Texting guys!!! Help plz!!!

  • K heres the thing When you text a guy who you know but have never really seen eye to eye with before..How would they reply ?Would they? This guy ive texted lives in my neighbourhood so he is unavoidable..He has done things before to me and my family that are hard to forgive and overlook but im tired of fighting.. I believe some people can change and things they have done shouldnt be held against them for life..In texting this guy he could have went back to his old ways and harsely told me off or responded with something that he knows would have hurt my feelings deeply but he didnt..Yet he didnt reply at all when i just formed normal conversation...Is he too ashamed to text me right now?? I know he can see the bigger picture...After everything he has done he knows my family would not accept him as he knows i like him..Dont really know why I do but the way i see it if he liked me too i would be prepared to put it all to the test...Do guys not text back cause they have a girlfriend or what would be there reason why especially in this situation what would ye think yed do Would ye reply for the sake of well i want to move on so ya ill try form some conversation after all ive done Shes been nice and talking to me ??? Advice sought.....

  • there are a million reasons why a guy doesn't text back, he could have a girlfriend, he may have not got it, was busy when he got it and forgot to reply, or depending on what you said he may not have wanted to answer. Maybe you should try again something casual and if you don't get a reply forget about it, hope it helps 🙂

  • o just to note on re reading what i wrote just incase there is confusion when i said eye to eye with i dont mean that ive not seen him up close in person i mean we have not got along at all just constant conflict in exchanging of words...Only in the last 2 years did we ever exchange civil greetings to each other ...So like ya??? o and thanks to the above comment i did in some way send a casual text in which i got no reply the guy has left two days later for college..I do know that he must be very busy as he is studying medicine..Maybe in scking something as innocent as how was you christmas might have been a bit too much to handle and he didnt want to respond to same...It was his first christmas he spent with one less relative at the dinner table as he had died early in the year so maybe my casual question might have been too much do you think ???..

  • The age of technology has definatley complicated relationship issues even more! Not sure if I followed the whole thing but what I do want to add about texting is.....it keeps things safe & impersonal. Or it can make things a bit more personal if so desired. It all depends what is in the head of the recipeint of the text.

    Doesn't always mean that they may have other interests at hand if they don't text back. Many things, could be emotionally unavailable, keeps a safe distance between the two parties or it also gives a person their "own time".

    All I know if there is a dead end with no reply don't push it. Too many texts become annoying to the other.

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