Confusion about old souls

  • Autumn mist: did u ever feel left out because your an indigo and others views are so different?

  • haha yea it is a bit of a coincidence that we are just a year apart

  • seaweedlove

    if you want to know for sure whether you are indigo or not

    have someone read your aura

    I was told I am indigo child too, maybe something like 3 years ago

    I didn't care about it and I still don't make it a big deal now

    because to the universe what matters is what we do with our gifts

    as indigo you have access to 4th and 5th consciousness

    but if you don't do anything with it then what's the good of knowing?

    I choose to share what I learned, mainly in this forum

    I learned even from non indigos, because that's what life in the physical world is for

    learning and move forward

    non indigos can be indigos, even if they were not born as one

    all they have to do is nurture their psyche and the universe will guide them through it

    this is why I don't pay much attention to my being indigo or not

    because we all have something to learn and to teach others regardless

    It's good to know, but then again, what matters is what you do after you know it

  • leoscorpion: your right, i guess thats really all that matters although... i read also that indigos are psychic..or close to it, im really intuitive i can read people very well when i 1st meet them, and i sense things that end up usually being right. Im not the kind of psychic though where i can see spirits and stuff...i mean i might be but i've grown up with my parents teaching me different beliefs, so maybe some part of it is cut off or something

  • seaweed

    everyone has psychic ability, regardless they are indigos or not

    it just doesn't manifest the same way, some people are mediums, some are clairvoyants etc

    it;s just a matter of nurturing the psyche and in regard of nurturing, even indigos do not always know how especially if nobody tells them when they are young

    this is why indigo or not, we still need to learn

    if we don't need to learn anything there is no need to come to the physical world at all

    we can still guide others from the spirit world anyway

    as indigo we are to help others in the physical world to reach the same awareness level

    but the physical world do not always understand us and so many indigo children are put under medication that suppress their abilities and understanding of themselves

    this is where indigo children need help of anyone even if they are non indigos

    many people, realizing they are indigos, instead of contributing their abilities to the good of all

    they become self absorbent and end up using their abilities for their own benefit

    to the universe we are equal, and so their abilities will be taken away from them

    and they will have to start from zero again

    I'm trying to explain to you, that being special, is about contribution - not pride

    not saying you are prideful, I just found that in many people and get tired of it

    so I decided to say this to you beforehand

    There are many books about indigo and crystal children (crystal has access to 6th level)

    I would recommend anything by Doreen Virtue to better understanding

    again, take everything in stride, different author has different opinion

    keep an open mind when you read any book, spiritual or not

    when it comes to the universe, there is no limit

    some people indigo./crystal was born on certain day or planetary position

    I wouldn't go that far, because the universe doesn't bow to our 24/7 rule or schedule

    if the spirit has to come to earth, then it will, regardless day, birth chart, era, period etc

    this is why in every era there are always those who are ahead of their time

    be it prophets, visionary, inventors etc

    in the end, whether you are indigo or not, you still need to nurture your psyche

    in fact if you are indigo, you actually need supportive environment

    or else you can risk 'overload of information' that without knowing how to manage it

    it could manifest in serious health problems, first psychologically then physically

  • typo

    "some people indigo./crystal was born on certain day or planetary position"

    should be:

    "some people say that indigo./crystal was born on certain day or planetary position..."

  • I Heard About Old Souls Too.....A Physic Told Me I Was An Old Soul, So Does That Make Me A Indigo Child?

  • Well I Forgot To Mention When I Was Sixteen I Used To Be Able To Pick Up Different Peoples Auras And Understand Them Before They Said A Word....By The Way Im Only Eightteen It Started In The Third Grade When I Used To Daydream In Class And Those Things I DayDreamed About Would Happen The Next Day.I Dont Know I Thought I Was Crazy At First Til I Started To Dream At Night Of Things Happening And They Do. The Funny Part Is I Never Figure Out The Situation Its The Little Objects In Dreams That I Always Remember And Places. So The Question Is Are All Old Souls Physic?

  • everyone has psyche ability, just that they don't nurture it or this ability is suppressed at young age so they don't realize it.

    old souls is not necessarily indigo child. and being old soul or indigo has nothing to do with having psyche ability, since as I just said everyone has it.

  • leopscorpion thanks for helping me understand that it's more about you as a person more. Even though our past lives are over...i wonder if some people we knew from our past lives we've met again. ( sry it's a little random)

  • seaweedlove

    yes it's possible that you will meet them again

    that is if they happen to return to the physical world

    at the same period as you do

    and same place, or happen to meet you somehow

    you will know when this happens

    my children from the past life

    one or two are still with me, I saw them in spirits, in the house

    everyone else have reincarnated

    I have no kids but was told that if I do, one of my children that hasn't reincarnated will come through

    anyway good luck and take care now

  • Regarding past life memories... I was curious if anyone else here has them? Dreams that you can't explain? Knowledge of places you have never visited or studied?

