of all you have told me. I am still searching for an answer to what is nagging me.I may already know that also, but just haven't come to realize it. I am having a hard time letting go of my emotional attachment that I lost. The other attachments are very insignificant now there is no one to share them with. Even decisions are hard to make without someone to talk it over with, yet they have to be made, and probably sooner then later. I guess it's not supposed to that easy, just have the answer. Maybe there is no clear picture of what is to happen or what one should do.

  • what the priesthood has to do with anything??? They have hurt you, and you still seem not to know.

    what is nagging you: priest would say, the devil. But it is your suppression of your energy resulting out of your destructive relationship.

    what is to happen or what one should do: one should live in harmony with oneself, then harmony with the world would happen.

    Learn the natural, spontaneous spiritual practice. Naturalness is technique! This is the real union. What is the natural practice? Not wanting to be anything. From wanting to be, frome the desire to be something, man becomes unnatural. When you want to be something, then an ideal comes in front of you -- to be this.

  • You may be right about all of this Hans, I seem to not exist in most hours of the day. I said this is like living on death row, every day is the same. I can predict what I will do each hour of the day before the new day begins. It's not the priesthood, it's the lack of being able to cope with the loss, the lack of faith maybe. I have had such great faith, I thought, but now that it's tested, maybe not any at all. The one friend I really had, the one mate I could really count on, was taken away from me and I can't cope with it, because of my lack of faith. Maybe I do not trust my God, and I will have to work on that. I want one last message, one last word, that it wasn't my fault, that I did all I could, that I couldn't have saved him, but there is no message and I couldn't have saved him, I can't save anyone, I am not a God, I can not take away and I can not save. I am nothing in the whole realm of life and I am getting to old to start over. If I loose it all, then I loose, but not because I haven't tried, but because my God bigger then I, who wants to teach me a lesson says it is to be. How many lessons do we have to go thru before we learn. Maybe it is the devil, I pray that it is not, I will do all I can to fight him. I believe I am a good person, I have learned a lot, but still learning, till the end. God has taken care of me for a lot of years, and I don't think he intends to let the devil get this soul. I need so much guideance, I am still lost Hans. Your so on about a lot of things, but I am still lost. I have to let go, I know I do. Just don't know how to yet. I don't know what I'm looking for yet. God Bless

  • How to let go? Let your energy flow and follow your energy instead of keeping it down.

    What you are looking yet? You are looking for harmony, being in tune with all and everything.

    Multi are his forms, many are his ways, and millions are his faces. One has to learn to recognize him in whatsoever form he comes. He will try to deceive you but you are not to be deceived. When he comes as sadness, remember that is also his image. Maybe this is needed right now.

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