Pisces man blows hot and cold

  • I'm in love with a man whos birth sign is Pisces, but he blows hot and cold in our relationship all the time and I find it very confusing. I'm wondering whether to just let go of him for good.

    I'm female and a Sagittarian 🙂

  • i cant tell you wether to let go of him, but if it makes you uncomfortable it maybe time to have a little chat and dont be afraid, if he doesnt want to talk, then make your decision, hes blowing hot and cold for a reason, you got to find out what that is, whether its just him or is he having second thoughts etc, ask him, goodluck

  • I do agree with dothorey hot and cold is definitely a sign of something. Pisces men should I say are know to be rather inconsistant in a relationship. They are emotional creatures that are very sensitive and can pick up on the slightest vibe from someone else. These vibes are not necessary in their lane but due to the fact that they are receiving them they can not diffirentiate between the real (there problems) and fantasy (someone else's).

    I have been married to a piscies for ovev 5 years and dated her all throughout high school, I find her very exciting and sexy. Faithful is her middle name and I trust her to the end. The men on the other hand are very different...they like a variety and will try to get a many different spicy as possible. They don't like to be challenged...but he is messing with your heart, this is not a game he is either in or out, not half and half.

  • dotthorey, you're right! I think it is time for a little chat. I have been avoiding it because I'm afraid of what I might hear, but it's now gotten to the point where I want to know where I stand with him once and for all.

    Thanks 🙂

  • JaayBoyz, I think I know what you mean, as he is ultra sensitive and may just be picking up on something from me...What you said made a lot of sense, he hates being challenged and this is why I've been reluctant to ask him directly what's going on.

    I'm glad you've got a great relationship with your Pisces lady, 🙂 I too get on really well with Pisces women, but am finding him to be just like a cold, slippery fish at times and yet he can be so passionate at others!

    You are right...he is in or out...love is not a game. Time for a serious talk!

    Thanks for the insight, I appreciate it 🙂

  • if you want to give me your full birthdates, I can compare your personalities and analyse the relationship.

  • Water signs seem to run hot and cold. The males seem to be the worse. They are more self centered I guess. I am a water sign amd my guy is one too. He's been really extreme in his moods the last month, I think my eyebrows have stayed in my hairline most of the time I've spent with him this month because I've been soo surprised at his response to things, soo out of character for him. He's been mushy and clingy, like he's falling in love one day (NOT like him AT all) to suspicious and critical and snapping my head off the next! I know we are sensitive to the universal currents and Pisces seem to swim in it. Sometimes, more so the males, aren't accepting of the fact that they pick up other peoples emotions and they will think that they are their own. your guy may not know himself and how to handle the inner turmoil. Mine, I'm giving him his space, there is an eclipise coming and it's supposed to effect Cancers and some other signs plus, we have another full moon this month. I don't know if he's going to be "David Banner" or 'The INCREDIBULE HULK!!" I've had my mood swings in the past year that he's put up with so, it's my turn to put up with his....

    Good luck with yours but, if your not into moody men, STAY OUT THE WATER SIGNS!!

  • Hi I am a virgo woman and having exactly the same problems with pisces guy. He's just sooooo weird. To begin with he chased me and I wasnt interested. Then we went out and I began to like him...things progressed but now one day he will be all nice to me and then the next time he might as wel ignore me or something its just ruuuuuude!

    At THE CAPTAIN could you please do a reading for me? What is going on my birth date is 02/09/87 and his is 17/03/92. Would be much appreaciated I need to shed some light on this situation as I have a feeling that this is someone that I shouldnt just be giving up on. Thers something there but maybe I've done soemthing wrong I'm not sure. Pleeeease help 🙂

  • SoulSister87, please start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page and I will answer you there.

  • Thanks I have created a new topic it's called Pisces man a puzzle that I can't work out. Much appreciated.

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