  • Virgogirl37 ---

    My past lives have come to me and I have re-lived them out in the current life. This is completely amazing and wonderful. The most important one reached me the first time while I was having a ..... power nap, I guess you could call it. Not really asleep, but not meditating either. After that I was actually asleep when I dreamt in detail of that life. There was a 15 year gap between learning of that past life and living it for the last 10yrs. Another example that all good comes to those who wait in silence. : )

    Prior to this I didn't have a feeling one way or the other about reincarnation. Since then I have learned of 2 others for myself and one for a dear friend of mine. I didn't seek out this knowledge, knowledge found me. It is with certainty I can say that a few family members have been with me for a while. ( & yes, I'm aware of souls returning together : ))

    " Knowledge of place ... " I often see far in advance places I've never been too and then find myself there. Not speaking of deja vu, either. As this pertains to past life, I had this occur in 2nd grade. We were studying a map of the US and I pointed to Nevada at the same time blurting out, "I lived there". The teacher was walking by and stopped, backed up and asked what did you say. I repeated that I lived there, but added, how could i live there, I live here? ( east coast) She frowned and I felt embarassed.

    Shorter version, the important past life that I spoke of above --- Nevada is where I lived in that time. Other lives that have been revealed to me have been on this coast.

    Its a true blessing to know where I've been and where I'm at. I often lack the words to express my awe! The best part of this is : I fear nothing. It really is a wonderful journey!

  • virgo girl

    yes I have them. I didn't know what they were until I met someone who read my past lives.

    memories of past life can manifest as just that : memories of places and people we never met or been, as physical/ psychological scar or disfunction that medical field can or can't explain etc

    in regards of scar/ disfunction, it had to be very very traumatic experience for it to manifest that way in our current life time. For example I always feared intimacy, my mind could be rich of fantasy but my body didn't always function well during intimacy. The medical profession said I might have been abused se xually, since there was nothing wrong with me physically. The thing is, I was never abused se xually in this life time. Not because I don't remember (sometimes it is repressed memory, but not in my case I have ruled out that one) but because it didn't happen. I then went to a past life reader, I was just curious, not expecting her to mention about my life in the past where I was abused se xually. Then she mentioned more past lives and it just one revelation after another.

    Anyway if you want yours done, I can give you a name. But first of all, you need to sort out whether these memories or scars are really unexplainable.

  • catfish

    You're dreamy and idealistic, creative and innovative. You like exotic places and people, therefore you love travelling and may also relocate often. You are interested in occult and mysteries, you can be successful in occult science and detective work. You lack practicality and efficiency, but very intuitive. Your intuition most likely will save the day at work.

    You don't talk much, but overall you possess no malice and hostility. You are bold taking risks but most risks are calculated before hand. Your creativity can lead to innovation that amazes you, although you lack determination to complete it and easily bored or enticed by new ideas.

    In love, you will need a good dose of logic to help you see your partner for who he is in reality. Your broad range of imagination can take you away from reality if you do not control it.

    Starting 2010 to 2020 you will be entering a cycle where the elements work against you than helping you. You had two great cycles, where the elements were supporting you, but starting 2010 maybe late 2009, you will find life is more difficult. Nothing devastating, just not as easy as before. I can't see beyond 2020, but then again this chart is based on your birth date so some things may not ring true anymore since life experiences might have shaped you to who you are today.

    Sun in Aquarius

    She is independent, autonomous, emancipated and has progressive ideas.

    an unusual, rebellious and revolutionary spirit.

    Moon in Capricorn

    Fearful, taciturn, reserved. Attracted to politics. Has few friends because of reserved nature. Success comes by means of other people, who recognize her qualities.

    material worries, savings, restrictions. Does not get carried away by love.

    Mercury in Aquarius

    Likes everything that is new and original: is an innovator. Values her independence and liberty of action greatly. She initiates projects, she is individualistic, idealistic and humanitarian. Likes intellectual discussions.

    argumentative, bickering and eccentric.

    Venus in Capricorn

    Loves are sincere. She is basically attracted to those with problems, which complicates life because she takes on those people's problems. Her feelings are deep, stable, solid, definite. She is not very expansive and can be melancholic.

    she has a tendency to hold back emotions, she is too reserved and is frightened of being disappointed in love.

    Mars in Aries

    She is aggressive, offensive, impulsive, provoking. She is bold and adventurous.

    aggressiveness, boldness that can lead to violence, or to an accident, but certainly leads to problems.

    Jupiter in Cancer

    Peaceful, calm nature. Fertile imagination. Likes home life and material comforts. A good cook, because she is relatively greedy and takes pleasure in conjuring up little things that are good to eat.

    She likes to eat too much, likes own home and comfort too much and has the tendency to be a stay-at-home, going out without any pleasure because home is always best.

