Confusion about old souls

  • To Thealoeverawoman:

    Yea your right i should make the most of my life if it's my last one, one of my bestfriends told me that the secret does work, and i have noticed it does. Thank u for your feed back

    i hope u have a really great life :]


  • I am an old soul, i know that this is my last life ive been here many times before i cant wait to go home and rest now .

  • Hi Seaweedlove 🙂

    What it means to be an old Soul is you have been in Creation longer and have experienced more. Your Soul has gone through a longer evolutionary process than a Soul that would be termed as young. You are on the Earth at this time because Mother Gaia has allowed you to be here to help her to Ascend into Universal Light Consciousness. Many Souls here at this time are ending their evolutionary cycle along with Lady Gaia and are going to graduate into this Universal Light Consciousness. Their evolution is allowing them to go to the next stage or cycle of expansion. In other words, the experience you have acquired in your existence is being used right now to help the whole Universe to evolve to the next level of consciousness......Cool huh?!! :-).

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