    Saturn in Scorpio

    Observant, self-controlled, unforgiving, tough, methodical, a researcher, an investigator. Lots of courage, self-assurance and can keep her cool.

    makes no concessions or compromises. She can become a fanatic of a creed, a party, work or a religion.

    Uranus in Cancer

    She is impressionable, ticklish and excitable.

    Neptune in Libra

    Likes the Arts, music, beautiful voices, poetry. Emotional, with fine feelings.

    Pluto in Leo

    Gives her all her strength.

    Sun in IV

    Influenced by the family, especially the mother. Proud, self-confident, she has faith in her future and is ambitious.

    Moon in III

    Highly imaginative, but has difficulty in concentrating. She fantasizes sometimes. Important studies, moves around a lot and travels frequently.

    Mercury in IV

    Good education, she is cultivated, likes literature, family life and family relationships.

    Venus in III

    Likes everything that is beautiful, likes decorum. Outstanding intelligence. She works in a trade linked to beauty, fashion. Numerous select friends.

    Mars in VII

    She dominates her associates, colleagues. She is the same in love life, dominating the spouse and this makes for a stormy relationship in prospect.

    Jupiter in IX

    Deeply intelligent, she is tolerant and sincere. Professional success can happen abroad or in connection with foreign countries. Faraway voyages are profitable.

    Saturn in I

    She is methodical, patient, distrustful, polite. She speaks little and does not waste energy unnecessarily. She has a good memory and sense of organization, likes to do things well. She is never slapdash and has a sense of responsibility.

    Uranus in IX

    Interested in humanity. She is highly intellectual. She travels a lot. Her mind is always alert, even when sleeping, during which time she often resolves the problems of the previous day.

    Neptune in I

    She is intuitive, sensitive. Not a fighter and is indecisive.

    Ascendant in Libra

    She will never leave the beaten track. Married and not living with a partner, if she gets involved in politics it will be in a recognized party and naturally one in power etc...

    She is sociable, diplomatic in everything. Likes the Arts.

    House II in Scorpio

    Financial success will come either through a job connected with death, (funeral director, forensic surgeon, monumental mason etc...) or thanks to an inheritance.

    House III in Sagittarius

    She will study for a long time, will be erudite. Very intelligent, an open and independent spirit, will have a connection with foreign countries. Fertile intelligence.

    House IV in Capricorn

    After working all her life to obtain her objectives and finally having reached that goal, she wants to retire in peace and quiet and to have a retirement full of contemplation, with few tasks, close to nature. As she was very careful with money all her life, she will administer the properties she has acquired.

    House V in Pisces

    With lofty feelings, she is full of tenderness, sentimentality. Things do not always go her way. A meeting with a person who is either not free, too young or from a different family or social background means that living together will be done in the utmost secrecy while waiting for the chance to legalize the situation quietly, without any trouble. This state of affairs will make her melancholy. A lovely little family will result from this union.

    House VI in Aries

    Ability to command, knows how to take up her responsibilities at work. Weak point: headaches, fevers.

    House VII in Aries

    Love-at-first-sight, marries without thinking. Doesn't want to change her habits, so domestic quarrels to be foreseen.

    House IX in Gemini

    Likes studying, is open to anything new, accepts and recognizes her errors, always develops in a positive sense. Likes travel, discovery, meeting new people and knows how to appreciate them.

    House X in Cancer

    Likes contact with the public, the crowd. Profession that involves meeting a lot of people. Professional success thanks to sense of duty and application to her work.

    House XI in Virgo

    Friends must resemble her, anyone having different ideas or ways of doing things cannot be friends. Discussing ideas is not her cup of tea. Her knowledge is the result of study but also of the down-to-earth nature that characterizes her.

    Moon - Venus

    She is gracious, sweet and gay. She likes pleasure and entertainment, but also the Arts. She needs tenderness, loves and wants children. She appreciates home life in a comfortable atmosphere.

    Jupiter - Uranus

    She knows what's going on at a glance. She thirsts after knowledge, and is a good organizer. She is very independent, likes her freedom of action, is a non-conformist. She is very agreeable company and is always in demand.

    Mars - Ascendant

    She is quarrelsome, critical and violent. Her success is obtained by dubious means.

    moon - Jupiter

    She is indifferent to others, to those who surround her: she is negligent and indecisive. She likes excess, gambling and her honesty is elastic. This aspect does not help professional success, especially as she tends to spend more than she earns.

    Mars - Uranus

    She is full of contradictions. She is original, tending to the eccentric, violent, headstrong, impatient and irascible. She fights to the bitter end to overcome hurdles, and has the strength to overcome them.

    Jupiter - Saturn

    She is serious, patient, honest, hard-working, orderly. Her judgement is good and she thinks over things. She pursues her objectives to the bitter end, always knowing when to choose the right moment. She is upright and respects the law.

    Mars - Pluto

    She is ambitious, has a great capacity for work, has self-confidence and goes to the end of her plans.

    Venus - Jupiter

    She is nonchalant, pretentious, full of self-importance. She likes what is beautiful and sometimes ostentatious, and spends lots of money for the sake of appearances. She likes to please and has numerous amorous adventures. She is unfaithful and undergoes tribulations in love.

    Sun - Pluto

    This aspect means fights and setbacks. She is presumptuous.

    Mars - Jupiter

    She refuses to accept any guidance. She lacks forethought, acts impulsively and sometimes imprudently, which can cause problems. She wants everything yesterday and uses whatever means necessary to achieve her objectives, even if they are dishonest or not very commendable. Her emotional life is fraught with quarrels and sometimes violent conflicts.

    Uranus - Midheaven

    She must have a job that allows her complete freedom, something non-routine. She likes change, has a lot of energy and knows how to influence others in spite of her originality.

    Sun - Neptune

    She has a fertile imagination, is full of inspiration, and very emotional - all qualities that she uses on the professional level. She likes the Arts, beauty.

    Jupiter - Midheaven

    She is a high liver, likes to have fun but knows what she wants and does whatever necessary to get it. She wants to - and does - succeed socially. After a hard day's work, a good well-lubricated meal in the company of friends is just the ticket.

    Neptune - Ascendant

    She has strange relationships. She is easily influenced, very sensitive and emotional.

    Saturn - Uranus

    She knows how to be on top of the situation. She perseveres, is determined but ingenious and original. She is very practical. She proceeds slowly, but is always bound to achieve her objectives in the end.

    Moon - Uranus

    She has a feverish, non-constructive restlessness. She is too susceptible. While her life is full of change, she is full of hot air. She is eccentric, irritable and stubborn. She has difficulty concentrating on a job. Nervous strain. Her friendships are like her professional and love life - unstable.

    Mars - Midheaven

    She suffers professional setbacks because she is too impulsive, imprudent and lacks forethought.

    Mercury - Saturn

    She is reserved, conservative, ambitious and stubborn. She has a slow mind and has problems expressing herself. Social success is slow and laborious, but she does not give up easily and is patient.

    Jupiter - Ascendant

    She does not listen to those around her, she is pretentious and goes to excess when eating.

    Uranus - Ascendant

    She is inconstant, lacks control and is nervous.

    Neptune - Midheaven

    She lacks assurance, self-confidence. She does not always choose the right path.

    Uranus - Neptune

    She lacks will-power and strength. Of a nervous disposition.

    Saturn - Pluto

    She is not open to others' ideas, especially if they are free-thinking. She is an egoist and has a narrow mind.

    Pluto - Ascendant

    She has will-power and ambition, and likes to have her own way.

    Mercury - Ascendant

    She is intelligent, with quick and lively reflexes. She is preoccupied by her circle, likes to exchange ideas with her friends, but also with strangers. Of an open nature, she goes out to others.

    Mercury - Pluto

    She is impatient. She likes contradiction and is irascible. Her arguments are noisy and animated.

    Moon - Saturn

    She controls her feelings. She has a sense of duty, of self-esteem and is prudent. She can concentrate on a long-term task, manual or intellectual. She perseveres and is serious in everything she does.

    Saturn - Midheaven

    She is ambitious, but in a calculated, well-balanced way. She perseveres, is serious, orderly. She climbs the ladder slowly but surely: if need be, she is willing to change her ideas. She is wise and experienced.

  • LEOSCORPION, Thank you for your time and energy you are a great person. Thank you again Catfish

  • you're welcome catfish

    take care

  • Hello there, leoscorpio, what an incredible stream this is. But, l'm really surprised that the last post was several days ago. l'd've thought that posters would be lining up around the block to have such a compehensive chart done by you. ls this something that you're still doing - ? (PS with regard to whether one is an 'old soul', l've been told that l am one too; maybe a sign is grey hairs in childhood, as l had.)

  • Dear Seaweedlove,

    If it's your last life, then I believe your here to fulfill your dreams because you won't be getting a second chance. And, everything you need to do, you need to do NOW! I'm sure you will find a way to do this. I presume that you have a weak soul and life is somewhat different for you now. I'm sure you don't want to lose your buzz now either and the excitement for living. The sooner you start living, the sooner you will manifest your dreams. I recently read a book on The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. If you are being looked after, then check to see if you are allowed to read it. God Bless!

  • Hi leoscorpion,

    I would really like to know where you got all that written information on old souls. I am absolutely fascinated in your knowledge and experience on this subject. I have perhaps decided to do something stupid like try to write a book on the most difficult subject which I can't seem to find any information on or any people who seem to be able to help me further. Can you help me? What do you do?

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